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First, an apology - that's not my photo. I'm seriously camera-shy. But it is a sorta famous guy who everybody says "You look just like xx" when they see me. Except that the hair is more gray now, for both of us.

180-182 throughout high school and college.

Immediately after college, I "blossomed" to 200 pounds...with income came eating out and driving instead of walking. Took only six months! I realized that was intolerable so I went back to making my own meals and cycling or walking if possible and very quickly dropped back to 180. Age 24, it was easy.

In the 45 years since then, my weight has reflected the stress responses I choose to give to things happening in my life. I'm better at not stressing, but not great.

Through decades of being frugal, I now don't need income...for a while. Going to try to run a little biz from home...set my own hours, include plenty of time for exercise.

We shall see...

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Gluten Free
You get used to it, and once you know how to look for things, a GF diet isn't a challenge. Approx 20% of people of European descent have gluten issues. I'm married to one. She's been aware of it for 30+ years. She has NO problem gaining weight, and is dieting right along with me.

Once you have adopted the attitude that food does not come in boxes, cans or jars, but from mother earth, gluten is easy to avoid...you're really only avoiding a few things. Wheat, oats, barley, and for most celiacs, dairy. My spouse, in addition, must avoid corn. Wheat and corn are only hard to avoid if you buy processed foods.

We eat a diet that's abundant in rice, beans, grains, potatoes (red potatoes are MUCH more flavorful than white potatoes - no topping required!). We avoid flour for the calorie-bomb that it is (flour was deviled 6,000 years ago by Hippocrates as "the primary reason why the wealthy are obese and die early). However, if we want bread or noodles, GF types are readily available. THey're just not a good thing on a weight-control diet.

Look up Bob's Red Mill. They have a HUGE assortment of gluten-free flours, breakfast cereals, etc. They'll ship, if your local stores don't sell them.

For bread, borrow "Simple Food For the Good Life" by Helen Nearing and read the chapter on bread. REAL bread does not use flour. You pre-cook the grains and beans (We like a combo of millet, sorghum and ground fava beans), then mix the moist grain mixture with a touch of sugar, and a few egg whites, pour into a baking pan and bake for 15 minutes. This is bread you can eat as a meal, not just a dry white sponge that you HAVE to put something on for flavor.

But, overall, what I like is the color. We make meals by color! Start with a dark green leafy vegetable (loaded with protein), add yellow/red beans, yellow squash, white mushrooms, orange carrots, red peppers. If you're trying to build muscle, then you need to add protein AND do weights. We will crock-pot a whole chicken on Saturday overnight, then take ten minutes Sunday to strip the skin and discard, then portion the meat in 4oz portions into sandwich-sized ziplock bags (which get washed after use so they can be re-used).

After you have rounded out your diet thoroughly, you just don't miss bread at all. I cannot stand fast food any more because of the white bread.
posted 10 Jun 2011, 11:37
weight loss
greerp wrote:
Your doctor recommended that you starve yourself AND eat crappy food too? That would of been the last time I'd see that quack!

You need to eat more. And eat more of the right things. Cut out the pasta, bread, chips, processed cereal and get whole foods like real vegetables. What you have lost is water and probably muscle (which is bad).

I'm not getting this - where are you seeing what the doc recomended?

We don't know her stats - height, etc. If she is, for instance, a 5'2" mid-20s woman, even a 1,000 calorie diet might be right. Be not too hasty to judge.
posted 02 Jun 2011, 04:08
stubborn lbs
One pint on a weekend is no big deal. A pint of decent ale is 200 calories - 30% less than a single can of Coke.

The "metabolism slowing" effect of small amounts of booze is nothing different than the "sugar blues" - eat a 300 calorie candy bar and you get the droops in the eyelids 2-3 hours later. That's why a lot of folks have a drink before bedtime, because it causes that metabolic slowdown.

The "slowdown" is already accounted for in the caloric listing. Notice that for all foods without alcohol, the total caloric content is equal to 4 X carbs (grams) plus 4 X protein (grams) plus 9 X fat (grams). Not for beer/liquor. The caloric content is shown typically as nearly double that predicted by the carbohydrate content. That's the "metabolic slowdown" effect in action.

I'm a very old phart. I've lost significant weight (30 pounds) twice before (then spent 15 years each time slowly gaining). All those weight losses occurred while still imbibing - a time or two a week.

If you're daily drunk, you're going to have trouble. But once a week should be no issue, as long as it fits your RDI.
posted 16 May 2011, 02:47
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Daily. First, I am WAY better at maintaining a daily routine than weekly/monthly.

Second, the fatsecret weight graph is so easy to interpret. You can tell if an "up" day in weight is due to calories, or maybe salt content. In my case, it taught me very quickly that a day of high exercise results in an immediate and substantial weight drop, which tends to hold true for days, as long as I don't "compensate" with a food binge in the next few days.

I view the "weight by day" graph as a grassy hillside. Your goal is the slope of the hillside, but you still want to see the grass, because it teaches you things.
posted 16 May 2011, 02:22
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