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03 May 2016

This report in the New York Times is something we should all read -- see

If the link doesn't come out right, just google "New York Times Biggest Losers News" -- and you will get the full article.

It's a very scary piece about a six-year followup study of winners of the Biggest Loser, who have gained back much of the weight they lost on the show. The study shows that people who lose all that weight end up with slower metabolism than when they started, meaning that they must eat several hundred calories less than other people of their size in order to keep the weight off. They show reduced levels of leptin, the hormone that keeps us from being hungry AND higher levels of the hormone that makes us feel hungry.

One missing piece in this article is that there is no discussion of the possible impact of the fact that these folks all lost the weight very very quickly -- some at the rate of one pound per day, and indeed, the Biggest Loser program encourages this rapid weight loss. By contrast, I've lost at the rate of 3-5 pounds per month. I'm hoping that is some protection again the regain factor, but I think this article may explain why I have struggled recently with feeling hungry and have had to increase the number of calories I'm eating per day -- from 1350, my original RDI -- to about 1500. I have continued to lose slowly, I think because my activity level has increased significantly. And of course, could be that the reason I was hungry was more activity and too big a deficit every day. The Biggest Loser contestants sometimes shoot for a 3500 calorie per day deficit, so they exercise as much as 9 hours per day.

Anyway, it's interesting reading, especially for those of us who have been on this struggle against obesity our whole lives. Once I get to goal, which will probably be in October, I'm going to really monitor my maintenance process and consider seeing an endocrinologist if it seems like I'm having trouble. I am NOT going to gain this weight back. I'm just too darn old to try to do this again.
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02 May 2016

I am not even going to bother logging calories for the day.

On the up side, I did what I said: I had a giant burger with cheddar and bacon, no bun. No fries. Just salad, with no carb-heavy stuff on my salad.

On the down side, I started the morning with one of my low-sugar, gluten-free oatmeal-banana-blueberry muffins...

Had a lime sorbet popsicle for a snack...

And finished up with gluten-free, buckwheat pancakes w/peanut butter and low-sugar berry spread.

But still -- I didn't do anything really crazy, and I feel so so much better.

I have to say: My buckwheat pancakes and waffles may well be the most important thing I have ever learned to make in terms of keeping me on this eating plan long term. When you can't eat bread or other baked goods and you won't eat all the high sugar gluten free stuff, there are very limited options. And you just get to the point that you can't stand it any more. My new plan is to make some chocolate chip versions of the waffles with bittersweet chocolate and use them when I become hysterical and need a piece of cake, but can't afford the calories and don't want to risk being stuck in the bathroom for 24 hours.

I CAN do this. I know I can. But sometimes I need a day when I can eat something close to what everyone else gets to eat.
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02 May 2016

Weigh-in: 160.0 lb lost so far: 74.0 lb still to go: 18.0 lb Diet followed poorly
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01 May 2016

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30 April 2016

As predicted, I paid for the cookie today and probably also for the fact that earlier in the week I'd had a small piece of bread -- some focaccia at the Italian restaurant. I'm thinking I might have been able to get away with the bread if I hadn't also eaten the cookie. The problem is definitely cumulative -- I can't afford to fall of the wagon twice in a week. Here's hoping that by tomorrow morning I'll be OK so I can take Hermione to her lesson. I'd also like to go to the gym tomorrow afternoon. I like to go on Sundays because I've found that If I go on Mondays, then my legs are fatigued when I go ice skating on Tuesdays, and I don't skate as well.

Meanwhile, the skate store called today, and they have a pair of size 9's for me to try on, so then we can figure out whether I'm ordering a left 9 and a right 8, which the mfg says they are willing to do. It will still take another few weeks to actually get the skates, but at least we're a step closer. I'm going to go up there on Monday to try on the 9's. I'm very excited about having my own skates, because I want to start skating at least one extra time per week, and I can't do that without my own skates. Can't wait...
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