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17 September 2014

OK -- got my bloodwork done today, but of course have to wait a few days before I get the results. If my A1C comes back good, I will be so thrilled. That's my biggest worry. Then I went into the doctor's office and asked for a weigh-in -- lost 9.25 pounds since August 6, so that's a rate of 1.54 pounds per week, which is pretty much the rate at which I was losing the first time I did this -- so I'm satisfied with that. And I haven't really bumped up my exercise yet -- just walking the dogs this summer, since I had no energy at all after I got sick in June. Next week I'm going to start going to Curves and any day that the weather is decent, I hope to extend the morning walk. Carson is starting to settle down enough that it's not as nerve wracking to take him longer distances, and at least for now, Hermione seems to have the energy to go further. Maybe if I keep walking I can hold off the winter!
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16 September 2014

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15 September 2014

I was proud of dinner tonight-- I tried out a new recipe for green beans with tarragon and shallots, and it was fabulous. Then I repeated my attempt at giving quinoa some "umph." I make up the quinoa in advance, and then I heat up some sesame oil in a skillet and add a chopped scallion. As the scallion softens, I add about a half cup of frozen peas, and once they have begun to cook, I add 1 1/2 cups of the cooked quinoa and toss everything together. At the last minute, I add 2 tbsp.'s of low sodium gluten free soy sauce and toss again. I'm sure you could add mushrooms or other leftover veggies -- but I'm fond of peas and scallions. Anyway, this is really really good. The sesame oil makes a big difference in flavor. It makes two nice servings. I'm going to get some shrimp and add it in to make a main dish next week...

And I'm still feeling like I need to eat more than 1350 calories per day. I hope when I go weigh in at the doctor's, it doesn't turn out that I'm fooling myself, and I'm not actually losing any weight.
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11 September 2014

I was gone a big chunk of the day today to pick up some things for a friend in the hospital and then go visit her. I am very worried about her. She had gastric bypass surgery several years ago, and since then has lost more than half her body weight, and it has saved her life. But now she is experiencing complications. She had to have emergency surgery over the weekend for an intestinal blockage from scar tissue, and she is not doing very well in the eating department. This is very scary for me. My closest friend in the world had gastric bypass and ultimately died as a result of complications from the procedure, when she became unable to tolerate any food. When they tried to reverse the surgery, she suffered cascading organ failure and died -- at age 50. So I am worrying about my friend -- a lot.

When I got home, the dogs behaved as though I had gone to the Amazon for six months, and they are very clingy tonight. I think it's because I've actually been gone quite a bit this week, and they are not used to it. They think I should be under their direct supervision 24-7. They will not be happy when I go out tomorrow. The crazy part is -- they are almost never alone, even when I'm not here, there's almost always someone here with them, but apparently if it's not me, it's not good enough. How nice to be needed!

My diet is bumping along. I didn't record yesterday because I went out for lunch to a good Italian restaurant, and actually didn't do too badly. I had a Caesar salad made with kale, and a pasta dish with just tomatoes, basil and seafood. Plus I took a huge gamble and had a decaf cappuccino -- took a Lactaid tablet when I started drinking it, and I did ok. I'm still ok today, but I am having mucho rumblings in my gut. I think I need to be a bit more careful for the next few days, weeks -- I'm apparently not ready for prime time as they say.
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08 September 2014

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