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02 October 2018

Weigh-in: 183.0 lb lost so far: 2.0 lb still to go: 48.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet low calorie diet   losing 0.7 lb a week

12 September 2018

So as I stated before I am currently not following a diet. I am kind of limited on what foods I can eat due to Gerd and stomach ulcer issues. If anyone knows anything about Gerd its really horrible and sometimes you just don't know what will trigger it. So far I am finding out that eating beef is very tricky for me. I have gotten sick 3 times this month just from eating beef. Maybe because I was a vegetarian for most of my life? To be honest i do feel guilty eating meat anyway. The other thing is if I go too long with not eating that brings the acid reflux on. so as much as I would like to do the Intermittent fasting thing I don't think it will work for me at this time. The other issue is BANANAS oh how I love bananas. It always saves me from the acid reflux, so that is why I have it every morning. BUT I think it's too much carbs and probably too much to have everyday. So I need a solution on how to gradually replace the banana.

12 September 2018

Weigh-in: 185.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 50.0 lb Diet followed N/A

11 September 2018

I need to vent here...So this weekend on Sunday I had a setback a little. I am just chalking it up as a free day. My boyfriend is my healthy eating sabotager. (I am not saying the word diet because i am not on one). I am on a lifestyle change. He can eat whatever he wants and he stays the same weight. HE lives his life to eat which is terrible for me and actually pretty boring. I can think of a million things to do besides eat.
I met him for lunch and hes the type that is like "you gotta try this" and then if i say no he pushes it. After lunch he wanted to go to the store to pick up food to make dinner by the time we got back to his place he was hungry AGAIN and started making a sandwich and pulls out all the junk food and lays it all out like it's party time. Then after that he wants to take a nap i am like WTF lets go to the gym lets go for a walk but he's like "I worked all week this is my day off". Then after he wakes up from his nap he wants to prepare dinner. uggg. to me this is torture because i'm not even hungry at all and i seriously would rather be doing something else but it's our day together and out of guilt I do what he wants since i don't see him all week. But guess what!! out of feeling like no choice and boredom i eat the freakin dinner. I guess if you can't beat them join them. but then Monday I am so mad at myself on so many levels. I wish i had more control when i am with him. I seem to have no problem when i am alone.

11 September 2018

Weigh-in: 185.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 50.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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