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23 April 2015

My partner's 95 year-old mother was transported by ambulance to the hospital a not long ago. She hadn't been feeling quite right, so it was arranged for her caregiver to take her to get checked out. Then, she said that her chest hurt. The caregiver took her to urgent care, where an EKG showed irregularities, not definitive, but concerning enough that an ambulance was called. The caregiver hopped in the ambulance with Mom.

My partner was ready to head for the near-by hospital, when the call came that it was too full to see Mom, so they rerouted her ambulance to another hospital. My partner had to drive through horrible traffic to get there, and I'm sitting here wondering what's going on. I'm not officially "family", so here I am. Praying. Wanting to make Mom's favorite Blueberry Peach Baked Oatmeal, so that when they send her home with some antacids, she'll have something yummy to eat. Except, her heart rate was 188. Resting heart rates should not be 188!

I made some spicy peanut butter oat bites, and only ate two. I want to rip open a bag of mini m&ms and eat them for comfort, or maybe the dark chocolate wafers I bought for baking...I'm stopping myself.

I should plan dinner, but I don't know which end's up, at this point. I've known this Mom for 15 years (my mom died about several years ago after her heart rate went through the roof and they couldn't control it and her heart failed).

I went to BodyPump and CXWORX this morning, then to physical therapy for wrist and forearm pain. I'll focus on doing my new stretches, figuring out what healthy dinner to fix for myself, and listening for my phone to signal some news. Maybe I should turn on some soothing music, or play with Beau, my cat (who's taking a nap right now).

One of my friend's texted this morning to say she wouldn't be going to the gym, or be available to text. Her mother-in-law had fallen getting out of bed, hit her head, and fractured her hip, needing surgery for pain relief. Her head was fine, and she came through surgery well...This is a day for me to pray a lot, and send loving energy and thoughts to people I care about.

I'm not going to cry. I'll be strong for my partner. Okay, I'll cry if the news is not good....

UPDATE: No heart attack! She's still at the hospital, but will be released after one more blood draw. My partner will take her home, stay and make sure she's comfortable. Guess I'd better have something healthy to eat, to make sure I avoid falling into a bag of chocolate, or bucket of popcorn.

20 April 2015

Wow, what an amazing week! I love this new challenge I'm in, even though I'm not interacting as much as I should. I've been busy exercising, recovering from exercising, shopping for healthy food, preparing healthy meals, breads, treats like healthy granola bars and healthier homemade butterfingers (so satisfying!), doing stuff with my partner or with friends, etc.

It's not always easy to use the computer, as my partner works from home, and thinks out loud, or has the TV on while working & thinking out loud. I have a hard time concentrating, as I'm not so good at multi-tasking. It makes me want to eat See's Peppermint twists, which I'm doing as I type.

This morning I did an hour of Zumba, then went out with friends for a nonfat latte. I felt pretty good, so I went back to the gym at noon and did a 30 minute BodyPump class. Another friend was there with her friend, which made for an even better workout.

I made a big slow cooker split pea and ham soup yesterday as well as whole wheat flaxseed bread, and whole grain coconut cookies. I rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes, and was drenched in sweat. Ahhh.

That was my day of recovery after Saturday's morning Pilates and afternoon 90 minute Zumba party. The party was amazingly high-energy, and I had a wonderful time.

A friend of mine brought me some potato soup (I took her some apple cheddar bread & coconut cookies), so my partner will be happy with that for dinner. I'm looking forward to leftover split pea soup, with a slice of the whole wheat apple cheddar (spicy) bread I made.

I read an article today on "eating to perform", and I'm happy that I have such wholesome foods to fuel my workouts. I had a blueberry smoothie for breakfast, made with frozen blueberries, nonfat greek yogurt, and unsweetened coconut milk. The article suggested that you need to eat to lose body fat, not just work out more. Eating good stuff, I'm sure. I'm down with that. :)
Weigh-in: 134.3 lb lost so far: 67.7 lb still to go: 0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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17 April 2015

First, let me mention that our Challenge is helping me immensely; I've lost weight, my core work in Pilates and CXWORX is helping me have to do my belt up another hole tighter. I need to find the time to come and have fun with everyone on the challenge forum. I want to post pictures of the healthy treats I've made for myself so that I can more easily avoid eating caca food like leftover Easter candy that I bought for 50% off, and the other Easter Candy I bought for 75% off. OMG, See's even had wicked discounts on Easter candy. I am so screwed, lol. Luckily, See's was out of the dark chocolate coconut eggs; I just got a giant chocolate butter egg with pecans for my partner (to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day). It was much appreciated.

Wow, are we ever having beautiful weather! Time for me to break out shorts and my walking sandals. I'll have to get out and about in it, do some walking/hiking. Unfortunately, my partner's back is causing lots of pain, so I've been trying to stay close.

Going to the gym, shopping, or physical therapy have been my big outings lately. Tomorrow morning is Pilates, and then I'm going to a 90 minute Zumba party from 3:30 - 5pm. I'm not sure if I can do both; Thursday's hour of BodyPump and 30 minutes of CXWORX has my body fairly sore. Better than last week, though.

My primary care doctor's visit had good and bad news; my BP was 104/58, but I also have allergy induced asthma, not just the wheezing I had from the viral bronchitis. I had to get another inhaler, one to take on a regular basis until the allergens calm down out there - 3-4 months, possibly. I also have the other inhaler for before exercising, or as a rescue inhaler if I'm having difficulty any other time. Sigh. At least I'll be able to do more and feel better, now that I have the right medicine.

I have to do my stretching and rolling, work out the tightness and kinks from weightlifting, intense core work, and Zumba, so I can get up tomorrow do intense core work, then more Zumba. Sweat, recover, repeat. Life is sweet. I truly mean that; it's hard work, but the rewards far outweigh any aches or pains. I find great joy in Zumba, and Pilates, and weightlifting. The community, feeling of connection with like-minded people, especially when sharing the Zumba endorphin high with a room full of sweaty people. Holding a 2 1/2 minute plank, Once-upon-a-plank style; we all tell a story; someone starts, and we all add to the story. We laugh, groan, and the seconds fly by. We're working up to a 6 minute plank by the end of the year.

Oh yeah, I have a new prescription for physical therapy for right wrist-forearm pain. I don't think it's from planking. I should have used this in the Confessions on the challenge; I think my wrist and forearm issues are from my new larger android phone. And the Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga I waste my time on. Sigh. I just can't delete them off my phone. At least they don't contain calories, though one of them gave me a fat lip. Don't ask.

13 April 2015

Weigh-in: 137.2 lb lost so far: 64.8 lb still to go: 2.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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02 April 2015

Weigh-in: 135.1 lb lost so far: 66.9 lb still to go: 0.1 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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