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23 January 2015

I had an excellent run yesterday! I was prepared to run , but wasn't prepared to run outside in the cooler weather. So I hit the treadmill which I don't normally like to do.

After achieving my goal in 2014 of running an entire half-marathon with a average pace under 12 minutes per mile, this year I want to increase my speed to an average pace under 11 minutes. I've got 12 weeks to work on it. So, with the accomplishment of enduring the entire race under my belt, I have nothing to fear in regards to not finishing. I will be pushing myself.

On the treadmill yesterday, I started out at a 12 minute pace and with each new song I increased the pace one notch until I got to 10:57. I think I will continue with one treadmill day a week and use it as my speed day. Each time, I will start faster than the time before.

Today, I can celebrate making it to a new notch in my belt! That's exciting! Can't wait to weigh in Sunday morning. I've decided on my cheat meal. I'm going to my favorite brunch spot and having their signature french toast and a side of fruit with some decaf coffee. If I'm feeling further adventurous, I'll treat myself to a gelato in the evening.

An update on the Magnesium supplement and probiotic. Yesterday, I went three times. Is this normal, or do I need to cut back a little?


22 January 2015

Okay, blood sugar is running a little low this morning. I can tell by the slight headache, slight nausea, slightly blurry vision in right eye. I woke up super hungry. But, it could be because I had an almost non-existent amount of carbs at dinner - complex or otherwise.

That wasn't intended. I was just so hungry when I got home that I stirfried a skillet full of herbs and vegetable, and I had a small amount of tofu that hadn't had time to soak up any flavor. Note to self: don't do that again.

Anywho, weight has be lost folks! I'm wearing a pair of tights that have a leather look in the front and they fit like they did at 185. When I wore them out on NYE, I was afraid that the leather look was going to stretch and crack like pleather used to back in the day. It did a little bit, but it's not that noticeable.

I did catch a glimpse of myself naked this morning. The trick is not to get to close. I could see a difference when standing back, but getting closer to the mirror allows me to scrutinize my flaws and they all meld together with the extra weight into one big shame ball.

I've eaten my oatmeal while typing this, and I'm glad to report that vision has improved and I'm feeling much better. I brought my gear clothes today and I'm ready for another run. I'll start the 16-week 13.1 training program Saturday.


21 January 2015

Yesterday, I got super and abnormally hungry close to quitting time. I took an extra apple with me on the way home, and challenged myself to see how long I could go without eating it. I made it home, but because I didn't eat the apple I ate too much lentil/spinach stew. Lesson the apple.

At lunch time today, I will go on my first run of 2015. It will just be to the store and back, but I'm nervous about running while vegan.

I know, I know, I've been living on a whole-food, plant-based plan for more than two weeks. I've been biking on that same plan. But, six years ago, when I was running a circuit of long distance races and was in the best shape of my adult life, that is when my health broke.

My blood sugar has been completely fine this month. Yet, I am afraid that this will be another way of eating that can't hold up the fickle nature of my body. Guess, I'll just have to go out there and see, but I'm still scared of failure...of disappointment.

On another note, I still look the same to myself when I'm naked. However, I look like I've lost a few pounds when I'm clothed. So, I shall stop looking at myself naked for the time being.

I am really excited about being vegan! As I continue to do research, I see more and more people like me who are already succeeding as vegans. I'm ravenous for blogs and success stories. They help me get through the daily challenges (that are mostly mental) that I go through.

Sunday, is my weigh in and my cheat day. I've been considering what I will eat. I have no desire for meat, so what will it be?


20 January 2015

20 January 2015

As I think more about it, I think I know the culprit of my lack of weight loss last week. Peanut butter! I watched Forks Over Knives last night and found out that I'm eating too much oil. Oops! My cilantro-lime dressing calls for a quarter cup of olive oil and I made two batches. Too late for this week!

I found a natural peanut butter that I really liked called Krema. No added anything, just peanuts. At first I was drizzling it on my afternoon snack of apples, and that when things started slowing down. Then I was dunking my apple slices in the peanut butter and that's when things stopped moving.

If all goes right this week, then we'll know my theory worked.

BTW, I feel great today. I do feel like I've lost some weight over the last two days and am back to being super excited. After watching Forks Over Knives, I am ready to commit to veganism for the first quarter of the year. I will have one cheat day per week and will be careful with my alcohol consumption.

This is the first time that I feel like I might be able to accomplish my weight loss goal. But, I won't stop there. 174 is healthy, but it would be wiser for me to continue until I'm in my recommended BMI and weight range for my height.


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