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20 October 2017

Get ready... I'm going to whine. The horror of the Cubs last night is just settling in, and now, I'm paying for the chocolate chip cookie I ate on Wednesday afternoon. I thought I could get away with it. It was a large flat cookie, that was definitely more dark chocolate chunks than it was cookie, and I figured that between the chocolate, the butter and the sugar, the actual amount of wheat flour wasn't that great. Apparently, I was wrong. But I was also lucky, because I made it through the entire awful Cubs game last night and a full day of errands, gym, etc. and have only just now been hit with the IBS-effect. I should be ok by morning, and if not I will break down and take an Immodium so that I can do all my planned hob-nobbing over the weekend.

It's hard enough to do without baseball for six months. But it's even harder to face up to never being able to enjoy a real chocolate chip cookie or a piece of chocolate cake ever again. It's very upsetting.

I know there could be a lot worse things that could befall me. But there is such joy in a piece of chocolate cake, that the fact that I can't just go eat one to drown my Cubs sorrows just make everything seem worse.

Sorry. I'm sure I'll be better by tomorrow.
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16 October 2017

I miss soup. I had always been a big soup eater, and then I became allergic to mushrooms and lactose intolerant, and that eliminated a lot of soups, at least canned soups. When I had to stop eating wheat, corn, beans, broccoli, and a bunch of other stuff due to IBS, that really put a damper on my soup consumption. I don't dare order soup in restaurants because most vegetable broth is made with mushrooms for that umami flavor, or the soups have wine, or balsamic vinigar, or sulfited dehydrated vegetables or cream or something else that is going to make me ill.

So I decided this winter I was going to make my own soups and bean-free chili. I got started a couple weeks ago and did bean-free chili, tomato basil soup, and butternut squash soup. But then I wanted to make vegetable soup.

I've been really disappointed in my previous attempts at vegetable soup -- I know it sounds easy, but there's this depth of flavor that always missing from my veggie soup, and I wanted something really satisfying. So I started researching vegetable beef soup recipes, and I discovered that there were a bunch of them that started with "first, make a pot roast."

So Saturday I made a 2+lb pot roast in the slow cooker -- seasoned with salt, pepper & garlic, and cooked in 2 cups boxed beef broth, for 10 hours. Then I shredded the meat (took off some of the fat) and put it aside in the fridge and saved the broth from it, adding it to the broth from the short ribs I made Friday. On Sunday morning I skimmed the fat off the two jars of broth and strained the broth through a sieve. Then I put the broth with some additional boxed broth into the slow-cooker, added cubed sweet potatoes, peas, celery, green beans, carrots, half a green cabbage, sweet onion and 2 cans of diced tomatoes, plus 2 TBSPs of Italian seasoning, 2 tsps of chili powder, 1 tsp of season salt. I let it cook about 6 hours, then added the shredded beef and cooked another hour. It was ready in time for dinner last night, and it was fantastic -- and made enough soup to stock the freezer for the winter. I'm so thrilled -- it seems like a great triumph to have a vegetable soup I'm actually proud of.

The tomato basil soup was fantastic also. I made a recipe where I roasted the tomatoes and also made carmelized sweet onion, then threw it into a blender. I like it so much, I'm keeping it all for myself. I know it's mean, but it's that good.
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13 October 2017

Making beef shortribs today in the crockpot, with onions and carrots (no potatotes or other starches). I'm going to make an acorn squash and some greenbeans to go with it. I tossed the ribs in some arrowroot flour and browned them up in olive oil and garlic, deglazed the pan with Stout, and then put them in the crockpot with onions, carrots, the rest of the stout, some vegetable broth, and thyme, rosemary, basil and season salt. Hope it comes out good. I love beef shortribs!

Meanwhile, I weighed myself and was stunned to weigh in at 150.6. Especially with all the travel eating, I was just astonished. So I don't think it's quite so insane to think I can get down to around 147 before Thanksgiving. That's my informal goal. 147 by Thanksgiving...142 by February 13.

So grateful for all the support from FS community...and Go Cubs!
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13 October 2017

Weigh-in: 150.6 lb lost so far: 83.4 lb still to go: 8.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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11 October 2017

So I've now gone AWOL for a while because my sister got me a DC playoff ticket to see the Nats beat the Cubs on Saturday night (well, she didn't expect the Cubs to necessarily lose...although she was pretty happy about it as she is a Nats fan). But I'm back now, and I'm hoping I can really get back on track. I want to lose just a few pounds before Thanksgiving. I want to go into the holiday below 150, because then at the end of the holiday season, I won't have so much ground to go back over. To help out the process, I actually bought meat and fish today -- things I haven't had in a while, like a few beef short ribs and a couple shoulder lamb chops, along with the usual boneless skinless chicken breasts. I think that if I have a few options that keep me interested in my own cooking, I'll be able to stay more focused. I also have plenty of soup, chili and eggplant sauce in the freezer, so I think that will help, too. I am really on a mission to break 150 by Thanksgiving, so I am going to be very careful between now and then. So, let's get going.
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