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13 October 2014

I did really good this weekend!

After posting about being super hungry Friday, I had my coffee and everything seemed to be alright. I also didn't experience much of a blood sugar roller coaster this TOM. It was more of a kiddie ride - I got jittery after trying one of those POM Wonderful juices. I got jittery after eating Greek yogurt at another time. The juice made more sense than the yogurt.

Saturday, I went out with my friend trying to piece a costume together for Walker Stalker Con. She is so high maintenance - OMG! We ended up going to Jason's Deli and I ordered one of their huuuuuuuuuge baked potatoes. Can we say leftovers?!

Sunday, was more challenging because I stayed home all day. In the end, I didn't do too bad until dinner. I had made myself some salad but wanted a piece of bread to go with it. After eating the bread, I felt myself bloating up. That was it.

Today, I just want to make sure I'm good and hydrated. It's hard to get enough water in on the weekends because I'm constantly on the move. It's so much easier during the work week with my big ol' container keeping me company.

10 October 2014

09 October 2014

Today I am down to 185.8!

I haven't been this weight since March 4, 2010. I did sink under it for a little while, but that was the month that marked my rise and four-year residence into the 190's. Here is my journal entry from that day.
Sunday I have an acupuncture appointment, my first. For those of you who thing holistic medicine is all in your head, that's half the reason why I'm going. My addiction to having food in my mouth and the taste and the feel is probably all in my head.

For those of you who believe in holistic medicine that's half the reason why I'm going. I don't want to take diet pills and medicine to get my weight under control.

First acupuncture. I'm currently doing the 200 situp challenge. I start weight watchers next week.

The acupuncture did work, in terms of breaking my addiction with food. It was bad. You would think I was crazy if I explained the full scale of my food experience around that time. To give you an idea, I could eat a full meal, sit down to watch a tv show, see a fast food commercial for something delicious, and be immediately hungry again. I could go eat that second dinner or I could feel very moody and inexplicably hungry for the next few days...those felt like my only options.

I don't really know why and when the food addiction started. I didn't grow up with it. If memory serves me right, I think it might have developed a year/year and a half prior to the post. It felt normal, but my mind knew it wasn't. So I was searching for someone who understood and could help.

Today, though, I feel spectacular despite the bruises from yesterday's tumble. I'm going to the chiropractor just because I'm sure that I'm slightly out of alignment. I have plans to go out for a few hours afterwards, and then go home for some tv before bed. Tomorrow, we'll see if my front wheel can be straightened out because it has a slight wobble now.

I am happy. That is all.

08 October 2014

Today I am down to 186.6.

I took my first spill on the bike today. Bumped my head ever so slightly. I'm really glad that my helmet is supposed to come in today because the ground is so unforgiving. I was afraid something like this was

My shoulder took the brunt of the fall as I tucked in for the roll, so it's sore. This may have been my disorientation, but it felt like the ground came up to bump my head rather than my head hitting the ground. From my trajectory, I didn't think my head was going to come into play at all, so I was really surprised about that. It was the slightest bump like bumping your head on an overhead cabinet, not like being hit in the face with a bat.

Anyhow, I didn't know whether to lay there, and the thought felt silly as I assessed that nothing was injured. A few friction burns where my clothes protected me from my bike. Glad I wore my boots today too because the pedal hit me in my lower shin right where the laces are and that saved me from some pain.

I'm really surprised by this number on the scale. I've had beans for dinner this week. It's Operation Deflate :-) All the beans and water have made me feel heavy, so I was expecting to be several pounds heavier. This has made me really happy. AND, even though my stomach was stuck out from all my trapped gases, everyone has been complimenting me on my weight loss. That's motivation!
Weigh-in: 186.6 lb lost so far: 9.4 lb still to go: 12.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (5 comments) on diet sngglebnny's own diet   losing 0.4 lb a week

01 October 2014

Today I am up to 187.0.

I was getting concerned about my recent food intake. Suddenly, I've developed a late night hunger, and a desire for simple carbs and meat. I saw the scale go up and up approaching 189 (bright red danger zone). Is it associated with the weather? Have I mentally connected cooler temperatures with this type of food? Well, that is not allowed I tell you.

Last night, in another fit about not having anything in my fridge that I wanted to eat, I settled for oatmeal. The oatmeal actually hit the spot in a good way. And, I got myself busy cutting out several weeks worth of coupons. My stomach did start to growl, begging for something more but I was too busy for that.

By bedtime, I had cut out all of my coupons watched one show and caught up on another. I also slept so well!

This morning was the first day that I truly felt strong on my bike again. Since the sinus infection I've felt like I was recovering, but today I felt like I was completely back. Yes! Maybe this weekend I can get a long ride in. I'll be off pocketbook probation, so I can finally trek down to the Dollar Tree to get started on my closet organization.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the day. Bible study with the girls tonight!
Weigh-in: 187.0 lb lost so far: 9.0 lb still to go: 13.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (2 comments) on diet sngglebnny's own diet   gaining 0.2 lb a week

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