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05 January 2015

Sixteenth week
A setback in weight, but big achievement in physical condition: VO2Max: 55 and runningIndex: 60, both well in the elite range.
My ketosis virtually nonexistent due to Christmas foods. I start a re-ignition today hoping I'll be back on track soon. My exercises exceeded 8300 Kcal last week having 10 sessions: 4 x 10 Km treadmill, 2 X 8 Km XC skiing, 3 X downhill skiing and one tennis. It feels almost like training camp.
My (mini) goal is to reach 85 Kgs by the time I go to winter vacation to the Canary Islands on the third Saturday in January. There I'll have 10+ Km run each morning.
VO2Max evolution:
Training sessions:

Weigh-in: 195.1 lb lost so far: 43.0 lb still to go: 29.8 lb Diet followed poorly
   (1 comment) on diet Atkins   gaining 1.4 lb a week

22 December 2014

Fourteenth week
Good and tough week. I managed to complete my goals. I had 5 training sessions and relative good control on my food intake. Still, the water retaining is an issue.
Next week I try to keep my exercises on the same level, although it is Christmas.
I also got my blood test results:
17.12.2014 fS-Kol 5.5 mmol/l ( - 5 )
17.12.2014 fS-Kol-HDL 1.41 mmol/l ( 1 - )!
17.12.2014 fS-Kol-LDL 3.7 mmol/l ( - 3 )!
17.12.2014 fS-Trigly 0.86 mmol/l ( - 2 )
17.12.2014 fS-Gluk 5.7 mmol/l ( 4.2 - 6 )
17.12.2014 S -Alat 49 U/l ( 10 - 70 )
17.12.2014 S -GT 53 U/l ( 15 - 115 )
Pretty good, but not perfect. I actually wonder if one follows Atkins can be any better?!
I hope next week my weight will be 86 Kgs. Probably running is going to be more difficult due to the snow forecasted. I try to keep my head up and continue the fight.
Exercise sessions:

Weigh-in: 192.2 lb lost so far: 45.9 lb still to go: 26.9 lb Diet followed 100%
   (1 comment) on diet Atkins   losing 2.9 lb a week

15 December 2014

Thirteenth week
In the last two weeks I had a period of one week exercise inactivity. My wife was on a conference and I had to take care of the kids alone, leaving me no the time for any sports.
My best measurement was 88.5 Kg after a 22.5 Km run on Friday. The weather conditions were awful, mostly sleet with a layer of 5 cm fresh snow.
As I forecasted the weight loss pace is slow, but still ongoing. Most of the time I still retain a lot of water. My ketosticks show moderate to strong value.
I feel OK, but a bit also disappointed about being slower in reaching the target.
I resumed my sporting activities, in the last four days I ran 47 Kms.
My plan is to be 87 Kg next Monday.
Wednesday I'll have my blood rechecked. Hope this time it'll be everything in the normal ranges.

Weigh-in: 195.1 lb lost so far: 43.0 lb still to go: 29.8 lb Diet followed 100%
   add comment on diet Atkins   losing 0.9 lb a week

01 December 2014

Eleventh week
Re-ignition started. I forced my carb intake below 22g/day. Mostly achieved by avoiding fruits :-( . I found some really good Hungarian winter salami (Pick) which I enjoy to eat and it has no carb content. The downside is the price (~EUR 30/Kg). Novelty in my diet is the low fat Greek yogurt, with about 8g carbohydrates per 200 ml.
My averages for last month were: cal deficit 2322 KCal/day, food intake 983 KCal/day and exercises and other activities like full time office work 3305 KCal/day.
Calorie deficits since I started my diet:
Sept 15-30: 35123 Kcal
Oct 01-31: 68705 Kcal
Nov 01-31: 69654 Kcal

Total 173482 Kcal (Equivalent to 21.68 Kg fat loss)

Training activities monitored with my Polar V800 in November:
28 training sessions, 113 Km running, 19836 Kcal burned.

Even though I just continue the ignition phase, being under 90 Kg feels like a new start, with new motivation and also a new goal: 14 Kg to go. I realized the weight loss pace would be much slower from now on, and it needs at least the same effort I made so far.
Last week I kept on training, with 3 running sessions totaling 33.4 Km and one tennis session all followed by at least 30' sauna.

Training sessions:
Weigh-in: 196.9 lb lost so far: 41.2 lb still to go: 31.5 lb Diet followed 100%
   add comment on diet Atkins   losing 1.5 lb a week

24 November 2014

Tenth week
Almost no weight loss. My Atkins slowly went out of control. My carb intake is too much. I have to re-ignite. I'll force myself to 20g carb/day. With all these exercise sessions it is easier to say than to implement.
The good news are: VO2Max=48 PolarRunningIndex=55 the latter considered in elite range for my age. So yes, I start to be in good physical condition, but what about the Atkins?! Well the re-ignition is the key word.
I still want to lose 15 Kgs in two stages. First ten with Atkins ignition phase and the last five in a longer run, maybe Atkins phase two.
The reason of the high carb intake: 100-150g of apple per day, and 2-3 lemons. It sounds insignificant but enough to jump the carbs to 30-60g per day and bye ketosis. Btw I still managed to keep my calorie deficit to a 2300Kcal/day.

Exercise sessions:
Weigh-in: 198.4 lb lost so far: 39.7 lb still to go: 33.1 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet Atkins   losing 0.7 lb a week

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