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06 November 2014

Crazy week. My foster sister's husband fell over in full cardiac arrest while giving out candy on Halloween. Luckily, she is CPR certified, and she started working on him right away while 911 was on the way. Now, almost a week later, we know he has no coronary artery disease, no bloodclots, no heart disease of any kind. He has an electrical problem called ventricular fibrillation which is very dangerous and not very treatable. Tomorrow they are implanting a teeny tiny defibrillator in his chest. If his heart stops again, the defibrillator will give him a electrical kick in the chest to get it started again. The procedure is not very complicated, but he still has a long road ahead -- physical therapy, speech therapy, etc. from the after effects of being without oxygen for a significant period of time. But he is alive and stable and doing relatively well, so we have a lot to be grateful for. But we're all exhausted...
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22 October 2014

I don't know what's wrong with me -- I must have a masochism gene somewhere in my brain. Last night, I actually ate snacks at agility graduation. I NEVER DO THIS. I ate a one-bite brownie, and a fudge-filled cookie, and multiple rice crackers with hummus -- after having been a really good girl and managed to eat healthy for lunch in a college cafeteria. The problem was, in order to eat healthy in a college cafeteria, I had to eat an apple and steamed broccoli and then I ate the hummus at agility and today, I thought I was going to die. I almost had to cancel an appointment today because I couldn't be away from the bathroom. And I was doing so well. Then I added back in things like cauliflower, broccoli, hummus, a little coffee, and an occasional helping of dairy that still has the lactose -- and the combination of all these things is putting me back to square one. I just have to get back to that nice safe diet that doesn't include any of these high roughage things. Or I have to be willing to stay home all the time!
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16 October 2014

I did much better today - first of all, I figured out that one big difference in my diet now than before is that I was drinking a lot of skim milk. I know a lot of people don't do dairy, and I can only drink lactose free milk, but when I drink milk, I am not as hungry. So the past 2 days I've added back in milk and Luna Bar snacks and I can really tell this difference. So I think with a couple days working on it, I can get my calorie count back down by using milk to stave off hunger.

Tonight I made a dinner I was really proud of: shrimp and pasta with vegetables. I use the frozen cooked shrimp that I got on sale at WF a couple weeks ago and the black bean spaghetti. I sautéed garlic in 1/2 butter/1/2 olive oil, then added red pepper, sugar snap peas, asparagus and scallions. Then I added the shrimp and some of the pasta water -- not from the black bean pasta -- from the regular pasta I made for everyone else-- I don't think the black bean pasta water will work -- and some salt, and finally some fresh basil. This was really really good. I mean good enough for company. I will definitely do this again.
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14 October 2014

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13 October 2014

So I think the best thing I've learned to make since I started on this diet -- except for my now famous (among my friends and family) "fried rice" quinoa -- is my version of those delicious cheesy skillet meals you get at diners. Instead of potatoes, mine are based on sweet onions. Tonight I had sweet onions, egg whites, chicken chorizo, spinach, and low-fat swiss cheese and it was delicious beyond all possible belief. I also do it with turkey Italian sausage and tomato sauce so it comes out like pizza which is so satisfying in a world that no longer includes pizza. Actually, it's been years since I ate pizza with any regularity, but I still get cravings for it, and when I do, I make this Italian sausage pizza skillet. It's got all the rich flavor and cheesiness of pizza, but without the oil or the crust, which is where all the pizza bad stuff is. Yum
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