Star541's Journal, 31 January 2008

I haven't been here in a while. I've been down, angry, frustrated, hungry, grumpy, dejected, and just plain out of it. I seem to have no desire to help myself and that makes more more down, angry, frustrated, hungry, grumpy, etc, etc, etc. I am going to make a valiant effort to restart my program as of tomorrow morning. February 1, 2008 new count down date....I need support everyone! HELP!!!!! My husband loves me no matter what, but I don't really love myself too much. I feel like such a failure. I've done this dieting thing successfully twice before, with just as much to I CAN do it. My thyroid is now being treated with meds, my diabetes is being treated with to get the diet in line with that!!! Pray with me for strength and determination....I need some help! (And I hate to ask for help!) I promise to start my day tomorrow feeling positive and in the "can do" spirit!!! (I may be here begging for help before noon!) Thanks for letting me vent! Star*


Hey Star, I know a lot of us have felt that way every now and again! It sounds like you are in the right mindframe, which is half the battle! Get up & go tomorrow, there's lots of supporters on this site to help you get there, myself included! 
31 Jan 08 by member: LadiRosselott
YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT, YOU CAN GET BETTER, YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND LIVE LONGER (looking gorgeous while you do it). I am also hypothyroid and on meds for that, can't grow another thyroid so that med is for life, for sure! however, I've gotten off all my blood pressure meds, avoided cholesteral meds all because of this diet and losing at a steady pace. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! My hubby is diabetic type 2, he was on pills, got off the pills (which our daughter thats an RN said is sooo RARE) and its control by diet now AND his last blood test put his Hemoglobin AIC at 6/2 (NON-diabetic is 6.0) I am wondering if its ever been done before and you can become NON-diabetic???!! He sure is close. His doc was amazed at the changes in his bloodwork AND weight when he saw his recently! So get back on the program, do what is right for yourself, get healthy and take care of that diabetes. DO IT FOR YOU!  
31 Jan 08 by member: Janelleas
If there is one thing I've learned this go around with South Beach its that this website is a life saver! I always make sure to make some time to get on here, read a bunch of journals, get some inspiration and help and make it through to the next day! I know you can do it and we are all here to help! Don't be afraid to ask, that is what we are here for!!! 
31 Jan 08 by member: SarahSu
I will pray for you. This is hard. We all know exactly how you feel, because we have are in this journey with you. Find strength in your desire to be healthy and fit. You can do this. We are here for you! <>< 
31 Jan 08 by member: dihann
Welcome back to the fold! We are here to help. Keep your can do attitude revving and we'll give you a hand when you need it. Diets fail because we think we can go off them. Do this for life and you will never have to do it all over again!  
31 Jan 08 by member: evelyn64
Hi Star. I had my thyroid out last year and felt exactly like you feel for almost all of 2007. My problems were getting motivated because I had zero energy. I went too long w/o checking my thyroid levels and found out in Oct that I was hypothyroid. My meds were increased and I feel like a new person. It affects you mentally and physically and makes you so lethargic! Don't be so hard on yourself because it could very well be your medical issues making it so tough for you. Take it one step at a time and you will come around. Get your eating habits right first and start slowly on the exercise. Sounds like you've been through a lot. Give yourself a break and start loving and taking care of yourself. Best of luck to you! 
31 Jan 08 by member: KellyBo
Star, I haven't seen any recent documentation from you. I hope that you are still trying. If you want a buddy to help support you, I can be here for you. I don't have as much weight to lose but I do have 60 lbs to lose. I have never gotten down to my goal weight however that is my plan this time. I am taking it in little steps. I am 60, diabetic with high blood pressure & high cholesterol. I am on medication for all and would like to get off but know that it is not possible with my current weight. I may need to be on the medication for the rest of my life however do not plan on having the weight for the rest of my life. I know how easy it is to get discouraged and go off track so if it will make it easier to write each other every day to stay motivated and celebrate our successes, then let's do it.  
30 Apr 08 by member: nancy48


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