ChrisComedy's Journal, 08 January 2015

Physical therapy evaluation today. PT said symptoms present as autoimmune disease or chromosomal damage rather than a motor neuron disease such as ALS.

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Get the results of your testing first.  
08 Jan 15 by member: ClassicRocker
I don't want to pry, but have you had any suspicious blood tests? I had strange neuro-muscular symptoms with burning sensations; I could barely use my hands to fold clothes and my legs felt like jelly. I seriously thought I had MS, but my blood test revealed I had a vitamin D deficiency. Keeping you in my prayers!!!  
08 Jan 15 by member: PinkyPie15
Thanks, PinkyPie15. Extensive tests Friday and Wednesday so I hope they will turn up any deficiencies. 
08 Jan 15 by member: ChrisComedy
After I got my Internet connection going again, I read your other journals. Praying for you, ChrisC. 
09 Jan 15 by member: Deb_N
Sending you love and support all news can be transforming information. Look towards the positive everything changes us in some way. I like to believe it for the better. PS: I was tested for autoimmune disease, lupus and everything under the sun in 2008, came back Iron low, Vitamin D levels low. Still making changes to my diet for better outcomes and it 2015.  
09 Jan 15 by member: Transformation Butterfly
Feeling for you Chris. It's hard not knowing what's happening. I hope they find the solution soon for you. 
09 Jan 15 by member: ChrisSpark
Here's hoping it's just a vitamin deficiency.  
09 Jan 15 by member: Instantcrazy


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