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17 August 2014

Tonight was my splurge meal for the week. Of course, since I can't eat very many foods right now, my splurge was limited to bbq ribs and about two mouthfuls of potato salad. I wouldn't dare eat any dessert item, since anything with dairy or a lot of sugar makes me really sick still, there's not much dessert I can handle -- so I stuck with bbq. And my total calorie count for the day wasn't all that bad either. I took my first Align probiotic pill today. I was kind of skeptical because probiotics seem like one of those trendy things that probably don't really work. And when I read the directions, it sounded as though it would likely take 10-14 days before I would notice any difference anyway. To my astonishment -- I really feel better today than I have since this whole mess got started. There aren't any gurgling noises coming from my nether regions, and I don't think I've burped once all day which is truly miraculous. My next experiment is to find out if the Lactaid pills work. I hope so... it would be really nice to have fewer worries about eating out because I could take a Lactaid pill and have egg whites with actual cheese!
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15 August 2014

My blood work is in -- and it is not horrible but with room for improvement. My fasting blood sugar is still above 100 -- 105 -- but they didn't do an A1C this time, so the doctor says it's hard to interpret the fasting blood sugar. But everything is just slightly out of whack: cholesterol slightly high, thyroid slightly low. My thyroid meds were adjusted very slightly, and then I'll go back in six weeks for new blood work. If the thyroid reading is still off, then they will up the levothyroxine and test thyroid and cholesterol again six weeks later, because historically, my cholesterol has dropped whenever my thyroid meds have been adjusted. So it's actually possible that if they get the thyroid right, then my cholesterol will drop below 200 again, and I won't have to worry about taking statins. This is very complicated, especially since the only way I can think of to lower my dietary cholesterol is to go on the Bill Clinton diet -- pretty much nuts and berries only. Just gotta keep working my plan and staying on the straight and narrow, and maybe as I lose weight, everything will fall into place.
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11 August 2014

So... my weigh-in at the new doctor was so bad I'm not recording it here. I decided to wait until I'm closer to the weight I was when I fell off the wagon before I put any numbers up here. On the other hand, my blood pressure was 108/60, which it hasn't been since before I hurt my back and broke my arm in 2006. My blood pressure was normally about 105/60 before I was so disabled and then it shot up to 160/75 -- and even though the doctor kept saying not to worry about it, that it would drop again as I recovered, I was really upset. My hope is that I'm now back to normal. But I go for bloodwork on Wednesday, and we'll see what the rest of my numbers look like. I am not hopeful.

And I'm struggling a little with the diet also. I am having days when I'm really hungry, and it seems to be related to when I am not able to control what I eat -- I mean, if someone else sets the menu. So today, I had to go to a luncheon, and the menu was quite odd, and the result was that I blew off a lot of calories, but didn't get the protein and fat I needed to fill me up - So I was just starved when I got home. Now I've ben trying to figure out how to get unhungry, without much success. Finally, I ate some leftover flank steak, and I'm starting to feel better. But this is really hard...
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02 August 2014

First, I went completely off the reservation at lunchtime thanks to a stop at Hoosier Mama's pie shop. I'm not actually that much of a pie eater because I don't like most pie crust, and I don't like ooey-gooey cooked fruit fillings. But I do like biscuits and scones, which is what I had, and surprise, surprise, I had indigestion the rest of the day, which kept me out of any more trouble. Second, the zucchini lasagna eaten last night appealed to my taste buds but not to my insides, so 24 hours later... well, you get the idea. And last but not least, I made a lovely dinner of lake trout, spinach and brown rice, and the took one bite out of the trout and it tasted funny, so I just had spinach and brown rice for dinner. As a result, my calorie count was under on the day. What a disaster! Tomorrow I'm going to a birthday party for a friend's daughter. My friend is also on a serious diet battling type 2 diabetes, and has even more food allergies than I do, so we have already consulted about food alternatives for the two of us, while everyone else is eating cake. I think I'll do ok. I'm bringing some sweet potato chips with me, and the main dish will be Korean short ribs, which are fine or me. So if I stick with beef and keep my glass of club soda full and cold, I should be ok. What a struggle the past few weeks have been.
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01 August 2014

OK -- this diet is driving me crazy. Not the diet I started out on six weeks ago...what's driving me crazy is the diet the gastroenterologist recommended to get me past the IBS. With virtually no dairy, no uncooked fresh fruits and vegetables, no cooked gasy foods like cauliflower or broccoli or Brussels sprouts, no high fat foods, etc, etc. I can't figure out what the heck to eat. Yesterday I was hungry the entire day from morning to night. Finally, last night, I rolled the dice and ate a big plate of ceviche at a very reliable Peruvian restaurant where we've been eating for years. Thank goodness I came home full and no digestive problems. But today I was struggling again. So I'm throwing caution to the winds and making zucchini lasagna for dinner -- zucchini slices instead of noodles and lactose free dairy. I just feel like if I don't eat something hot and tomatoey and cheesy I'll go mad. The worst that can happen is I'll have indigestion all night and I won't do it again.
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