healsdata's Journal, 05 July 2008

I'm up a smidge and I'm going to have to blame tasting while cooking. How can you make tasty potato salad without tasting at least a little? Ofcourse, I have no idea how many of those little tastes I look yesterday.

In other news, my pork soup came out well. I put pork hocks, pork chops and bacon into the slow cooker until all the meat fell off the bone. Today I'll have to skim off the fat and fish out the bones, but a few tastes last night revealed that it tastes great.
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Don't you just love slow cookers!!! :) 
06 Jul 08 by member: stmueller
I do! Not only does it make things really tender but its the laziest way to cook. The most I have to do is stir. 
06 Jul 08 by member: healsdata
sounds delicious can smell it from here!! dont fret too much may just be a water fluctuation!!  
07 Jul 08 by member: slinkylins
So when I went to skim my soup, I found that the fat hid a layer of what was essentially pork jello. I don't know what happened, but there was very little liquid left in the bowl at all. 
08 Jul 08 by member: healsdata
We all have ups and downs. Stayinf focused and knowing what you eat will help keep it going down.  
13 Jul 08 by member: ranchwoman
You must be doing something right because your chart is heading downward nicely! don't fix it if it ain't broken!  
18 Jul 08 by member: Janelleas
Hey, hang in there, Staying focused is so difficult and I have the same problem or I would have been at goal by now. I really think this BEACH challenge will help us both. Its always motivational to be part of a team, isn't it! Nice start you're making and before you know it, it will become a habit. Hang in there, you're off to a good start 
22 Jul 08 by member: Janelleas


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