SELouisiana's Journal, 07 August 2014

I watch a lot of documentaries. A lot. One I just viewed is called "Gideon's Army", and it's about Public Defenders/Public Defense Attorneys (in America). It was a totally raw, spot on, well directed docu. Anywho, about food: Mrs. Dash has like a billion different flavors! I picked up like 6 different kinds to try that I'd never seen before or maybe never noticed. Like how do they get all the flavors to taste so good without the salt lol? I'm even more of a fan now bc of all the new flavors I've discovered. I also noticed that I am a "fidget-er". I'm always moving some part of my body even while sitting. It's not noticeable to others, and wasn't even noticeable to myself until the other day I paid attention to how I was standing in line at the grocery store. I did not stay in the same spot lol! Small movements, but I realized ever since I was a kid I've always sort of moved around while standing or sitting. I especially notice it now when I'm sitting watching movies. Again, small movements, but just realized I've always been this way. One of my older brothers, on the other hand, fidgets like there's no tomorrow. It's ALWAYS been quite noticeable, and he is the slimest (yet VERY muscular- naturally muscular/mesomorph bodies runs in my family) out of all of my seven older siblings. We're all natural early risers too. I mean I never needed an alarm clock for school as a teen. None of us really now that I think about it...that's weird. I barely use one now. Any buzzing sound is quite annoying in general though. Never really thought about it until recently. Anywho, #Peace&Love. :D
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Good for you! I can sometimes be mistaken for a corpse, lol, no detectable movement. Not a morning person either, used to set up two alarm clocks when I was in the school and then working... 
07 Aug 14 by member: AilaOne
Fidget-er? I do that too but I call it ADHD. 
07 Aug 14 by member: eddie1261
Fidgeting can also be from having an understimulated nervous system. Most people fidget to some small degree, but I learned a lot about sensory issues from my daughter with Autism. Your body just may be telling you it needs a little more movement than your getting to better regulate your sensory system. 
07 Aug 14 by member: tempest_spirit
@AilaOne: Oh my gosh 2 alarm clocks going off would drive me nutty. But we all gotta do what we gotta do. :D 
08 Aug 14 by member: SELouisiana
@Eddie1261: Lol! I complete too many tasks to be ADHD lol! No, but seriously it's not that much fidgeting lol. #Peace&Love :D 
08 Aug 14 by member: SELouisiana
Tempest_spirit: I think if I got any more movement throughout the week, I'd look like Skelator I'd be so skinny lol! :D 
08 Aug 14 by member: SELouisiana
SE, my age induced attention span deficit is so bad that I have to REALLY focus to get through every repetition through a 3 minute step aerobics routine. I get 90 seconds in and my mind starts drifting. And that is just THREE MINUTES!!! (For the record, I don't believe in ADHD. I believe it's just another way for Big Pharma to sell product.) 
08 Aug 14 by member: eddie1261
Eddie1261, look there are some medications that really help people in this world. I thank God for these smart people who invent these life helping meds. Obviously, we know that some are just invented to make money though lol. That's too bad you know? BUT I mean if you need to take an ADHD med then maybe give it a try bc it might help. You never know. Also, I would suggest trying 1 minute of meditation in the morning until you can work your way up to maybe 5 minutes? I'm such a meditation "pusher" lol! So if it's not for you please ignore previous suggestion ha! #Peace&Love :D 
09 Aug 14 by member: SELouisiana


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