kingkeld's Journal, 04 January 2012

Wooohooo! ANOTHER kilo down! I now weigh less than I did on my "big" weigh-in on New Year's Eve! I have another 600 grams to go for a new, lowest weigh-in. Let's see when I will reach that. I'm pretty sure I can do that (and hopefully more) for the Saturday weigh-in. Let's do it!

So, yesterday was a little different. I stayed home and worked from there, waiting for the mail man to bring me goodies. And he delivered (pun intended)! I have just spent a few hours using the galaxy tab yesterday, but I gotta say I really like it. First bookmarked website to get in there was FatSecret. :)

I love that I am now more able to check out the website and do stuff on the go, and it works like a charm. I'm getting comfortable with using the keyboard for longer texts, and journaling on the go really doesn't seem to intimidating. The only "issue" with that is that I most likely won't have too much time to do so, if I'm on the go - but that's a whole different story.

I can see a million uses for it. Movies at the gym (a few has already been loaded onto it along with a few shows), cook book in the kitchen, registring my food on FatSecret, email, music, youtube, internet radio, games, news, books, guitar tuner, backing band when I practice music and SO much more. I'm impressed.

But enough about the toy. :)

Today is gym day. I will go for another workout at the gym after work. I'm curious how much I can get to do. Last time I had to take it very easy, as the muscles in my left thigh started to hurt. I want to make absolutely sure that I don't damage anything, so I am going to be super alert on this. I don't want to be put out of the game for months, which is what I see happening with clients at my job all the time. I stopped running, and just walked calmly the rest of the time.

Yesterday morning, doing a few jump and "butt-kicks" at home was a little bit straining, but not much. This morning, no issue. I hope I'm back at go. I will pay close attention though. I don't want to risk ANYTHING. If I can't jog tonight, then I won't. Simple as that. I will get on a bike or something else cardio burning. I think the single most important thing is that I do go. I want going to the gym to become so much of a habit, that I miss it - and I'm proud to say that I'm getting there. I no longer question that I am going. There is no longer an "if" in that sentence. I simply AM going. It's a good feeling.

The morning workout is also getting to stick very well. I do it EVERY morning, and I feel horrible both physically but also conscious wise when I don't. It always ends up with me doing them after all.

Wife has been doing the same exercises every week this morning. It helps her back and she is starting to see the benefits from it. I love that.

Today, I had a message in my inbox about challenges. The ones we can join here on FatSecret, to motivate and to get going. The person writing to me was a little frustrated with the many people who join challenges, and then don't really do them. She was asking if I had any ideas about how to motivate.

I think this is a tough one. I think many people have a good intention of doing a challenge - but for one reason or another they just don't get around to doing them, they don't do enough and they feel bad filling out the little form where they have to state whether they did it or not.

I gotta say, I can totally relate to it. I fully see the benefit we can get out of the challenges, but I don't care much for them for me. I find that they obligate me to a lot of things - things that I might not be ready for. Last one I joined was several months ago. It didn't clearly (at least to me at the time) state how long it was for, and I accepted it - not realizing that it was a three month venture. I've been TOTALLY neglecting it ever since. I was NOT ready for a three month commitment to a challenge. I have simply ignored it ever since. Rude? Yeah. I apologize. I don't even remember what the challenge was.

I think a lot of people skip on an accepted challenge for the same reasons they sign up here and eventually don't use the website, or stop losing weight. They're not ready for it. I wasn't ready for the three month challenge. Had it been a week or two, I would have fought through it (I think). Had it been something I could see ending soon.

Maybe we ask too much of a lot of people when we set up challenges? I see some out there that are pretty tough. MANY that I can't do. The ones I can do, that are supposed to motivate me to do good - I don't feel that I need them. I'm doing good, and I'm comfortable with the pace I am losing my weight already. I want to commit to it, and I am already doing it. I don't feel the need to commit further, but if I do - then I know where to go.

Thankfully, we're all different. I see a lot of people VERY excited about the challenges. I appreciate the effort they put into it. I appreciate that some need more motivation than others. I have no problem with that.

But how do we get people to dedicate to challenges? How do we get them to push through and actually do them once they sign up? I guess by making them accomplishable, though challenging. By making them fun, make it something that people can have fun doing?

