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01 September 2014

Greetings Buddies!

Happy September!
I am relieved August is over since it seemed to be my "cheat month."

I started the day with a good sweat at
Orange Theory Fitness; and then to my grocery store to re-stock up on lean protein sources.

So, I just dropped my RDI down 100 calories to 1400 per day. My trainers and FatSecret say with my activity level I should be at 2000 calories per day! Ha Ha Ha Ha....I would gain weight.

During my "cheat month", I suspect I have really been consuming around 1800 calories per day and staying around the same weight since I continue to build muscle.

So, today I went over my new RDI - but, I think it will take me a few days to get myself back to the routine and to let go of my carb monster!

I HAVE to make concrete changes this month to see if I can get my metabolism moving again - what little metabolism I have with my under active thyroid!

I will try to get my water consumption back up, log everything, and try to get my protein grams up to 130-150 grams daily. It makes such a huge difference when I eat ALL my protein.

I am dedicated, determined, and diligent!

31 August 2014

Hey My Buddies:

How is everyone this weekend? I have been self-indulgent with food choices the last two days...I think I am getting "prepared" for the big 30 day challenge a
t Orange Theory Fitness that starts on September 15th! would be helpful if I got it together sooner so the challenge will just be back to my "normal" routine! I am hoping this coming week will start me on the path to better food choices.

Fortunately, I maintain my exercise routine! I try for 16 workouts in every month - which is a good number for me. Anything beyond that is extra great!

I still feel like I need a good butt-kick on the food front! I did really well in May and June, July was medium and August has been a real challenge with food. Not sure why I started crashing but I really want to regain control in September!

I am dedicated, determined, and diligent!

27 August 2014

Greetings my Buddies!

I am trying to spend a little more time journaling and reading my friends' journals. I have been around here a while and managed to keep a substantial piece of weight off...but have been stuck for a while on the "Idiot Box"

I have lost inches and gained tons of muscle, strength and endurance through eating increased protein and working out with high intensity interval training and weight training.

However, for those of you who know me and may remember my primary doctor, I will be seeing him again next week for an annual physical! HE is the doctor who once told me, "You are too fat and will get diabetes if you sit around doing nothing!"

Geez....SO it is possible he will "Yell" that I have not lost weight on the scale...but I could easily take him down in a fist fight with all my strength! LOL

I am dedicated, determined, and diligent!

25 August 2014

22 August 2014

Hey my Buddies!

Happy Friday...

Wow, my last journal brought me some kind words, so thank you all so much.

I also had someone give me tons of information as though I was a newbie...I appreciated it BUT this ain't my first rodeo!

Everything I do is well thought out, structured and a result of working with trainers/nutritionist. When I STAY with the plan, things go fairly well.

Sometimes, we just get bored or tired. Sometimes we just go off-track for a while. Sometimes we just hit a does not mean we are "starving" ourselves if we don't log everything or that we need a lesson on nutrition.

We all do what works best for our individual situation. I am less focused on losing weight - my focus is feeling healthy, fit and strong.

What is your main focus today? How will you get there?

I am dedicated, determined, and diligent!

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