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I am 21 years old. I live in southern Ohio with my boyfriend and our son. Our baby is 6 months old. I'm a member of WW. Just looking for friends, support, and advice while I'm losing all this weight!

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last weighin: losing 1.4 lb a week Down
last weighin: losing 3.0 lb a week Down
last weighin: losing 1.6 lb a week Down
last weighin: losing 0.1 lb a week Down

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i can't stop eating these pizzas! haha
posted 08 Mar 2008, 13:27
pizza that is reasonable in points, sounds too good to be true! i will definately be looking for some of that pita bread...sounds yummy! =)
posted 04 Feb 2008, 10:02
Weight Watcher's Angel
i'm going to need that ww angel to come stay w/me during the holidays...hopefully we all have our own! =)
posted 30 Nov 2007, 01:10
A family thing
I think the answer is simple. You know what you want for yourself, and you need to let your family know that you're not giving in...eventually they will give in and stop guilt tripping you. The best way to show them that is to not eat food they're pushing on you. Easier said than done, right? I have a 6 month old son. I tried dieting on my own for a while, which worked...Caring for a newborn doesn't give you much time to eat, or do anything else for that matter...Eventually I got on a schedule and made -plenty- of time for food. I started gaining back the weight I had already lost. My family and friends -always- eat out or cook big meals. They cook a big meal at least twice a week, and they act like I'm crazy for not eating on this special occasion that they cooked for...a special occasion that does not exist. When I decided to start paying for meetings my family discouraged me from paying for WW. They said, "You can lose weight on your own, you don't need to pay someone else just so you can weigh in." I bought that for a while...Until I realized I was still gaining weight. I follow program...When my family cooks I eat some of the stuff they fix. I measure it all out and don't eat nearly as much as before...I buy bags of microwave veggies to add to my plate in place of all the fattening food I'm not eating. I still struggle w/my friends and family pushing food on me and trying to make me feel like there's nothing wrong w/the stuff they eat. You just need to realize that they don't think there's anything wrong w/the foods they eat, because they don't want to feel bad themselves. The thing that helps me most is simply telling everyone that they don't need to offer me food. I say, "I'm not hungry, why do you want me to eat?" and, "I don't want this food or that food, because I don't want that as much as I want to be skinny and healthy." I found that at times I was just eating b/c ppl were offering me food...I wasn't even hungry! It's tough, but not impossible. I try not to blame my family for my mistakes. Even though they're not helpful at times, I just remember that I alone am responsible for what I eat...no one can force me to do anything.
posted 29 Oct 2007, 09:50
Someone, PLZ, help me stick to this!
I tried losing weight by doing WW on my own, and only lost 4 pounds because I wasn't following program very well. I decided to start attending meetings. I figured if I have someone to answer to about my weight every week that I would do better. My first week I did great, losing 6 lbs. This past week I didn't do as well on program. I go out to eat with my friends and eat and have drinks like I'm not even on a diet or something! Last week, by the grace of God alone, I managed to lose 1 lb. I started the day off wrong today with a trip to Applebee's. They have WW food on their menu, but none of it looked as good as what I wanted. I need to get my mind right if I wanna lose the rest of this weight. What do you all do to stay focused? Any help would be appreciated.
posted 24 Oct 2007, 20:47
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