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16 November 2019

Once again the numbers tell the tale! This time it is a totally happy story. I lost a full 2 pounds because I ate on average 40 calories below the lowest calorie window that I set myself. I had one day where I was over my plan by 200 calories. So the moral of my story is eat inside the window and the weight will come off!

Exciting for me is how close Onderland is coming. Just a half pound away! I am so looking forwards to not putting a '2' in front. Saying that, today is likely going to be above the window as I am not eating at home for lunch or supper. Supper is a set unknown meal beyond that it is a Roast Beef meal. So I will have to rock and roll through it.

My news for this week is that I am getting further in my plans to go to southern France this summer with my grandkids. I am also expecting my other family members to join me off and on throughout my two week stay. As of this week, I have bought the flight tickets, booked a car and have all the insurance stuff figured out. I already have accommodations sorted. Next on that list will be planning the actual itinerary.

Tonight I give a short speech at the Festival of Trees thanking volunteers, and encouraging the Gala goers to loosen their purse strings during the auction. I am the Chair of the Women's Shelter Board so that is why I get to do the speech. Our goal is to be able to provide Second Stage Housing for the ladies and their children beyond the Emergency Shelter Housing that we currently have.
Weigh-in: 200.4 lb lost so far: 68.1 lb still to go: 30.4 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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09 November 2019

This was quite the week on the weight loss front! I had a very difficult time eating in the calorie range I had set for myself. For one thing I was feeling hungry and for another I got into crackers and cheese. I was feeling hungry because I over indulged in the first three days not by a lot but above my desired goal-60-200 calories a day more. The next 4 days I had to reduce to below my plan to make the week average in the zone I was looking for. That was why I was dealing with hunger! So in the end a 0.6 loss was a victory on a couple of levels. One it was a loss, damnit! Two it bore out the idea of eating in the window I set was correct. When the week ended I averaged 40 calories above the high end of the window. Clearly had I been in the middle of the window the loss would have been greater. The system works-- no magic about why the loss was so modest and no magic about what I need to do to have a 1-2 pound weekly loss. And three - slow and steady eating every day means that I am not having to 'over correct' just to get back into the middle. It is like driving a car -- the first over large swerve leads to more and more over correcting that can land you in the ditch. How is that for a metaphor?

Nothing particularly earth shattering this week on the home front. Basically moved a number of projects a little bit forwards - met with contractors on renos, met with potential buyers for a few of my things, that sort of thing.

My biggest accomplishment this week has been around implementing a mindful meditation practice. This is new to me. I began by reading a book my sister lent me and am two weeks into the 8 week program of how to grow a mindful meditation practice. I am finding it to be a positive piece in my life. It is early days thus far. As of yesterday I meditated a total of 30 minutes over two times. Eventually the goal is 45 minutes a day according to what I have read so far. I figure I have 45 minutes in my day to work on bringing my busy mind and body some peace and quiet!
Weigh-in: 202.4 lb lost so far: 66.1 lb still to go: 32.4 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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02 November 2019

I didn't quite lose what I had gained last week. I also didn't quite reduce my average daily calories! I had planned to average 1185-1210 per day and in fact averaged 1258 per day. I had one spectacularly high day and one a little above my plan. That is all it takes to not reach the goal I set. So down a pound. That is a good thing! Once again the numbers win - tracking and analyzing is so powerful. Takes the guess work out of what happens at the scale. Next week I will work at the 1185 to 1210 per day goal again.

Yesterday I 'reported' to myself on all of the goals I had made for October. I group my goals into the following categories: Physical Health, Social Health, Financial Health, Intellectual and Skill Development Health, Emotional/Spiritual Health, Environment, Community Contributions, Creativity/Adventure Health. I am pleased to report that I moved forward in all areas. I find this monthly accounting ensures that I pay attention to all aspects of my life and consciously make choices to fulfill my goals. Then I made goals for November that I laid out into my daily calendar so that I am sure not to lose track of them. I am eager to meet them!