I'm really not sure if I'm the right one to answer, as I don't do many of them. Geez, this makes me feel like a lazy b**tard. :)

Today, I'm thankful that
- I got my toy and will have it to distract me from work all day!
- I hacked it to perform better and faster without any trouble.
- Coffee!
- An urge to go to the gym this afternoon.
- A nice quiet evening at home tonight. Maybe a good movie? :)

Take care, my friends. Hump day is upon us.

Life is good.
181.0 lb Lost so far: 160.7 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entries for 04 January 2012:
1459 kcal Fat: 58.95g | Prot: 65.12g | Carb: 156.05g.   Breakfast: Egg, Rye Bread, Sliced Ham (Extra Lean). Lunch: hash. Dinner: 400 g potato soup, Garlic bread. Snacks/Other: KAKAOIS, frikadelle. more...
2964 kcal Activities & Exercise: Calisthenics (light, e.g. home exercise) - 30 minutes, Standing - 4 hours and 30 minutes, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 20 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours, Sitting - 6 hours and 40 minutes, Desk Work - 4 hours. more...
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thank you again for that journal keld! i really really like yours :) the thing with the challenges is, i think, that many people want to do something and then they put themselves into a challenge and after a few days they see, that they are unable to make it - and then they lose their motivation. some come here and start with a huge motivation but - and i can totally understand that - after a day, they have lost all the motivation and then they ask "why am i doing this?" and they are never seen here again. especially in that time of the years resolution: loose weight. 
04 Jan 12 by member: joelae
Another interesting, thought provoking journal - thank you. And congratulations on the loss, you'll get there for Saturday, 3 weigh-ins away! 
04 Jan 12 by member: Earthlady
I think you're right, Joelae. I think we tend to have all the good intentions in the world, but when it comes down to it...  
04 Jan 12 by member: kingkeld
Grats on the tab keld, Posting lately from my wifes kindle fire. I look at the challenges and many seem over the top to me, like run 30km a day. Quite rediculous. I did a nice and easy one that was simply weighing in, avoiding fast food, drinking water, and checking in weekly. It was just what I needed. It also had a goal of 2.5 lbs/week loss over the holidays (I did 1.9/week). I have no problem joining a realistic challenge if presented. Glad your back at work and journaling earlier! JP 
04 Jan 12 by member: posterchild66
Hi Keld.... Firstly congratulations on the weight loss :-). Also glad you are enjoying your "new toy", I have had an iPad for about a year, and would not be on here nearly as much, if I had to go on the computer (not sure if that is good or bad LOL). Re the challenge motivation issue. I don't join challenges that much either (although I am in the posture challenge). Reason is, they are often too structured and narrow in their format ie you must do 30 miutes running 5 days a week. I like variety, to do some of them, would mean that I would have to give up one of my other exercises, to fit them in. I am not an advocate of doing one type of exercise to the exclusion of all others. If they were more general eg do 30 minutes of cardio or strength exercise 5 times a week, I would be ok with that. But then.... Why bother, I do that anyway and don't need a challenge to make me. The first challenge I joined (months ago) was good, the organiser was great and always posted every day - unfortunately she didn't get the support from challenge members. Not sure what the answer is, although I do feel anyone setting up a challenge should think about a broader spectrum AND should regularly post with stuff. 
04 Jan 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Been around this "Challenge" Block a few here's my take on it! Sometimes, I join to support if it's an Induction Atkins challenge...I don't need the challenge, but I can certainly participate, encourage, and provide information for others doing the challenge that will help them. Other times, I join because I like the overall THEME of the challenge - like exercising - but unlike Skinny - I join whether I am going to do 30 min's of running or NOT... I don't if I do 30 min's of anything...I just personally substitute that into the goal and keep on trucking. Then there are other challenges I say NO WAY to ... the let's lose 10 lbs a month for 3 months straight... or let's eat 1000 calories a day for the next 30 days... I find some of the 'inexperienced' leaders of these challenges to be HIGH on Excitement...and LOW on actual knowledge. Wishful thinking. As if I did each of their 'challenge steps' I would actually lose 10 lbs in a month. Ain't gonna happen. I know that. But they don't. So I just decline, and move on - rather than poo poo on their party!!! But my absolute favorite challenges are when they are structured in just 4-6 week increments, and focus on building a new habit or two. I try to limit my ongoing challenges to one or two at any given time, so I can really focus on what it is I should be doing. 
04 Jan 12 by member: jsfantome
