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06 October 2015

I splurged and ate my homemade chocolate ice cream with my homemade hot fudge sauce. It was so delicious I could hardly believe it. I think it's really a good thing that I can't eat this stuff at the drop of a hat by running over to the Jewel and getting a pint of Ben & Jerry's... and not just from the standpoint of calories. When I DO eat ice cream, it tastes so delicious it's just heavenly. Remember -- the ice cream and hot fudge I make has only a few ingredients, and it's real sugar, real eggs, organic lactose-free dairy -- no corn syrup and no thickeners or emulsifiers. So you can't keep it for very long, but it is so tasty you don't really want to eat commercial stuff any more once you've eaten the real thing.

Anyway, I really enjoyed HCB's journal entry from 10-3 about buying new tops. Yesterday, I saw a pair of pants in the window at Ann Taylor Loft, and I thought, what the heck -- go in and try them on. Turned out the Ann Taylor pants fit like a glove in a size 14, so I totally splurged and bought 4 pair: black, grey, camel, and brick red. These will get me through until February, when I'm hoping the size 12s that are put away in the basement will fit me. But I felt so good in those pants! Hooray.

P.S. I'm not worried about the ice cream splurge because I have to spend Thursday on a liquid diet and won't be able to eat anything on Friday until after the colonoscopy so I don't think the ice cream calories will matter much.
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06 October 2015

Weigh-in: 181.4 lb lost so far: 52.6 lb still to go: 47.4 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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05 October 2015

Ok ok, so I have no one to blame but myself! -- I had a rough day intestinal-wise because yesterday I cooked and made two unfortunate errors: First, I didn't notice until I was midway through par-boiling all the beef ribs that the hard cider I was using had sulfites, and at that point I said screw it, and just figured I'd survive; b) I gave myself permission to have one small chocolate chip cookie for dessert. The combination of the sulfites and the wheat flour made for a less than comfortable day today. It's not horrible, but it's not great either. I sure do miss cake. I mean... it's not like I would eat cake every day, but even when I was dieting, I used to enjoy one splurge a week and have any dessert I wanted. Now, there's so little I can eat... In order to eat dessert, I have to make it myself with gluten-free, lactose free ingredients. It's so much work, I bet I work off most of the calories in energy spent shopping and cooking!
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02 October 2015

This is going to be a difficult week, and I'm going to need a lot of support to get through it. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on Friday, and I'm scared half to death. It's not the procedure itself that worries me -- I'll be under full anesthesia so I won't know what's going on. But I'm frightened of the prep and how I will tolerate it, and I'm frightened of what the results might be. I didn't have any bowel problems until June 2014, when I got a food-borne infection, and I have never really recovered from it. I developed IBS-D secondary to the infection, and it is only controlled by staying on the FODMAP diet. I know I should think positively -- but it's really hard and scary. First, I was a smoker for most of my adult life, which puts me at higher risk for colon cancer. Second, my Mom had four different kinds of cancer, but lived to be 91 -- spry and with it until just a few weeks before she died. Third, my sister was just diagnosed with uterine cancer. She is a 20-year breast cancer survivor, and she told me last week that she had cancerous polyps removed from her intestines a few years ago. So now I am SCARED.

And just to make matters worse, you aren't supposed to eat any nuts and seeds for a week before the procedures, so that means no quinoa, no buckwheat, no raspberries or strawberries after today. For a lot of people this would be no biggie, but eating gluten-free, FODMAP, and low glycemic, these are staples in my diet. So in addition to the full day of liquid diet before the procedure, for most of the week I won't be able to eat much of the food that keeps me going. Let's hope the trade-off is that I weigh myself next Monday 10-12, and I've lost a few pounds.

Whine, whine, whine.
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27 September 2015

Got a good example of HCB's point about "Why Scales Lie." Weighed in at 182.4 this morning for my first weigh on my brand new scale. Now there is absolutely no way I lost three pounds this week. But it is possible that a) my sister was right, and her scale weighs a bit heavy or b) since I finally went to the bathroom after I came home to my own house, I now weigh less. But I'm pleased nonetheless, because even if the scale isn't quite representative of the reality, it's clear that I am losing every single week. Goodie.

Meanwhile, did two walks today -- about 35-40 minutes this morning, and another 35 minutes late this afternoon. This afternoon I left poor Hermione at home and just took Carson. At almost 11, two 35 minute walks at good speed is a bit too much for her. Even Carson has now collapsed for a pre-dinner nap.

Next week, I'm hoping to get started getting an extra 20 minutes in on a stationary bicycle. I want to get going on that because it's the kind of bicycle that moves your arms as well as your legs, and I really need to start slimming my upper body. At the moment, my legs are getting thinner and thinner, but my middle is still too thick, which is making it difficult to find pants that actually fit. I'm going to try to stop by at the health club that's run by the hospital to see if I can get into some kind of program.
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