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Help! I don't know what I'm doing wrong!
First of all, let me start of by saying that I've been on Atkin's Induction for a little over four weeks now. I've been sticking to it religiously. For a while I was in deep Ketosis, which told me I was doing everything right. I was staying away from starches, almost all carbs except from green veggies, cheese, and cream, and occassionally nuts. Some nights I'd have a couple of shots worth of vodka or spirits which has no carbs, and kept clear of the fridge (my calorie intake was regulated very well). I also use Co Q 10 and an Omega 3-6-9 supplement for my fats every morning. I never used sugar, so everything was going good....

Until this week.

My keto-stixs stopped reading any ketones in my urine this morning. It actually started reducing two days ago, which was worrying me, so I even cut out cream from my diet. My body was fine with coffee, diet red bull, and diet soda, so I don't think they are the culprits. I've lost my appetite for the most part however. This has been ongoing since the end of the first week.

See, I work on a road crew as a flagger, so I'm standing or walking ten hours a day, with some plenty of activity. I don't snack except for a cheek full of sunflower seeds to keep me from chewing. I've accounted for those carbs in my diet, and a small .59 bag lasts three days. I also drink fluids, probably not as much as I should (diet powerade and water). My lunch is small, a couple of cheese sticks (which I usually only eat one), and a meat of some sort or Atkin's shake or a couple of eggs. If I get hungry at all I may have a small handful of almonds, but it's not often.

Well, along with the disappearance of the Ketones, I put on three pounds since yesterday. I'm assuming it's water weight, since my new bag of seeds had extra salt from what I could taste. But I've been around 156.1 for several days when I weigh myself, except for this morning which was 159 lbs.

I'm really stumped. I'm trying to push past the seemingly slow weight loss (I started at 164 lbs). The loss of eight pounds really motivated me but with the loss of the ketones from my urine, I'm not sure if I'm no longer in it, or just Ketoadapted. My appetite is still tiny (I tried to eat two small cans of tuna and olive oil mayo, and couldn't finish my breakfast.) I honestly can't tell if I've lost inches since I have body dimorphic disorder, but one pair of pants fits loosely, and my other pairs are no longer tight.

Has this happened to anyone else on here? What can I do to check if I'm still in Ketosis?
posted 20 Aug 2013, 07:48
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