danielleb3ar's Journal, 14 May 2013


In my last post (may 12), i finally figured out why i had such bad food cravings which is really frustrating because i am so close to reaching my 3-month goal. Last night, i had an epiphany to how to control my cravings.
Here's how.
I procrastinate. If i get a powerful food craving, I make promises to myself that i will eat it on my birthday. That i would have a whole cheat day on my birthday. I promise myself lots of food and actually planned my meals on my birthday. I do this to placate the inner foodie in me.
I push my buttons. Some days, i would go inside a supermarket and look at chips, candy, pastas, ice cream. Sometimes I would pick up an item like i was going to buy it. I tease and tempt myself on purpose but then, i read the nutrition label and list of ingredients and my food craving is deflated because i get scared of all the sugar and hydrogenated oils the product would contain.
Smelling is eating. I only consume the egg whites for breakfast and the egg yolks i make into cakes and puddings. i get a good forearm workout in manually beating the batter and i love playing around and thinking of how i can turn an ingredient into something good. When its all done and i open the oven door, an inviting and scrumptious aroma greets me and that is enough for me. I dont need to eat the baked goods to know its delicious, the smell tells it all.
Be a giver, not a taker. After baking my heart out, i give divide it between my grandma and my parents because they're the biggest fans (and critics)of my creations. I love the feeling of accomplishment when i see their satisfied and happy faces.



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