ghenne04's Journal, 14 August 2012

Back on the dukan diet as much as I was before (when I was successful in losing up to 14 lbs, before backsliding a little). And just in time - I need to see results. I've been discouraged for a while, had a hard time saying no to the things I like (beer, sweets, etc).

Despite being back on track and having more willpower now, I'm in a rough mood. I got the "I wish you would take care of yourself like you did before we got married" statement from my husband today. Partially because I haven't been exercising very intensely lately - it's been a walk here, some yoga there, kickball once/week, etc. He doesn't understand how hard it is to get in shape - he's always been in shape so he can't know how hard it is to get back into things.

Also, I had a ridiculous amount of free time in college to do what I wanted. I could sleep til 10, walk uphill both ways to class - literally - it was an awesome workout, and then go for a run in the afternoon, eat a healthy dinner prepared by our house chef, and then do some homework / drink with friends. Now, I wake up, leave for work at 7:30, get home at 5:30, do any number of boring things like clean the apartment, run errands, etc.

I only get 3 evenings per week to spend with my husband (he works nights). Now I feel like I'm making excuses, because that still leaves 3 evenings I could workout (one evening per week is kickball). True, I could probably get him to go for a run with me, or go to the gym, but something always seems to get in the way - cooking dinner takes twice as long when he helps, or he wants to go to the grocery store that is 25 minutes away and buy up half the store. Before they implemented the summer schedule, I was going to spinning class right after work, and not getting home until 7-730pm. That only left 2 hours max for us to spend together, which sucked too.

I'm just ranting right now, and I'm sure I'll feel better later, but it is so frustrating that he wants me to "take better care of myself" yet doesn't understand just how hard it is to make time for that.

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878 kcal Fat: 24.50g | Prot: 63.94g | Carb: 112.44g.   Breakfast: crab claw, light mayo, coffee with milk. Lunch: beef stew. Dinner: corn, plum. Snacks/Other: cucumber, dark chocolate 85. more...
2415 kcal Activities & Exercise: Exercise machine (moderate) - 30 minutes, Driving - 1 hour, Desk Work - 8 hours, Resting - 6 hours and 30 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours. more...
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I think you need to talk to your husband and let him know how his statement made you feel. He is your partner now...your best friend and supposed to be your biggest supporter. I switched to Dukan on July 4th and it has been the best thing for me. The only problem is...Cruise phase is a very strict diet and you have to make the decision to stick to it. This is where I needed my husband's help and I talked to him about it. He agreed he would eat his carb laden food at work and not put tempting things in the house where I could find it. Since I am here all day ... only a saint can stay away from the cupboard. It is not like when I was at work too and I could pack what I would eat and leave the cupboards alone. He recognized that. Cruise doesn't last forever and he agreed as long as I stuck to it that he would too. It is not like Dukan is harmful is all good food for you. I do have to cook a broader range of food for the children but that is enough temptation for me. I don't need him bringing home a pizza....Not NOW anyway. I summarized my diet for him and he understands that consolidation offers more variety and then stabilization will be an even wider range of food making their way back into the house. It is not forever...just for NOW. He is looking forward to the celebration meals almost as much as me. I am just under 3 lbs away from my goal....hopefully I will reach it by my birthday on August 28th for my first celebration meal. Part 2 of this diet is the exercise. It was my 'big bright idea to get up early and work out and then he'd go to work but I'm the one who stuck it through. I just started week 10 today. I am up at 5 and do p90 in the mornings and some cardio if I can fit it in during nap time. My body will not lose weight by diet alone....I've learned that over the years. I stopped making excuses...using the kids as my primary excuse...and just did it. When the alarm goes off I just get up and say "let's do it!" and I get my butt downstairs. The first 2 weeks are hard...but stick it through and you will do it. Pick a time and routine that works for you and stick to excuses..for 2 weeks and you'll see results you want to keep. Ask your husband for his help and the two of you can plan it in your schedules. If he understood that you need his support and can't do it all on your own then he should want to help you. You can buy up a grocery store AFTER you've made it through Cruise...for now you need the foods that you crave GONE...out of the house. You need the WILL to succeed and you need to stop making EXCUSES. When I was your age I was full of excuses because my body was resilient and I could get away with it. If I packed on 10 lbs ...a couple weeks at the gym and I could get rid of it. Now it is much harder and I've had to dig really deep here to get the results I want. I know now...with the boys needing me to be healthy ...that diet AND exercise will always be a part of our lives. I need to teach them a healthy lifestyle too. I look forward to teaching them sports like golf, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer... and eventually showing them how to weight train. I know I can do that now because I am not stopping when I hit my weight goal. I won't be working out 7 days a week but a routine will be in place. I HAVE to. It is not healthy to fall the self destructive pattern of weight gain, torment, then weight loss only to repeat it again. I've done that for 20 years. I'm done. This is the last "diet" I will be on. I am changing my lifestyle for good. Don't wait until you are 40 to make that decision. Do it NOW! :) We are here to support you if you aren't getting the support at home.  
17 Aug 12 by member: Preggo38
Thank you for your awesome response :) I needed that pep talk big time! My husband was very helpful when I started the attack phase a couple months ago, but I fell off the wagon for a while due to vacations and holidays. I'm trying to get back to it again now, but he hasn't been helpful lately. I asked him to pick up some ground turkey when he was at the grocery store the other day but he was in a bad mood and said "I got my food, you get yours". He felt bad about that afterwards (and some lady in the grocery store apparently gave him a dirty look :) so I feel slightly vindicated). But I haven't really had a talk with him lately about what I need him to help me with. I can stick to the diet fairly easily if I have the foods I need in the house, so I'm not too worried about that. But I do need the time and encouragement to work out more often. You are right, I should talk with him and get him to help me through the first two weeks of working out regularly. I enjoyed it when I was working out regularly, but changing habits is so hard. You're right - I am/was making excuses. I need to change that and I need to have a plan to change it / stick with it. Thank you for your motivating speech :) That's why I'm glad I'm on this site! 
17 Aug 12 by member: ghenne04
I'm glad i could help. Make a plan....literally mark your workouts and diet (PP or PV) on the calendar along with your work schedule. See where exercise will fit in and then DO IT!  
17 Aug 12 by member: Preggo38


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