chevrolet_000's Journal, 23 March 2013

Today is a down day for me I feel like everything in this world is revolved around weight. I like how a size 0 person can sit there and complain about being fat... I tell her that I would be more willing to trade mid sections. And she goes on and on that I am not.... And then again asking people sitting around us if she is fat and how worried she is about getting fat and this whole discussion about fat and who is and not like I wasn't event there? Everyone keeps tellin me ya but well you just had a baby.... Ok yeah last October and I weigh more than I did when pregnant. I don't know how... I just do, I'm thinking I maybe pre diabetic, I will be making a dr appt soon for that but wow I feel so horribly pathetic. Today is a hard day for me.


I understand where you're at right now. I'm there right along with you. I had lost 80 pounds about 4 years ago and kept it all off for over 2 years. Then, I started gaining weight, probably due to not controlling portions. After that, I got pregnant and gained 50 pounds during pregnancy! I only lost 20 pounds after the baby was born. The rest will take a lot of work, I know. The best advice I have is just take it one day at a time. Praise yourself for the small milestones, and don't let people like your friend in a size 0 get you down. You are healthier than she is, I guarantee it! Just remember, skinny people who eat crap their whole lives end up having heart attacks and clogged arteries by the time they are in their 40's a lot of times. I'd rather have the metabolism that is slow to warn me when I need to work on my diet/exercise, than to be "skinny-fat" on the inside and be rotting away faster with no weight gain. Hang in there.... 
25 Mar 13 by member: etucker5104
Thank you for that :) it is so true I do eat pretty healthy I thought and yes I noticed the types of foods she eats and it's just junk food.  
28 Mar 13 by member: chevrolet_000


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