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28 July 2014

Gave in to a craving for ice cream yesterday afternoon, and it made me so sick, I think it's pretty much a done deal that I can't eat any non-lactose-free dairy. Ice cream is my favorite food on earth, and I can't believe I'll be going without it from now on, but apparently so. I'm not tempted by any other sweet. My neighbor told me if I get some lactose free half and half or lactose free plain yogurt, we can experiment with some recipes with her ice cream freezer. So I think we'll try that out. Even today, I'm still feeling a little rocky. I'm working on getting doctors appts set up, but it isn't that easy in today's world. I need a new internist and a new ob/gyn, and probably a gastroenterologist after this most recent adventure, and it's hard to find someone taking new patients -- or able to see you in less than 8 weeks time. Maybe I'll just start to get better on my own in the meantime.
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24 July 2014

I'm not going to try to count calories for my dinner out -- but I did OK I think: charred green beans with cashews for appetizer (shared), grilled sea scallops with a small roasted beet and a couple tbsps. of polenta. And then we did order one dessert to share among the three of us -- an order of 3 small fritters w/a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was all so very yummy, and I really don't think it was too off the charts. I left myself about 700 calories for dinner, and I'm not sure I went over by very much, though certainly consumed more sugar and fat than I would normally eat. Best of all, I feel pretty good and have all day, although I'm very tired this evening. But I think if I stick to this no raw fruits and vegetables regime for another week, I might actually be back to normal... Let's hope.
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23 July 2014

So here's a cool thing... Still haven't done a weigh-in, but I am sure I am losing weight, and now I have proof. Last night was our agility class Fun Run and I brought both Carson and Hermione. One of our friends there takes videos of the dogs on my phone, and we compared the video from agility graduation six weeks ago to Fun Run last night. The dogs are doing pretty much the same -- but you can really see a difference in how I look. It's quite noticeable. I like just doing my job without a weigh-in. I know I'm following a plan that will take weight off me, and I really don't want to fall into the weigh-in trap too soon -- all that anticipation and anxiety drives me crazy. It's the reason that when my home scale broke, I threw it out and did not get another one. When I started on FS, I made arrangements to weigh-in monthly at my doctor's office.... more accurate reading and no temptation to hop on the scale during the month and be upset or deluded! I'm almost a month in now, so it's about time to do a weigh-in -- planning on going in to Curves on 8-8. Whatever I weigh then will be my new start weight. I'll just have to go the next month feeling ashamed that the arrow will be pointing "up" compared to my last FS weigh-in. But by September 8, the arrow should be pointing "down", and I think then I'll really feel that I'm back in the game again.
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22 July 2014

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19 July 2014

So today was my first splurge day since I went back on my diet, and I feel pretty good about it. I was very careful about keeping my calorie count and carbs under control all day so I could have my desired splurge: frozen custard sundae. Also, I've been below my RDI every this week, so my splurge really used up those "free" calories, instead of adding extra calories on top of my RDI. Tomorrow, I have theater tickets -- my last Goodman tickets -- and my friends and I are going for bbq after. I think if I'm careful about everything else during the day, and I just have bbq meat and salad for dinner, I should be OK. I know I need to be careful of the bbq sauce because of the sugar, and, of course, I have to watch the cholesterol at bfast and lunch, because I'll use it all up at dinner. And then it's back to fish and veggies and oatmeal on Monday. Really, I think I'm doing OK, especially given that the whole point is to establish eating patterns that will last the rest of my lifetime, not a diet, but a lifestyle.
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