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29 July 2016

Finally -- home for a good long stretch and ready to dig in and do the job! I didn't post it, but I weighed in at 160.4 this morning, which under the circumstances isn't really so bad. I'll do my first-of-the-month Tuesday weigh-in early next week and post that as my weight, whatever it may be. But now I plan to go back to monthly weigh-ins. I think I get too distracted by the week-to-week results, and don't keep my eye on the bigger picture of where I'm trying to go -- when really it's the ultimate destination that's important.

I am determined to get my exercise routine better established -- making sure that I spend an hour a day in some kind of physical activity. It was impossible to do that in DC because it was about 103 every day, with heat indexes as high as 113, so I didn't get to walk even one day. I was very disappointed, as I had developed a very nice route when I was there in the spring and really enjoyed the walk. Anyway, I skated an hour yesterday, and tomorrow I will skate again in the a.m., then in the afternoon-evening, I am going to my foster sister's house to water-walk in her pool for an hour, so together that should burn up some calories. Sunday, I have an agility lesson for Hermione, and then I will try to get to the gym for an hour. I just heard from a friend that you can water-walk in the pool at the gym, so I'm going to investigate what swim sessions accommodate water-walking and try to do a couple hours each week. I really enjoy being in the water, so water-walking is great for me.

So I think it will take me a couple weeks to really get back on track, but I know I can do it. I know that because in spite of feeling like I was being totally undisciplined since the beginning of July and getting virtually no exercise at all, I'm only 2 pounds up, and I don't think that's so bad. The challenge is to put a stop to this right now!
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11 July 2016

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09 July 2016

It seems like forever since I made my last post. I drove to Iowa on Friday -- it's 5 hrs 45 min to Cedar Falls. Then we worked from 8am to 2am Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, then the 5+ hour drive back to Chicago on Wednesday, went to the theater Wednesday night, and worked until 2am again! Thursday I got up at 7 to finish the last of the work on the grant, which had to be filed electronically by 3pm Central. So I'm kind of hoping that the fact that I ate a bag of these amazing chili nut M&Ms and a small wheel of brie between Saturday and Wednesday won't make too much difference in the overall scheme of things, except of course for the fact that my innards are in an uproar. I'm sure it will take days to calm them down. But I thought it was interesting -- I was really relieved to come home and get back on track. Tonight, as usual, I'm having a Saturday night dinner that includes a little more flexibility than the rest of the week: I'm making a nice blueberry-peach crumble. For some reason I haven't made one in a long time, and the blueberries are on sale, so it seemed like a good idea. Hope it comes out ok -- I'm always improvising...
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30 June 2016

Had my once-monthly doughnut this morning outside at Dinkels. I bring my own milk so I don't add to the chances I'll get sick -- but honestly, I'm finding that with the IBS swinging back and forth from D to C, throwing a little wheat in occasionally may actually be helpful, but anything but lactose-free milk is a disaster. Dinkel's custard-filled, chocolate iced doughnuts are one of the few sweets that actually still taste good to me. Most things are too sweet. I'm running around like crazy this week and I have ice skating this afternoon, so I don't really think the doughnut will do that much damage. I'm packing up tons of my own food to bring on my trip with me for the weekend through Wednesday, so I'm not likely to get in trouble. It worked well for me when I went to Iowa in April, and I think it probably actually saved some money as well. I have lots of fresh fruit, carrots & sweet peppers, lactose-free cheese, buckwheat pasta, and I'm even bringing buckwheat flour so I can make pancakes for everyone on Sunday. I did that in April and everyone just loved them. If I don't journal again until I get back, have a great holiday and say a prayer of thanks for the freedoms we enjoy and a prayer of hope for the millions of people for whom terror is truly a daily reality.
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28 June 2016

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