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25 September 2016

Yesterday I ate a splurge meal. We went to a most horribly annoying Cubs-Cardinals game (Cards 10 Cubs 4), and then when my friend suggested Mexican food, I thought what the hell? I've had a terrible craving for chile rellenos, which of course I haven't eaten in more than 2 years. At least I wasn't stupid enough to eat beans! -- no, I asked for no beans, no rice and had a green salad with those evil cheese chile rellenos. Needless to say, I've struggled a little today, but managed to go to Hermione's agility class, take the dogs on several walks, and go to 90 mnutes of phone banking. So that actually means that things weren't too bad, because I actually was able to leave the bathroom long enough to do all that! Also, I stayed very faithful to my diet today, and I have a turkey breast in the oven so that I have good lean protein to eat this week. And by the way, I made buckwheat groats for the first time. And I made a little sauce of shallots and garlic and some olive oil to put on them, and I thought it was really delicious. It's nice to have something new to eat as a starch that isn't so carby.
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24 September 2016

Weigh-in: 158.2 lb lost so far: 75.8 lb still to go: 16.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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22 September 2016

I was so happy with dinner tonight -- my crustless quiche. I always forget how good and how easy it is to make. And now there are leftovers to eat tomorrow. Hooray.

I did a big experiment today: Both Whole Foods and Jewel have stopped carrying my lactose-free yogurt except in plain (which I use for dressings, sauces and baking) and vanilla, which I don't care for. So now I have to try out whether or not I can eat a good quality yogurt that is not officially lactose-free. The gastroenterologist told me that there's no predicting -- in theory, live culture yogurt would not have lactose because the culture bacteria eat it all up. But he says not everyone of his patients can tolerate regular yogurt. I got the Siggi's 0% fat, and I was astonished at the thick, sour cream-like texture. It's delicious. I ate a whole container (only 120 calories), and now I guess I'll know tomorrow if I can eat it or not. I hope so. It's really tasty.

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21 September 2016

I think I'm kind of settling down again - getting back to more responsible eating, plus I'm not so hungry as I was for a few weeks there. Even though my weight is unchanged for weeks now, I can see the shape of my body changing from the ice skating, and other people are noticing as well. So I think it will just take another couple of weeks for my body to say Oh, OK, now the weight can start to drop again. Today was kind of a crazy day because I had a whole bunch of things I needed to do, including some political volunteerism, so my eating schedule was screwy. I ended up eating Vietnamese at 7:30pm, and I'm guessing I probably overcounted calories, but better over than under... but anyway, I think I'm doing better, which is good because I was beginning to be really discouraged. Now I feel as though I'm shifting into a new phase of this process,and if I am patient with myself, I will start losing weight again. If I could just discipline myself to stay off the scale for a few weeks, I think I would be better off. I'm going to make a real effort to not weigh in again until the end of the month...
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17 September 2016

A busy week for sure. I skated Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday I went up to Skokie and I was the only person on the ice -- great but somehow a little creepy too. And then Friday I had my own brand new skates for the first time. It was actually a bit of a setback, because it will take quite a few hours of skating to break in these skates. I didn't have any trouble getting used to the blades, but the boots are terribly stiff. I had lessons for Carson Monday and Tuesday, and then Friday rented the ring for practice with a friend, and I took both Hermione and Carson and we had a fun hour running a short course of jumps, tire and tunnel. Then I wondered why I am tired today! I also managed to make two batches of lactose-free ice cream and a batch of meringue cookies to take for dessert at some friends last night. I like to bring dessert when a friend goes out of their way to cook a meal I can actually eat. It's a big deal to ask someone to make gluten-free/lactose-free dessert that's edible. My friend made steak, baked potato (for me that's a huge treat!) and I brought two flavors of ice cream and chocolate chip meringues. My friend was thrilled because her daughter has just been diagnosed lactose intolerant, and she has been bemoaning the loss of ice cream and such. They were amazed with my ice cream -- caramel butter pecan and coffee almond chip. I left it there with them because you have to eat it up quickly since it has no stabilizers or preservatives. This was the first ice cream I made all summer, which is kind of amazing, but overall I think I've done pretty well keeping myself on a low-sweet diet. I do think that it was a mistake to make too many muffins, even though they are small and healthy oat-based concoctions. It's too tempting to eat those carbs, so I am keeping the muffins in the basement freezer so that they are less tempting. I know I'm still in this transition phase, and I think I'm building muscle from all the skating. I hope that by 10-1 I will have settled back into a calorie count that will start pealing off the pounds again.
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