howej's Journal, 23 March 2013

I just can't get into this, life has been absolutely miserable. I don't think the kids have had a full week of school since Christmas due to weather or other scheduled days off or holidays. I have had 4 deaths in my family alone, in the past 6 months not to mention all the deaths within the small town we live in. The ground is starting to thaw, the birds are starting to chirp, the sun is starting to shine more...and yet I still feel like hibernation is best! What's wrong with me!? I've only gained like 5 pounds since early February...but it just seems like so much more! I feel short of breath sometimes, so I know I need to get up and move more...I just don't wanna! Please guys...ya gotta help!!
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I know I don't know you but I know exactly how you feel. Life has an amazing ability to overwhelm us beyond what we think we can handle and we're left just struggling to get by. In times like this, I find the easiest way for me to cope is to commit to a few small things instead of trying to commit to large goals that seem impossible. Firstly, find something you truly enjoy doing. Anything. Seriously. When you're feeling this overwhelmed you first need to take care of your emotional health. Coffee with a friend, going to a movie, dancing in the living room... something to help you FEEL good, and a little less stressed. You'd be surprised how much can change when you give yourself permission to just relax for a few minutes. Second, small goals. Go for a walk every day or every other day. I know it's the last thing you want to do probably, but commit to walking for just ten minutes. Once you've gotten going you very well may find you want to keep going and you'll feel much better when you're done. A bonus will be that the changing scenery of spring will help pull you away from hibernating. Another big thing I found worked for me was that if I had a day where I was feeling relatively strong or energetic I would make multiple meals at once or prep multiple meals. Sometimes just having all your veggies washed, chopped and prepped can make the difference between ordering a pizza and throwing together a healthy dinner. I'll bbq or bake a bunch of chicken breasts and use them leftover in pitas, on salads or just serve with a side of veggies. They can also be thrown into all sorts of dishes and the cooking time is cut way down because the chicken is already cooked. The most important thing though is to cut yourself a little slack and respect your emotional state. That doesn't mean binge and/or sit around and do nothing, but if you can't do what you used to do (ex. work out hard for 60 mins everyday) do what you can instead of nothing at all. A short walk is better than no walk, a simple meal is better than take out. You might also find journaling helpful. Sometimes I found that on one of the bad days I would forget how good I felt after a walk... But seeing my own words reminding me was more powerful than anyone telling me the same thing. You're doing a great job whether you think you are or not and things WILL get better. I promise.  
23 Mar 13 by member: LadyJC88
Thanks! Your words of encouragement actually brought tears to my eyes! So many things have been "weighing" me down. I know I need to start moving more, eating better again and get myself in a better place emotionally. The most difficult part about it is oddly enough, the first step...start moving! I don't know that I have ever had this "debbie downer" feeling, I'm more upbeat than this, usually. I think that there's just been too much death, too much stress and not enough sleep. (the death thing shouldn't even bother me...I've worked in either a nursing home or hospital since I was 15!) I'm thankful to you for the words of encouragement and your understanding...and you're right, you probably don't know me...but sometimes that's easier...ya know? thanks again! 
24 Mar 13 by member: howej
I think this winter has been particularly hard for so many. And sometimes its even more overwhelming bc we know what the right to do is but it seems too big. One day @ a time, hour by hour. Keep things in perspective, and I agree break things down into smaller jobs. It will seem easier.  
24 Mar 13 by member: Time For a Change Mom
Anytime. It's what we're all here for right?  
24 Mar 13 by member: LadyJC88
Thanks so much for your support guys! It's great to know that I can turn here for guidance and support if and when needed! 
24 Mar 13 by member: howej


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