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07 August 2017

I'm still here! Suppose for this to work actually need to track what is eaten...hmmmmm.... And break my addiction to Coffee Nips (argh!!) And drink water, okay more water than has been done. And of course stay off that dang couch...but so nice out on the sun porch.

So last week started doing the Lazy River Walk at the local water park. Three days a week after the part closes they open for an hour and you walk as far as you can in the Lazy River. Once around w/the current and once around against the current. Sad part is that is closes Aug 17th...but still helping my legs get stronger.

So today reloaded My Fitness Pal to my phone to start to log my food. I think logging my food is my least favorite of the things I have to do. The scan app does make it better...but ugh. If I can keep doing this then it's a victory in itself!

So today my Coffee Nip limit is 5. Going to be so hard!!!

So today after work only 30min to unwind then get up and do chores. Keep moving and moving. No getting sucked up into surfing or TV.

And maybe today I'll get in a lot more steps drinking more water! Some may even be a quick jog if I'm out in the back of the yard and all of a sudden have to go!!

Still here!

01 August 2017

If you keep coming back, you've not given up right? I'm trying to get back. I realized that to have the life I want I need to actually get up and go get it. You can be uncomfortable and sore just sit'n or you can be uncomfortable and sore from doing something; the latter seemed like the better option. So here we are again, my image of the life I want and I. It is right there, just have to put in the effort to get it; right? Put in the effort, such a statement of action and purpose. As I feel my body slipping into a stale state of bla, weakness, issues, and not feeling attractive these are the feelings that I need to use as motivation to move forward off the stagnant state I have been in. To move and sweat and ache from a good work out, and want to do it again the next day. I used to be that person, worked out hard 5-6 days a week. And no I was not smaller, just in such amazing shape and getting smaller. Where did she go? Why is she fighting coming back? She was the one on track to the live the vision in my head. This full active life of hiking, canoeing, sailing, working out, going for long walks, not wasting time doing nothing, without constant pain in my feet and legs. This is the person I need to be again....Her. Big beautiful Her, willing to put in the effort it is going to take to step into, no wait take the good life I have now and make it into the amazing life I want(and deserve). She must be starting to fight her way back to the top if I'm writing this, so keep fighting!! Keep pushing at my subconscious to make me want to do the effort. I need you back my Her....fight!!!!!

12 October 2016

10 October 2016

Hello, I guess I'm back. Yep, time to get back on that wagon, back on track, back to it, time to start kicking ass, time to wrangle in the body parts that have been running wild, and time to start moving in the right direction. Whewwwwwww......just after all that I am already tired!!

Started walking the dogs(aka:the boys) again, we do at least 3 miles a day. Then I got my boxing gym membership reinstated, and yes I am scared, but signed up for my first two classes this week. So many parts are again jiggling that I will truly feel like a boxing virgin all over again. Wonder if I can even still do one push up?? I was up to 30! Dang it.

After a year off for self pity wallowing it's time to get the parts back where they belong and everything pointing I the right direction. Time to sweat out all the crap that's accumulated not really sweating. The stress, the ick, the bad moods, the sadness, the bad sleeping, the headaches, and the tiredness.

So here we go!
Walking the boys. Check
Signed up for boxing. Check
Ready to sweat (and possibly throw up) Check.
Ready to eat better at dinner. Check
Ready to feel sexy and firm again. Check.

Let's hit it my peeps........let's get this party started!!!

23 April 2014

Toured the updated & refreshed new gym here at work today. It is really nice, especially if you know what it was like before. Now only if I started work later so I could go. I already get up at 4:30, I just can't drag my butt out any sooner. After work is full of house, yard, doggies, and then off to boxing and/or Pilates. Now, yes I could go at lunch; but I am not one of thoes freakish women that say "Oh I had such a hard workout at lunch"....and yet their hair is not mussed up nor do that have that very attractive red post sweat sheen going on. (hate those women) I turn in to a blonde tomato dripping like you just washed it for slicing. Not a good look that you can quickly overcome to get back to work. Have to think of a plan to work weight time into my work out. Maybe get up early twice a week? Or invest in some of that nice thick Mime make up, along w/some super absorbant sweat pads so I can work out at lunch.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........ponder ponder ponder........

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