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15 February 2015

Sunday is my normal weigh in day and then I post on Monday. But, I just couldn't wait to post this excitement. Today I weigh-in at 183.0 pounds. My lowest weight ever on FatSecret!!! I started this journey on February 23, 2010. The whole thing has been quite a struggle - a battle really - with my hypoglycemia. It made me so sad to see myself putting in more effort to lose a fraction of the weight over the last several years. I developed worse eating habits as I increasingly lost hope. I'm so happy to have found something that works for me, a physically active hypoglycemic who loves to eat. I'm a low fat, high carb, whole food, plant based vegan. I don't count calorie, I don't measure portion sizes. I eat until I'm full and then I stop. I have energy and alertness to run around and do things. I don't need caffeine. And, I get to indulge every now and then.

I'm just really happy today and so glad that this doesn't feel like the bottom. I'm not starved. I'm not dehydrated. I'm not over extended. I can go lower!

Weigh-in: 183.0 lb lost so far: 13.0 lb still to go: 9.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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12 February 2015

I've got a little bit of a tummy poking out this morning. Had to eat out for lunch and dinner yesterday since my lunch had gone bad while sitting on my desk. I was sniffing around like, who is passing gas and why won't they go to the bathroom. Turns out, that was my lunch - HA!

I am sure that pita bread that I ate with my hummus is what's adding a little extra fluff, so it's lots of water and lots of veggies today. I made a green smoothie for lunch with romaine, banana, mango, lemon juice, and flax seed. I also tossed in some of those old sugar-covered, dried pineapple that have been sitting around since last month. Today I'm scheduled for a two mile run which will definitely help deflate me and get me back on track.

So, one more day until I'm out of here! I'm so excited! I've done a little bit of work here and there, but I didn't dive in like I would have if they gave me the PTO that I requested. My boss finally wants to meet with me on my last day to see what work I have leftover. Really?! The last day?

I feel like the meeting is mandatory only because I work from a cyclical caseload, leftover isn't a term that applies to what I do. Maybe she means paperwork, but she told me to do that last week, and I haven't started anything new. Why bother? I'm leaving, why start relationships with clients that I won't be around to foster. It's better for them to wait two weeks for their permanent liaison.

Anyways, I got my tax refund and immediately paid off the roof repair and put the remainder towards the credit card that I'm trying to pay off and my charity. I had to do it quickly before I got to experience how good it felt in my bank account. Now I can put the focus back on the credit card. Stupid roof, I'd have the credit card paid off by now if I didn't have to suddenly take care of that. On a positive note, it's not like I'm up against a deadline or something.

So, let's knock today out of the way, because I'm just one step closer to a better quality of life!


11 February 2015

Oh, my coworkers are so sweet. I bought specialty cupcakes from the bakery up the street because I didn't want our standard, store-bought, vanilla cake with whipped cream frosting. My coworkers bought me a card and supplied chicken wings and salad. I chowed down and had like 8 or 9 wings...I'm not even gonna lie! I was surprised that it still tasted good because in the back of my mind I wondered if going vegan would mean meat would eventually disgust me.

Today, I reached out to HR to find out if they got my email that I sent two days ago. I had requested that they go ahead and terminate my employment on Friday instead of Tuesday. The difference being that Friday is the end of a pay period and that would make a clean cut. HR did not answer, rather they scheduled for me to meet with them at 10:30.

Why do I need to meet with them? They already sent me the exit interview and I can't be bullied into changing my answers. You know what? I do need to know what the consequences are if I don't come to work next week. My biggest concern would be not getting my PTO paid out to me. I earned that and I want it.

I'm proud of myself, I finally remembered to take all of my supplements and it's paying off. Now, I just need to get to the store to find some B12s and I'm set. Yesterday, the skinny jeans fit even better than last week. Now, that felt amazing. I remember when they used to cut off my circulation when I wore them all day at work. I've also got some business skirts to donate too. I tried my skirts on Monday because it was actually warm enough to wear a skirt. They're too big now.

Tonight, I have a small group meeting so that means fast vegan food for me again. I think I'll be ok, though. It's better to eat a whole-food meal than to fill up on the snack food the ladies bring.

I really hope this meeting goes in my favor. I need the days off regardless of whether they give them to me willingly. I need a chance to put this place behind me so I don't mentally take it with me. Is that so much to ask?


10 February 2015

I made homemade whole wheat bread in the crockpot last night. That was fun, but I need to make some adjustments to the technique and recipe for next time. I don't have anything to eat with my bread as well, so I'll be coming up with some interesting meals so it doesn't go to waste.

I've gotten behind on taking my Magnesium and I can tell the difference. The probiotics are still working, but there is a difference and we'll leave it at that.

Today, we will have my party to celebrate my leaving the company. I've bought cupcakes from a bakery around the corner, and my coworkers have promised me hot wings and fries. This will be my first meat in a month, so I won't have too much. I brought my own lunch so I won't be forced to feel up on the bad stuff.

I sent an email to HR yesterday asking for them to terminate my employment this Friday. I pointed out that it's the last day of the pay period and that would make for a clean break. Really, I just need a few days off before committing to the next several years of employment. HR hasn't responded.

Alright, I've got some light work to accomplish today. Let me get to it.


09 February 2015

TOM was in town, and I had to feed it. Yet, despite stuffing my face with popcorn, dark chocolate, wine, frozen fruit, and vegan fast food, I had an unexpected and very pleasant drop to my newest low.

I also had a very good run accompanied by boy tenant on Saturday. We had an average pace of 11:17 min/mile and ran 2.62 miles. My improvement was that I didn't walk.

It was nice to have a running buddy, and certainly funny that I wore him out so badly as he was so sure that my pace would be a walk compared to him. All that, "when I was in the Marines I could do this/that." Poor ex-military folk; they have the hardest time letting go. He took a shower and went back to sleep LOL.

So I took my new XL compression pants back to Old Navy and exchanged them for a L. I'm still in shock that I could pull the L up. They're not a perfect fit yet, but at least they won't come down. I'm so excited to lose a pant size!

My tax refund should be deposited this week, and my goal is not to shop with it. I already jumped the gun and started shopping this past weekend. I needed the new bag but I didn't need anything else that I bought. This money goes to paying off the last of the roof repair (here's too the issue finally being fixed).

Alright, I think the theme for this week is control. Time to get to work.

Weigh-in: 184.8 lb lost so far: 11.2 lb still to go: 10.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well

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