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After a lifetime of being very slim I developed a serious depressive illness about 12 years ago and from the time I started taking the medication to treat the condition I started to gain weight. I am still taking the medication to this day and while I am happy to report that I am doing well from a mental health perspective, my body weight has literally doubled from what I was to start with. Because some of my medication is sedating and also slows down the metabolism as well as creating a 'false appetite', losing weight is difficult but to be honest I have never really given it a good try until now. I have also developed serious degeneration of the cartilage in my lower spine having broken my spine about 15 years ago, as well as chronic sciatica and I am in constant pain which, I believe, is exacerbated by the pressure on my back from my excess weight so it just has to go. I have an 11 year old daughter who I adore but who loses out because my mobility is so restricted, I can hardly go anywhere or engage in any fun activity with her. All this sounds terribly negative and kind of self-pitying and it is because it is the truth for me at the moment but it is a truth that I am determined to change. I am not typically a 'moaner' about things but I suppose this is a place where I get to do that for once so there you go :-) I am happy to offer as well as accept support from anyone, particularly if there is anyone with a similar story to mine who is on the same journey. Good luck to everyone with your weight loss. It is not easy for anyone but we will get there!

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Binge eating
Not speaking about anyone in particular (ahem Sad ), but, if you totally lose the plot and eat more than three times your calorific allowance in one day, when will you see the result of this bad behaviour on the scales? Also, does anyone have tips about how to avoid getting into this situation to begin with? Obviously I am talking about myself and after 5 months without putting a toe out of place, I was out with my sister who is on this journey of weight loss with me, and we both had a naughty lunch. I dropped her home and then just decided that since I had already broken the rules I might as well go all the way and I just ate my way through the rest of the day. I got back on track the next day and plan to stay that way but I never anticipated that I could fall so far off course when I had shown such self discipline for so long. I build in an appropriate treat to my diet every week so it is not all about denial but I am still in a state of shock over what I did and so worried about how far it will set me back. Any help would be really appreciated especially as I NEVER want this to happen again. Thanks everyone and hope you are all doing well with your plans.
posted 17 Jun 2018, 02:50
The Instant Noodle Mystery
Hi everyone. Hope you're all doing well. I have a question about instant noodles. First, allow me to start by saying that I now realise that they are to be avoided if you are trying to maintain a calorie controlled diet. But, I am mystified about how they outline their nutritional information on the packaging of several different common brands. So, an 85g pack of Koka dried noodles gives a reading of 81 kcal under the heading of 'per 100g as prepared' and then next to that, in a separate column it shows a reading of 393 kcal under the heading of 'per portion'. There is a notation immediately above this chart that says 'Serving size (one pack) and, As prepared 485g' ??????

Newgate Noodles are even more confusing dealing with 'half pack' values that go through the roof.

How can anyone make sense of this? I have been giving these to my daughter for years as an afternoon lunch/snack because I just assumed that the lower calorific values shown were the accurate ones as the others seemed so enormous and all because you add boiling water? I am not at all convinced by any suggestion that the addition of water allows the noodles to release oils and fats because even if it does, the oils and fats still have to be in the dried product and therefore accounted for in the calories shown. I would truly love someone to shed light on this subject as the internet is not giving any answers. Someone put me out of my misery Laughing Laughing BTW I have tried to add images to help make things clearer but can't get my head round the HTML so if anyone could tell me how to insert an image it would be great. Thanks again.
posted 17 May 2018, 04:29
Solitaire Social
I know it is a total contradiction - the idea of turning the classic game of solitaire, infamously invented by the French as a card game that could be played by one player, right? Yeah, but seriously boring until you turn it into a competition. It is the only game I have ever been good at in my life and I TOTALLY love it and play every day for a few minutes or a couple of hours depending on the day. I never realised I was so competitive but I have become ruthless and will do anything to win but you can't cheat at solitaire so it is always a question of the player with the most skill winning each tournament. I plan to get the highest score ever but it is only going to take me about another 50 years to get there and since I am now 53 I better up my game Bad Grin
posted 16 Apr 2018, 09:21
Resisting the urge!
Thanks for your responses. I actually got over the urge without giving in. Yes abbadabba, I was thinking of the deep fried chicken etc etc so it would have been a disaster and luckily my common sense kicked in and I thought to myself about how silly it would be to sacrifice three or four days of hard work for half an hour of pleasure. I have been in the USA many times on holiday (vacation) and I will always remember going to a Chinese restaurant for dinner one night with my now ex husband. OMG, they honestly brought us enough food to keep a small family going for a whole week and I really mean that. We were always astounded at the portion sizes in general and that even in the supermarket (food shop) almost everything had a 'super-sized' version. We actually saw an item on sale in Walmart and we couldn't figure out what it was - it was like a very large, stainless steel drum. Anyway, much to our shock, this thing was a deep fat fryer for a turkey!!! Sorry, I have wandered off but I was actually responding to Fritzy 22 to say that I know where she is coming from when she speaks of the large amount of food she got. Anyway, onward and downward and thanks again!
posted 16 Apr 2018, 09:11
Food Photos!
Hi, I was just wondering about the photographs of food that people post. Is it just me or does the colour of your pic get 'altered' when it is posted. It could be my computer but I don't think it is. When I look at the pictures that people have taken the time and trouble to post of the delicious meals they have prepared, almost all of them look like they have had a grey filter added. I posted a picture of a very brightly coloured salad yesterday and the same thing happened with it. Even the limes looked grey. It would make a big difference if the pictures posted were a more accurate version of the original - or...maybe it is just me Laughing Has anyone else noticed this? (BTW The spelling is from Ireland so differs a bit from USA spelling)
posted 16 Apr 2018, 08:59
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