kingkeld's Journal, 03 January 2012

Great! I'm on my way towards a new low again. Still a little ways to go - New Year's celebration wasn't too kind to my weigh-ins, but now we're moving. I dropped 1.1 kgs since yesterday, reaching 83.1 kgs. My lowest so far is 81.6, so there is still 1.5 kgs to go. I'm pretty sure I'll reach that goal before the end of the week.

Today, I will spend the morning at home. I have a work-from-home option, if we don't have meetings and interviews at work, and I am claiming that option today.

Hopefully, the mail man will be here to drop off the "packages" today, and I want to be here to receive them. No so much cause I am all eager about getting my hands on them (cause I am!), but more that it's quite some hassle if we're NOT here and have to get them at the post office. It takes another day for them to get there, and it's a good walk away. I'd much rather have them delivered to the door.

Winter is supposedly coming to Denmark today. They're warning about storms, rain, bad weather all around, and so the class tonight has been canceled. No teaching the kids. That's kind of a bummer, also because I won't be making any money, but it's out of my hands. Oh well. I get to set up my new toy instead.

Today's breakfast was what is ALWAYS is on workdays: Two HUGE glasses of water, two slices of low-fat rye bread, a slice of ham, and two boiled eggs. It's a great breakfast, it tastes good, and it'll keep me full for HOURS. It's all good. It's even reasonable on calories - 399 cals.

I know some of you have heard or read this before, but I do find it to be such an interesting topic, and I know there are a lot of new buddies that might not have heard of this:

I find it really interesting, it's a very easy-to-do tip, and something I have done every single day through my weight loss journey.

I love when we find these little useful tidbits of information, that we can really use and apply, without it taking a whole lot from us. Sometimes things easily get too complicated, and that's when the going gets rough for me.

I need my weight loss journey to be simple and easy. I know there are a lot more things I could do to speed up my process, build muscle (which I can't really allow myself to do due to my BMI requirement for surgery), lose fat, trim and look good. However, I also know that if I set up TOO many rules for myself, then I will not make it to the end.

That being said, what I do to lose weight today is WAY more advanced than it was when I started. I have slowly implemented new rules and systems to what I do in order to keep it as optimized as I can handle, and to not get too much in a rut.

In the beginning I basically set out to do a diet that I could handle. Something easy and accomplishable. I found it in calorie counting with FatSecret, and it was pretty much a walk in the park. It's just a matter of doing it with honestly and accountability. If you eat it, register it. It enters your journal before it enters your mouth. No questions asked. I didn't do ANY exercise at all. Just that. I lost insane amounts just doing that.

So, for those of you who are newcomers here, and read my journal, I'd start there. Register your food. Also when you have a bad day. Also when you cheat. ALWAYS do it. Make it LAW. Then, when you are upset a few days later because you DIDN'T lose any weight, then you can go back and see what you ate, learn from it and do better next time.

Of course, then build an exercise regime that fits you. I had the hardest time doing that, and I wasn't motivated as I was still losing weight. However, I feel today what I wish I had felt back then - it feels GREAT to exercise! :) I am really getting into the groove on it, and now I don't think I want to be without it. Even wife is slowly getting into it with her morning exercises. I am now a little later online as my morning exercises are delayed a little so she can do hers first before work. I can live with that - I'm just happy that she gets to work out a little and stretch before work.

Then, the last thing that I fully think is good for us for losing weight, is to write a journal. I think FatSecret is a brilliant place for that, as you can allow your buddies to comment. You can learn a LOT from the comment section of your journal. Also, comment on others journals. It makes you think, it makes you read, it makes you focus on your weight loss journey.

It doesn't really matter what you write about. It doesn't always have to be weight loss related. Anything goes. :)

As a matter of fact, here is something not at all weight loss related:

I'm watching a brilliant DVD from Glenn Hughes - one of my big music icons. He did an amazing semi-acoustic show in Australia 6 years ago, and I'd love to share one of the songs with you. It's one of my favorites, and this is such a beautiful rendition. I hope you like it.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Today, I am thankful for
- being able to work from home, waiting for the mail man.
- Day to day delivery of mail in Denmark. :)
- Coffee!
- A good, hearty breakfast. Try a soft boiled egg, cut in half with a little chili pepper drizzle on top. Yum!
- An easy afternoon at work today - one interview, that's it!
- No teaching tonight. Yes, I'm thankful since there is a storm warning, and I'd have to walk to the school. Also, gives me time to play with my new toy. I think I'll name it "Tabby". LOL.

I hope your day will be as awesome as mine! I know mine will rock, no matter what happens! :)

Life is good!

183.2 lb Lost so far: 158.5 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entries for 03 January 2012:
1182 kcal Fat: 43.81g | Prot: 66.93g | Carb: 126.91g.   Breakfast: Rye Bread, Sliced Ham (Extra Lean), Egg. Lunch: White Potatoes (Flesh and Skin), Roast Beef (Lean Only Eaten), Mixed Vegetables (Frozen), Red Tomatoes (Stewed, Canned). Dinner: Hash. Snacks/Other: kakaois, Chicken Breast (Skin Not Eaten). more...
2826 kcal Activities & Exercise: Sitting - 6 hours and 45 minutes, Standing - 1 hour, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 45 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours, Desk Work - 7 hours and 30 minutes. more...
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 17.0 lb a week


