Soulnoid's Journal, 12 May 2013

Day 472- So I just got home from my 20th class reunion 3 am in the morning. I missed getting my picture taken for the 'class picture' by 10 mins due to getting stuck in traffic.... I am really pissed off about that, there are a few things I wanted out of this event and that was one of them.

Another thing that came up in my mind tonight and something I really don't want to flirt with but have to is 'what if'................ More than once tonight I got talking with gals I had a crush on back in the school days and the topic of 'catching up' came or the 'I just have not met the one yet' came up and talk of meeting for a drink while I travel for work..... I am not sure if I want to go there. As a friend I really want to. Just questioning if this a good idea or not? One gal made it perfectly clear to me that she does not have kids because she has not met the one, but she would love for me to visit her...... Than there are the ones that say 'If your traveling my way, look me up!' What does that mean? Also, the 'what if' questions... What if her and I made the connection back then... What if I had been more attentive back then? What if.....

Overall I am glad I went. I did have the few that made a beeline to me and I wanted to escape from. One that I know saw that I was not wearing a ring and thought I was on the market. Funny thing is she had no chance even if I was not there with my wife, she stunk of smoke, instant turnoff for me! (The ring thing I will need to explain later, but I think if you look into progressive areas you will find less and less folks wearing rings......, just sayin...)

Mean while, my wife went with me tonight and drank way toooooo much and had me pull over 3-4 times on the way home to spew her guts on the side of the road. Nice words were not shared between us..... (We did have a 1.5 hr drive home.) I can't say I am real happy with her. She would read me the riot act if I did it to her..... She was also the real reason I missed me picture, she did not plan her day correctly and we left late. Not sure how I am going to handle this.........

This entry may get few fired up, but being honest here is what it is about.

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oh, so sorry you missed your class photo! sorry about your drive home, puking that much, ohhhh my, that is a LOT of booz! I don't really like wearing rings, but heck, i'm single. I say nope for the girls. It sucks, but that is just the way it is. I am on the other side of your fence, single, and have friends that were single, and now in relationships, it really sucks cause I really like being friends with them, but the problems it causes in their relationship to stay friends with a girl outweigh the friendship. SO, its a no go! Hang in there, hope your wife wasn't too hung over, and ya, if a guy did that with me, I would be LIVID! 
12 May 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Damn about the photo! I missed mine at my 20 too and it stunk. The drinking thing... left going that far back in my 20s thank god! As for the ring, I have one but don't wear it. I lost so much weight that I couldn't and just guess I was used to it and never got them resized. Once I finally did they were a bit too small so there they sit... but yes I kow lots that don't and esp in certain lines of work or just because they don't wear jewelry. As for the looking people up... some say it and mean it, others don't but 95% that do have a hidden agenda. Not all but most. Even if it is just curiosity, like they say curiosity killed the cat. I have a couple of favorite quotes and one is "It's better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to state at the line for the rest of your life"... poin is though that there are always consequences and only you can know if you are ready to accept them. Hope today's better and full of sunshine! 
13 May 13 by member: thynes
:( sorry to hear you missed your pictures and I understand the aggravation with your spouse over it since this isn't an everyday thing. I also have had to deal with the stupidity of my spouse drinking too much years ago. Glad we are over that stage of life. I have never been a partier and I hate alcohol so... Well I hope things get worked out well between you two and I am glad to know the reunion otherwise went pretty well. 
15 May 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak


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