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Starvation Mode
PantherIII wrote:
The smoking gun was created so long ago that there wasn't any more "scientific" debate about starvation mode until "certain" individuals found a neat way to make a dollar out of it. Ancel Keys, documented the effects of a starvation diet on a group of healthy young men of normal weight over a period of six months. The study concluded that, when daily calorie intake is reduced to at least half of the normal requirement, base metabolic rate can slow. People operating in starvation mode may generally be expected to continue losing weight, but they will lose weight at a rate somewhat slower than that of a person with a normally functioning metabolism, and they may be expected to experience general lethargy.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you've never actually read the Minnesota Starvation project. This was a 12-month study of which participants cut their caloric intake to an average 1500 calories. Of that twelve months, 3 months were a control period leading up, and another control period for five months after. So subjects ate 1500 calories a day for six months. Here is the important part, out of the 36 subjects 6 were underweight and the other 30 were at normal bodyweights prior to the experiment. They didn’t have any weight to lose, so when they’re bodies used what little nonessential fat they did have, it started breaking down muscle fiber, and eventually essential fat. That was when the researchers found a drop in heart rate and body temperature, indicative of a lowered metabolism. does “Starvation Mode” exist? Yes, if your body starts having to use essential fat for energy, it believes it will die and slows your metabolism with the hopes it will allow you more time to find food. But this is a website called fatsecret, I don’t think too many people on this site are at sub 2% body fat (5% for women) and therefore not at risk of going into “Starvation Mode”.
posted 22 Apr 2011, 20:11
Starvation Mode
PantherIII wrote:
you're body does go into starvation mode when it feels that food is becoming sparse.

If you can find me some literature from a scientific journal (not a pop science blog) that definitively proves causation (not correlation) between sub 1200 caloric intake and "Starvation Mode" I'd be more than happy to read it.
posted 22 Apr 2011, 16:26
Starvation Mode
Starvation mode is a myth promoted by people to lazy to dedicate themselves to a true low calorie diet.
posted 21 Apr 2011, 19:35
^not exactly, Calorie in, calorie out is an extremely limited and incomplete model for weight loss. The reason is that it’s cheap to estimate, and it is a popular variable for publication in journals. For the researcher seeking tenure, grant money, or lucrative corporate consulting contracts, the maxim “publish or perish” applies. If you need to include 100 or 1,000 test subjects and can only afford to measure a few simple things, you need to paint those measurements as tremendously important. I've lost over thirty lbs of fat with an average daily caloric intake of 3800 calories, simply by manipulating thermogenics and hormones using all natural methods.
posted 15 Mar 2011, 13:58
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