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23 April 2014

Well, at least my weight gain slowed. :o) I'm fine, looking forward to my upcoming challenges, and to being back on FS more regularly. I miss you when I'm not here, and I know I've missed out on a lot of action in my buddies lives.

I'm at my apartment, using my old computer instead of my laptop. Amazing how I miss this older style. This computer was state-of-the-art when I bought it in 2003; I had an IT person check it out not long ago. She was surprised at what a good, solid computer it was, and after cleaning up a few things, told me there was no need to buy a new one if I was happy with this one. Of course, she had a hard time understanding why I wouldn't want a new one, anyway, being the tech nerd that she is. Cool tech nerd, if you see this, J.!

I made some granola, honey pistachio, that I haven't entered in my cookbook yet. It is full of pumpkin seeds, oats, and pistachios, honey, walnut oil, and a touch of salt. I'm sure its calorie dense, but in a healthy way. I only eat small amounts, recording it under a pumpkin flax granola I like to eat when I don't make my own. OMG it is so good! I had better record the recipe soon, to get a clearer picture. My cherry almond coconut granola has been entered (I didn't re-enter it when I made it blueberry hazelnut); my partner likes that the best, so I'll make a version of it soon. Hmm, with diced dried pineapple and papaya?

I have a Clean Eating cookbook I received as a gift. I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes in it soon. If you know me, you know I love to cook. Baking is my first love, but there's something of alchemy in the science of shopping and chopping, mixing and measuring,turning the perfect ingredients into the perfect adventure for the tastebuds.

Side note; healthy sweets are for moderate consumption! If you follow a blogger like Chocolate Covered Katie (amazing healthy recipes), her Healthy Oreo Cookies are indeed healthier, but are so calorie dense that you should give them to friends after you eat one or two. Vilma wants me to make them again; guess I'd better enter the recipe in my cookbook. The filling is made with coconut butter, powdered sugar, & vanilla extract. When it sets up, I could eat it plain. OOPS, did I just type that out loud, lol? Guess the coffee is kicking in.

I'm missing Zumba with Gina Grant this morning, to be here for a meeting. Sigh. I'll dance with Amie & others tomorrow, instead. I'll ride the bike later today. Guess I'd better get moving.

See you soon.
Weigh-in: 137.2 lb lost so far: 64.8 lb still to go: 2.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (1 comment) on diet crabby Kat's own diet   gaining 0.4 lb a week

20 April 2014

I had a great Zumba class this morning with Ronnie, one of my favorites, as well as a surprise guest instructor I know, Jasmine. I danced until I was bright red, sopping with sweat, weak in my legs, and happy as a clam at high tide, lol!

I came home to find that my sweetie had put a vase of tulips, a tin of little shortbread cookies, and a small box of dark chocolate covered cranberries. We looked at using some timeshare points, trying to find some time at Vegas (available)or Tahoe (not so much, a day here and there until September).

I've tried to log honestly the pig-out I fell into after my partner left for a family gathering that I wouldn't be comfortable at. Left cranky because no one would have much fun there. Mom, at 93, is losing her memory, and has a companion/caregiver come in five days a week. She forgets what day it is, what time someone will take her to her grandson's for Easter Dinner, etc. Sigh.

I've eaten more than I burned today, I'm sure, and my partner's on the way with ham from the early dinner. I'll have to confess that I finished off the box of chocolate cranberries, a slice of my banana nut bread, a bucket of healthy pop kettle corn, and so on. I'm not hungry (duh), I feel ill and foolish.

I honestly haven't had any fruit of vegetables today, unless you count the banana in the bread and the corn in the kettle corn as a vegetable. Oh, I guess the dry roasted edamame I had for lunch could be considered a veggie; or is it a legume? Lots of protein, at least. Oh my.

Tomorrow is another day, I'll go to Zumba Gold in the morning, and do much better with my food. I start a challenge in a few days; I don't really need to gain weight so my partner won't think I'm too thin if I do lose 15 pounds in the challenge. :oD

Wish me well, my friends a fellow travelers on this road to health.

16 April 2014

Ugh, I dislike gaining weight! How wonderful it is to have this site to come to with all the great people to help me get back on the right track.

Despite any negative comment that might follow, I'm actually in a very positive space, happy with my progress and determination. There's just a few things that bug me that I have to get out; bear with me...

I was so proud of how little I gained after my total knee replacement surgery. I blame this weight that snuck back with me on the food bloggers I found on Facebook while recovering. I found all these great healthy recipes, and was up and able to try them in no time.

Even Cooking Light got me going; I tried a recipe for energy bars that were excellent. I adapted the recipe and made another batch. I froze at least half of each batch. However, I had also made a batch of dark chocolate almond tart cherry granola bars; froze half, gave some away.

I was able to return to Zumba at 6 weeks; my surgeon was totally impressed with my amazing progress, and released me to do whatever I wanted, if it didn't cause too much pain.

It was slow going at first, but in no time I was going 3 to 4 times a week. I still haven't regained all my strength, but today I danced in Gina Grant's Zumba class with absolute joy and style. I still stumble a little as my leg muscles are relearning to communicate properly with my brain, lol.

Gina is having a big dance party with Dahrio Wonder (her boyfriend) here in Portland on June 22. I would love to go, to buy the VIP tickets and get to hang out with them before the show/dance event, have pictures taken with them, etc. I'm working on losing the weight I gained as well as being ready to dance for 90 minutes at a professional show filled with expert dancers; Zumba instructors as well as people who seriously love to dance and know how to do it well.

I'm going to look at the challenges and see if there are any coming up for me to join that can help me achieve my goals.

It's very hard to have a partner that works from home. The office is the dining area, well, the whole living area of the house, as the couch gets covered with paperwork, the dining room table holds the computer and more paperwork. A partner that stresses and cusses and always wants me nearby. A partner who I dearly love, but who can drive me crazy at times.

I love going to the gym, to Aqua, to Silver Sneakers, to Zumba most of all. My partner signed up at the gym, but hasn't gone. (shaking my head).

My partner has lost weight, lost appetite, but gives in to cravings for ice cream or See's chocolates and wants me along for the ride. I get low fat ice cream, try to restrict my pieces of chocolate, then I get stressed out and grab some more. Shameful. I'm tired, have another piece of chocolate to perk me up. Ugh.

My partner's daughter & grandson are up for a visit, just arrived. I baked a giant Easter cookie for them, to be served warm, in little wedges, with lowfat vanilla bean ice cream on top. I've already gone over my calories for the day, and they're on their way here. Wish me well.

Weigh-in: 136.8 lb lost so far: 65.2 lb still to go: 1.8 lb Diet followed poorly
   (3 comments) on diet crabby Kat's own diet   gaining 0.8 lb a week

18 March 2014

Weigh-in: 133.6 lb lost so far: 68.4 lb still to go: 0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (1 comment) on diet crabby Kat's own diet   gaining 0.9 lb a week

25 February 2014

Weigh-in: 130.8 lb lost so far: 71.2 lb still to go: 0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (1 comment) on diet crabby Kat's own diet   losing 0.4 lb a week

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