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27 September 2016

Okay, the time period of lack of appetite ended last week. Last week was binge week, it was like I fought this insistent urge to keep cramming food in my mouth. I lost that battle several times, but this week I am more in control.

When I start exercising I always have an initial weight gain, so I stopped weighing myself after seeing the scale say 206. Also, when I start losing weight I feel and look fatter. Don't believe me? Ask my friends who always compliment me without provocation on my weight loss when I gain weight and are strangely silent when I lose it. I thought it was in my head, but my mom and my friends recent comment has made it a reality for me. They both told me that I was looking like I'd lost a few pounds, and when I pointed out that I'm heavier than I've ever been in life, they both told me that I look slimmer than they've ever seen me. Two people at two different times.

That made me feel good about my current body and embarrassed about the past at the same time. Either way, it confirms my dissatisfaction with myself when I'm getting fit and losing weight.

19 September 2016

15 September 2016

15 September 2016

Oh my did I ever have an experience yesterday. Tuesday evening I decided to try my edamame spaghetti from Costco. It's made of edamame! 25g of vegan protein! I say "heck yeah!" Anyways, I'm sure what made it into my bowl was more than the portion size of 2 oz, but I didn't pig out. I just ate until satisfied.

Yesterday, I woke up to stomach pain. I just thought it was cramps due to my moon time, but as I dressed and readied myself for the gym that pain intensified. After handling a lot of business in the bathroom...a lot...I thought I might have food poisoning. But, a small part of my brain said that nothing I ate was bad. So, I checked the nutrition facts on the edamame spaghetti.

One serving is 11g of fiber <---- one serving!!! That's laxative levels in my book. Needless to say, my tummy was upset for hours. Around what should have been lunch, I felt pretty good so I jogged up the steps to my car. Five minutes away from the office my tummy hurt again and this time combined with nausea. It wasn't safe to do anything jarring.

I finally felt recovered enough to go to the gym around 5. Still I only used the recumbent bike for fear of shaking myself up again.

What an experience!

13 September 2016

Used a food diary for the first time in a while (maybe a year?). Started noticing that my favorite vegan vloggers had changed their tune on what to eat and what quantities. So, I can't just eat clean, plant-based foods and hope for the best.

I'm very shocked by how little calories I ate. I'm not shocked by the fat content. What I ate yesterday is pretty close to what I eat usually except there weren't any treats like candy, or chips, or popcorn at 3pm from work.

It says that I came in under my recommended RDI but I'm sure that it's right on target if I could record the sauces that I put in my food last night.

I was just going to "stirfry" the bag of coleslaw mix and a piece of baked tofu with the little bit of peanut sauce I had left and water. But, I got another passenger while on my way home and it was an hour later before I got home. I was at the "I don't care what it is, throw it in if it's edible" stage of hunger. I ended up adding half an onion then shredded hash brown mix. It all looked so ugly when I was done, that I just squirted ketchup on it and ate it.

It was an ugly but healthy meal, but all in all the day was too high in fat. Fat is very satisfying which is why I love adding avocados to salads or eating nuts. Fat is very comforting to a hungry belly. But, fat makes me fat.

Let's see how I do with considerably less fat today. I'm allowing for more potatoes today just in case I'm hungry. I'm probably going to eat them hot for lunch and cold at dinner.

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