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186.0 lb
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171.0 lb
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165.0 lb
Still to go: 6.0 lb
I'm a professional writer whose been working out pretty consistently since 1980. I'm 5'11, and thanks to FatSecret... a lot of dedication, consistency and some incredibly hard workouts, have achieved better than my goal weight in about 2 months, now 176. Current body fat is about 10%. In about 2 weeks I'll switch my macros to begin to add additional muscle. FatSecret takes the guesswork out of completely changing the composition of your body.

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last weighin: gaining 1.7 lb a week Up

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Is there some way to report/delete/block forum spam replies?
Hi Guys,

I'm getting lots of spam replies to my forum posts.

Is there any way to block/report/delete them?

posted 08 Dec 2017, 12:19
Help! When should you "reset" your calories?
rhills wrote:
On the site, it's where you weigh in,here is an option to re-calculate your RDI (its in the list on the right titled "my diet"Wink, and in the mobile app, you click on the "target" in the upper right of the "reports" screen.

Incidentally .. this and many other things leads me to think that the people who designed the user-interface for the website and the people who did so for the mobile app never bothered to talk to each other.

Out of curiosity, how are you measuring your PBF?

Hi Rhills,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I saw that... thank you. I'm interested in knowing how often one should recalculate. As far as BF measurements, I used an electronic device at my gym. When I was 191.5 lbs it said I was between 14 & 16% BF.

Just this moment I used skinfold calipers and this is after losing the 8 lbs. Results say 12.4%. And, most clearly, the mirror is the best guide and the change has been really dramatic. And believe me, I'm not starving! Laughing

In looking at this image, I'd say the calipers are right on: I'm between the 2nd and 3rd from the right.

Thanks again for your reply,
posted 08 Dec 2017, 12:15
Help! When should you "reset" your calories?
Hi guys...

When I started, I weighed 191.5 and now I'm 182 and really looking better, but I want to get down to about 9-10 percent body fat which, according to calculations, should be about 5 pounds away or so. In any event, the number of calories I'm currently consuming was based on being calorie deficient for my STARTING weight, not my CURRENT weight. So... It seems logical that at SOME point you'd need to lower that daily calorie number because you'd soon be at a weight that that original calorie number would support and no longer be a deficit. Make sense? So when do you reset that calorie number?

Thanks so much for any advice. Smile

posted 08 Dec 2017, 01:22
Computer entries dont show in app??
Hi Sarah

FatSecret is awesome. I've lost 8 lbs so far with only a few more to go. I think I'm as lean as ever. My goal is about 10pct BF and I'm almost there.

Now about YOU! I'm curious how you're using the app. What I do isn't list what I plan to eat and then somehow add it to the daily diary. Instead I click on the daily diary (using my phone with the app) and simply list what I actually already ate. Is there a reason why you don't do it this way? And where exactly are you adding all the planned-to-eat foods?

posted 01 Dec 2017, 13:05
What Do You Consider a Successful "Macro Day"?
Hi Guys...

If at the end of the day you see that your numbers are off, do you consider that a successful day?

For example, my personal macros are


Some days I am 5% over a couple of those numbers and perhaps 5% under one.

I understand that your week is only as good as your individual days, but, of course, the 7-day spread allows a sort of course correction if you catch being off early enough in the week.

How often do you hit your numbers? I try to tweak my last meal to adjust everything out. Do you guys do this, too? Sometimes I'm over some cals... sometimes under.

Maybe the whole topic is silly because the only thing that really matters is whether or not the weight is coming off. But I'm curious if others have ways to better hit their numbers than I do which should result in more rapid success.

Thanks for your thoughts.


posted 28 Nov 2017, 12:38
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