stmueller's Journal, 06 July 2008

96 Days til Disney!!!

So excited, less than 100 days!

You know, it's kind of liberating having this many people all over the world know exactly what I weigh. Still not announcing it from the rafters here, but much less intimidated by people knowing. I mean, it's fairly obvious anyway, not necessarily the exact number but lets face it, I'm fat!

I was joking with a co-worker tonight. I pull the money out of the VLT's every night, count it, and do the deposit. This is a very significant amount of money every day. He said that we should raid the cooler, take the money, and head south. We could live in a hut on the beach and swim in the ocean. I said that there would need to be no sharks, because they would take one look at me compared to all these skinny bikini-clad piles of bone and think "YUM, smogasbord!!!" :) He got kind of nervous and shut up, but seriously - I'm fat. If I can't joke about it in a tasteful manner then how am I ever supposed to accept and feel good about myself? I have a wry, matter-of-fact sense of humour, and that needs to include my weight sometimes!

My barbeque turned out great, everyone showed up except one couple who didn't really think they would be able to come anyway, people ranted about my burgers, and all seemed to have a good time. We may turn that into our annual holiday. Plus, having it a couple of days after Canada Day means that most people will be free, and all the decorations are 50% off!!!! I got this package of 30 mini-flags on toothpicks that looks soooooo cute piercing the cut up fruit, and it only cost $0.49! I had cups and plates and straws and pinwheels and a big flag hung from the deck, and as parting gifts everyone received a 5" flag and a Canada pencil and Canada keychain, and people thought that was really fun and silly!!

The eating was pretty good that day, only had 1 hot dog with a little ketchup and veggies and fruit and sorbet punch with Sprite Zero, and a small piece of strawberry shortcake. But then over the next 36 hours or so we continued to eat leftovers and drink the remaining coolers, so in the 48 hours period of Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon, I had 5 hot dogs, a hamburger, 8 coolers, a bowl of Cheetos, 3 pieces of cake, 8 s'mores (YUM !!!!!) and numerous small squares of Swiss milk chocolate that one lovely and diet-misguided friend brought!!! Oh God, that's making me hungry again!

But I've been a good little elf for the past 2 days, and the weight does seem to be trickling off again somewhat, so I'm hoping that the scales will only show a pound or 2 gain (rather than the 6 pounds I was up Friday morning!!!!)

It was worth it though, the last time I was able to entertain more than 1 or 2 people was Easter last year, when I held Easter supper for 10 and we celebrated Mama's birthday too, a couple of months before she passed away. I had 2 friends over at Christmas for Raclette, but that is it. I enjoyed myself, it was a huge hit, and 17 people seemed to enjoy themselves. Who can ask for more!!?

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I think it's great that you can joke about your weight - we all need to take ourselves less seriously some times. Your co-worker probably felt a little uncomfortable, though, and didn't know how to comment in a politically correct fashion. Or maybe he just doesn't have a sense of humor! Your Canada Day celebrations sound like they were a lot of fun. Good idea to do it a day later so you can get the discount decorations! I am sure that your weight will stabilize at a few pounds less after a few days of "normal" eating. It's amazing how we can bloat up from a couple days of splurging.  
06 Jul 08 by member: evelyn64
Your attitude is great.Sounds like a great party. Our 4th was fun too. Live is short and you need to enjoy it and can even when dieting. 
06 Jul 08 by member: ranchwoman
Sounds like a great party and you had a wonderful time! You can always just get back up on the wagon tomorrow! :D 
06 Jul 08 by member: mbhpro


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