This month I have been working with my children on a headstone for my husband. We have the design figured out but are making sure we have a statement that encapsulates the man that we all agree on. We have much we want to say and it is settling on one thing that is the hard part. The art work and layout is being done by a young lady who is a friend of both of my children who my husband and I have known for maybe 25 years. The actual headstone will be carved by another long time friend that we made about 40 years ago. It is important to my family and would have been to Dave to have people he knew to work on this last marking of his passing.

I also bit the bullet and really cut my hair! This is big. I have worn my hair long since I was about 10 years old. Not waist length but mid back. My husband preferred me to keep my hair long, so I did. I now have a cut that is just under my ears in length. I think it is quite flattering however I now can see quite the resemblance to my mother. I never really thought I looked like her but with this haircut I do! Since my mother was a beautiful woman who I much admired I see this as a good thing.
Weigh-in: 203.0 lb lost so far: 65.5 lb still to go: 33.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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26 October 2019

I hate posting a gain. Especially when there was no good reason for it other than I overate enough times that I am paying the piper. I averaged 150 calories more per day than last week and a 125 calories per day than the week before. Both of those previous weeks were solid losses. You would think that isn't all that much. It is. And I know it to my toes that it is enough to make a difference and I knew it as I was clocking them in.

Tracking ones calories when following a calories in and calories out food plan is essential. The fact that I can point to the last two weeks' data for the answer to an 'inexplicable' weight gain is power. I know that I will be diligent next week so that I average 1185 to 1210 calories per day so that this gain is wiped out! Frankly I am 'sloppy' enough in my recording that I am likely running closer to 1285 to 1300 calories in those previous weeks so I am not aiming to eat at a crazy low.

My general news is: on Thursday I helped my daughter and the Ukrainian Dance club roll 190 dozen cabbage rolls. It is a fundraiser for the group. I don't believe I have ever rolled cabbage rolls before so it is a newly acquired skill. The night before I made rice for the effort - 14 cups of raw rice to give you a picture of quantity. There were 6 other people who brought the same amount of rice. On Tuesday I saw a grief counselor for the first time. I will see her this coming Wednesday. Yesterday I had a neighbour purchase 182 fence posts from me, my daughter's fellow sent some workers over to install a heater and a garage door opener in my garage and two fellows installed one window and moved another window. Great productive day.

So next week I will scrutinize my daily calories and make adjustments accordingly so that I will log a decent loss!
Weigh-in: 204.0 lb lost so far: 64.5 lb still to go: 34.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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19 October 2019

Always nice to log in an solid loss! I am well pleased with my progress this week. I am closing in on 'Onederland'! Soon...

This week is a testament to eating my new 'normal' without a lot of distractions of eating in unfamiliar settings such as vacations or restaurants in general or holiday feast time. It also shows me that what I have been doing works.

My big project was moving all of my husband's CDs. I want to do some renovating where his CDs were and didn't want them to get wrecked or to be in the way. Frankly it was an all day project. I used old milk crates as they are sturdy and stack well. I got 120 CDs in a crate. I needed 27 crates. I didn't have 27 crates sitting empty so I was scouring my garage and other storage spaces and emptying contents into other containers. Carrying the crates downstairs was quite the undertaking. The best news is that not only did I get it done but my knees and the backs of my heels did not cause me grief at the time or the next day! A definite victory.

Yesterday I made a huge Turkey Stew. This is a tradition that my husband did using the Thanksgiving turkey carcass and many vegetables and lots of turkey leftovers. The family treasured the stew as it was delicious and hearty. One of the reminders of his passing is there is no more "Papa's Stew". So I made Dave inspired stew yesterday and froze it. There are 17 bags (each containing 5 cups) in my freezer ready to be distributed to the family. Making this stew was a bittersweet time and an act of love to my husband and to my family.
Weigh-in: 202.6 lb lost so far: 65.9 lb still to go: 32.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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