kimmyjeanmiller's Journal, 05 September 2014

Well I found out yesterday that my son has insurance thru the state insurance program and he can get started with his daily therapy sessions that he needs to have he will be doing that for the next 4-6 weeks and I really hope that it helps. he will see a doctor one time a week for med management and then have 2 sessions of group therapy to help work on some of his issues. I also found out that I too am covered insurance wise as soon as I pay the premium on the plan that I picked out and I will be able to do that on Wednesday this next week. that sure takes a load off my mind. Now I just have to pay the rest of the bills and buy groceries with the little bit of money that Dennis gets in every month while I wait to see if I get approved for disability. This journey is one that is a learning and humbling experience for me as we have had to go to a couple food banks this week to get food to eat but we have found the people to be very kind and non judgemental and that means a lot to me. but it is embarrassing to say the least to go there when I am used to being the one to be the helper not the helpee.

Today I am taking the day off from any kind of phone calls or paperwork or going to food banks and I am going to do some work around the house and finish listening to the book that I have been listening to and kind of relax. I have picked up a little bit of a cold and am snoting and sneezing some so I need to take the day off and just relax Then over the weekend we may have a yard sale and see what we can make by getting rid of some of the stuff here that we don't use any longer kind of depends on what the weather is going to be like. I know that this chapter in my life is temporary but it is hard right now and I find myself struggling to be positive but I know that I have to stay positive and strong for my family especially my son, he needs to know that everything is going to be ok. That's about all I have to say for this morning I am going to go and get my son up for school now and get ready to face the day.

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You are really having a tuff time. I hope everything turns out well for you and your son. It's a good thing that you have insurance and nobody can judge you at the food bank. Everybody that is not rich or has a great support system - family or friends to pay the bills, is just one step away (illness, losing employment or death of the provider for the family) from being in your situation.  
05 Sep 14 by member: snezica


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