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28 July 2015

I'm making a little progress -- I'm getting my carb count down and switching more of my carbs away from starches (even quinoa and sweet potatoes) and toward extra servings of vegetables and low-glycemic fruits. I have to be a bit creative, because the list of fruits and vegetables I can eat is limited by the FODMAP restrictions, but I'm starting to get the hang of this. My next goal is to try to shift some calories away from animal proteins and toward nuts, seeds, and whole grains. This is hard for me, because I've always found that I do better on a higher protein diet. Still I have to take seriously the fact that I definitely eat larger portions of animal protein than is now recommended. It's all a bit confusing: How do you keep carbs below 150, fat below 50, cholesterol below 200 -- but eat less protein and more healthy fats and whole grains? And how do you eat 25-35 of fiber and keep your calories and carbs down? -- especially when the FODMAP restriction eliminates beans, broccoli, cauliflower and other fiber-rich things? This is really HARD.
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27 July 2015

So I didn't track over the weekend, and I know I ate more calories than I should have with an evening out on Saturday and a family birthday party on Sunday night. Saturday night I had steak, salad, and spinach, so it was more calories, but nothing too evil. For Sunday's party, I made a lactose-free, gluten-free cheesecake, so I had a piece of that -- but I left the leftovers behind so I wouldn't be tempted to have any more. And for dinner I had salad and a piece of chicken and an Italian sausage. I think the sausage might have been a mistake. The Italian sausage I eat at home is turkey and has no cheese or bread crumbs. This came from a local Italian restaurant, and I suspect it had both some cheese and some bread crumbs, so I'm feeling a little rocky today. I'm sure I'll recover. And all things considered, I think I did pretty well. This week, I'm going to get my calorie and cholesterol count down again, so I go back to a weight loss mode. I just need to bump up and veggies and fruit. So I bought a honeydew for the week. I don't really know how to pick a honeydew, so I hope it tastes good. The cantaloupes I've been buying have been great. Maybe someone on FS can tell me how to pick a honeydew.
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24 July 2015

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22 July 2015

So I'm definitely better. It's not perfect, and like most injuries, it feels worse at the end of the day than at the beginning. But it's definitely better today.

And now that I'm seriously tracking my food and into my regular daily routine, I'm getting more aware of what it takes to keep me from being hungry. The most important two things seem to be eat a substantial breakfast and to keep my protein up, especially at breakfast. This morning I was in a hurry to get to work on the web site I'm writing, so I just had a glass of milk and a Luna Protein Bar. It just wasn't enough. To be honest, I was hungry all day. So even though I haven't actually overeaten, I know that if I had made an egg white omelet this morning I would have eaten fewer total calories and been less hungry.

Tomorrow is another day.
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18 July 2015

Elbow is much much better. Collar bone has pretty much stopped hurting. But the pain in my rib cage is still pretty challenging. For some reason I was better on Wednesday and Thursday -- but I must have overdone it because on Friday and today I was pretty miserable. I've got the heating pad folded under my left arm up against the most painful spot, and I'm still taking 2 extra-strength Tylenol every 12 hours, and I'm trying not to lift anything or stretch upward with my left arm, but since my right arm doesn't work all that well, it's rather difficult.

But I did have some good luck today: I made $170 off Whole Foods. Here's what happened: Yesterday afternoon I bought a package of small tomatoes at WH -- a brand I especially like that is actually more expensive at my local supermarket. This morning all the tomatoes in the bottom of the container were molded. So I took them back to Whole Foods, and they gave me a $4.99 gift card. I did a little shopping there -- another container of tomatoes, some organic strawberries that were on sale, and a few other things. When I checked out, the cashier asked if I wanted the gift card back or wanted to recyle it, and I said recyle. Then he ran the card through, and got a sort of surprised look on his face and said: I don't think you want to recyle this card because there's a $146 balance on it. I was stunned. I explained that it was only supposed to be $4.99 -- and I would go see the lady at the service desk who gave me the card. Guess what? -- I got to keep the $146 card! The clerk at the service desk explained that this was a recycled card, and someone had apparently turned this one in with $170+ on it, and it was now my good luck to keep. I am SO thrilled. This has been a really tight month, and with the proteins I have in the freezer and the staples already in the house, this card will get me through the next two weeks. What a gift! I never have this sort of thing happen to me, so now I'm going to buy lottery tickets tomorrow.
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