Woo hoo. 600 grams to go. Keld, you're doing so well with your exercise. It's amazing how you never stop learning and just get stronger (pun intended) in the weight loss journey overall. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we are all so proud of you and I, for one, am looking forward to the book. On the challenge front, I totally agree with Sk1nny. Administrators should check, post and encourage frequently; that might help participation. Tangible deliverables helps, I think. I guess it's a difficult concept via electronic media. If we were to participate in a challenge in near proximity, it would likely be a different experience. 
04 Jan 12 by member: Helewis
Woo hoo. 600 grams to go. Keld, you're doing so well with your exercise. It's amazing how you never stop learning and just get stronger (pun intended) in the weight loss journey overall. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we are all so proud of you and I, for one, am looking forward to the book. On the challenge front, I totally agree with Sk1nny. Administrators should check, post and encourage frequently; that might help participation. Tangible deliverables helps, I think. I guess it's a difficult concept via electronic media. If we were to participate in a challenge in near proximity, it would likely be a different experience. 
04 Jan 12 by member: Helewis
I appreciate all your imput on this, as I am sure my buddy does too. Keep input coming! :) 
04 Jan 12 by member: kingkeld
I think there should be a challenge that consists of reading kindkeld's daily journal! haha Ever since I started reading, I've been more inspired. Lets face it, you are good at writing and you speak volumes of our daily struggles and make us feel less alone in the battle. Thank you for that! I can relate to the fear of injury issues. I hurt my back in police training and ever since it is very sensitive. I hate worrying that ever doing it will leave me out of the game. That is why it's just so important to know your limits and listen to your body! Happy wednesday!! 
04 Jan 12 by member: Lindsay6384
I'm happy you got your new toy. It sounds fabulous. Congrats on the weight loss, not that I had any doubts. LOL! Love reading your journals. Thanks!!! 
04 Jan 12 by member: Johanne
I am grateful for your journals..Congrats on the loss..I would say have fun with your new toy...But that would be you already are having LOADS of fun..Pun intended..Have a great day buddy...:O) 
04 Jan 12 by member: BHA
enjoy your toy! I love using my ipad at the gym. I got wireless bluetooth headphones about a year ago and use them EVERYDAY-- to watch tv/movies on the tablet or listen to music with no wires to get in the way-- highly recommend!  
04 Jan 12 by member: bcd
Congrats on the weight loss. I agree that reading your journal every day is a great motivator. As far as challenges go- I've joined a few that I didn't follow through with. One just seemed to go on too long and have too many items to work on at once. It seemed like a great idea in the beginning, but I guess I'm more of a one step at a time person. I just signed myself up for different challenges yesterday, and even my attitude is different going into them- they are about setting a small goal (which is way more my style) and about making it a habit. I'm hoping this time, there will be a lot of discussion and participation for me to get in on.  
04 Jan 12 by member: just.keep.swimming
@bcd - I have bluetooth head phones too, and I would not trade them for wired ones EVER. I love having the motion freedom of it. I will definitely use my Tabby on the treadmill. I was gonna go today, but my thigh is still acting up, found it safer not to. I've done plenty of moving around today though - no battles lost there.  
04 Jan 12 by member: kingkeld
Congratulations on the weight loss...I am sure you'll hit a new low by Saturday. Enjoy your new sounds awesome!! Have a great day king! 
04 Jan 12 by member: ctlss
Nice job!! You're right, no sense in risking an injury, take care of that thigh! (Sorry, the inner Physical Therapist in me is coming out...) Rest might be enough to make it better, but you also might want to try an ice massage to get rid of any swelling in your thigh and try to alleviate some of that pain - it feels good!! The best way to do it (in my opinion) is to fill a small paper cup (Dixie cup) 3/4 full with water and then freeze it - then you can rip the paper down to the level of the ice and use it to massage your thigh - but put a towel underneath your leg or you will get whatever you're sitting on wet! You could also try alternating heat therapy and cold therapy - generally you want to use a ratio of 3 minutes of heat to 1 minute of cold/ice.. adjust it for however long you want to do it.. If the heat makes your thigh feel worse, then just stick to ice..  
04 Jan 12 by member: erika2633
Erika, I kinda like your inner Physical Therapist. :) I will definitely pay attention to your advice... 
04 Jan 12 by member: kingkeld
Congrats on the weightloss - I'm super proud of you (but you already knew that)! Enjoy your tablet... 
04 Jan 12 by member: SoLosingIt


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