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Nice entry Keld. Hopefully you get your tablets today. I bought my wife a kindle fire for Christmas. I realize I need something better, so let me know how you like yours. I am also looking at a samsung phone too. You inspired/reminded me to register my last few days of food while I was offline.  
03 Jan 12 by member: posterchild66
thank you for sharing the link, keld! i haven't read it yet, but i printed it and i will read it today - that's for sure. :) wish you a wonderful day and hopefully with an evening loaded with playing your "Tabby" :) 
03 Jan 12 by member: joelae
I'm glad I got you going on that, Posterchild. I think it's VERY important to keep doing so. I think it's a great tool also later - being able to go back and see how we have done, progressed, get averages and statistics. This will not work unless we register EVERYTHING. I will definitely let you know about the tablets. I've been prepping apps for them, cool stuff like cloud environment so we can basically remote control our laptops, view videos from our harddrives without transferring files and stuff like that. SUPER nerdy, SUPER neat. 
03 Jan 12 by member: kingkeld
about the egg-thingy... my grandma used to warn me for not eating too many eggs. three-a-week she used to say... here is an article that supports her warnings... just so you can make the right choises for yourselve... greetz maud. 
03 Jan 12 by member: puhpine
url got lost. /news/health/1334002/eating_too_many_eggs_could_bring_early_death/ 
03 Jan 12 by member: puhpine
huh...what do i do wrong? eating_too_many_eggs_could_bring_early_death/  
03 Jan 12 by member: puhpine
03 Jan 12 by member: puhpine
Morning Keld.... I found your journal very level headed today - not sure if it is your mood, or mine. I think it is because the festivities are over - and I certainly feel....... ok, let's do this (keeping fit, for me) not in a ra ra way, just quietly determined. I guess this is how I must have felt, at the beginning of my weight / fitness journey, this time last year. Looking back again at bits of your journal.... It is quietly reflective - again, not sure if it is how I am feeling and reading it, or it is how you feel. I should add, it is a good feeling :-) 
03 Jan 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
About the eggs... I think a start weight of 155 kgs/340 lbs is a much biggest concern than the eggs. I'm not gonna eat this many eggs for life. Besides, there's plenty of other documentation of all the good eggs do. I'm typing from my phone so forgive me for not posting links. I appreciate the heads up though.  
03 Jan 12 by member: kingkeld
touche my friend... 
03 Jan 12 by member: puhpine
03 Jan 12 by member: kingkeld
The Mail Man was here! Wooohooo! 
03 Jan 12 by member: kingkeld
Oh, oh...while I'm glad your "delivery" came as planned, I'm afraid you'll be so busy with your "toys" that you might forget to write your journal! I hope not ;) Have a great day, Keld! 
03 Jan 12 by member: SoLosingIt
I'm loving my eggs in the morning right after I walk..with my awesome coffee in hand..LOL..Enjoy your new toy...have a terrific day...What am I saying..Of course you'll have a great day.. You always do...LOL 
03 Jan 12 by member: BHA
I'll have no worries about forgetting to journal. I have already bookmarked Fatsecret. :) 
03 Jan 12 by member: kingkeld
puhpine, I think the 3 eggs a week thing has been largely debunked. It was a big deal for a while because of the high cholesterol content in eggs but then they realized that that doesn't actually lead to high cholesterol counts in your blood, which is what counts. I haven't heard of any reason other than that not to eat eggs. Oh, and for whatever reason, FS strips links from journal comments, but you can send them a message instead. 
03 Jan 12 by member: gnat824
Glad the decline is on the move towards your NEW LOW!!! I, on the other hand, had an increase ... 2nd day in a row ... but that often happens after an indulgence day so I won't fret!! Glad your packages arrived. I'll read about the eggs. It seems like there is always something who say "do it" and someone else who says "don't do it," whether it is coffee, chocolate, eggs, whatever!!! I do much better when I have an egg or two in the morning. It holds me better to lunch. My "numbers" have always been pretty good so I'm not going to fret. I tried to do oatmeal and I love oatmeal but it doesn't hold me as long as protein in the morning. I'm sure you have had a lovely day!! See you tomorrow!! 
03 Jan 12 by member: madaboutmoose
Thanks for the tip about the eggs, I actually read it last week from one your previous journal entries, so I had egg whites this morning! That with the yogurt and water kept me full and I did not crave the mid morning snack that usually must have. Enjoy Tabby! 
03 Jan 12 by member: MsTammi
Hi Keld, this (the eggs) is news to me. Many health professionals will of course contradict you, reason being that eggs, although not that high in calorific value, it is high in cholesterol. I haven't eaten any eggs since I started just more than a month ago, and believe me, I really feel for nice soft, sunny side up, baked eggs! :) I will definitely think about this. Did you seriously eat eggs every morning for the past 15 months? If I may, how is your cholesterol reading? Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, you are like a light house on a dark and stormy night... 
03 Jan 12 by member: Ryan75
Love that you see eggs as a great dieting breakfast, too! I have *only* been successful in dieting when my morning starts with eggs, I'm sure it's not the only reason, but it has always been so helpful for me. Ryan75, if you haven't then you should definitely check out that article he posted. It reads: "They found that blood levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol, as well as triglycerides, did not vary compared to baseline cholesterol blood levels in subjects who ate either the bagel or egg breakfasts. These findings add to more than 30 years of research that conclude that healthy adults can enjoy eggs without significantly impacting their risk of heart disease." Eggs have a bad reputation, but I don't think they really deserve it. This article is also interesting: I think eggs just help keep me more mindful of my calories throughout the day, steering me away from mindless munching because I feel fuller before lunchtime. I love a poached egg (or two!) in the morning. So nice of you to let your wife exercise first. Sometimes, I still have to drag myself to the gym. I always remind myself that I'm doing what's best by going. I wouldn't just say "can't go to work today because I don't feel like it"; I know I need the money, just like I know I need the weight loss from exercise. I started with exercise classes and have branched out from there... progress gets addictive! Great tip of logging everything you eat/journaling, both have been excellent for my progress, too. You got this down, kingkeld, good luck!! 
03 Jan 12 by member: Katiekinz


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