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Stupid question
Hi, it stands for Metabolic equivalent.

The google explanation is "MET (metabolic equivalent): The ratio of the work metabolic rate to the resting metabolic rate. One MET is defined as 1 kcal/kg/hour and is roughly equivalent to the energy cost of sitting quietly. ... A MET is the ratio of the rate of energy expended during an activity to the rate of energy expended at rest."
posted 12 Apr 2019, 15:40
My eating disorder
Been there, done that, know all the tricks!

I found it easier to cut out all sweets and treats, after a few days - maybe a week, I didn't crave them anymore.

Essentially, I view it as an addiction, don't buy it and don't go shopping when I am feeling down/hungry and if it's a real treat (sometimes you just feel you need it!), then I ask hubby to buy myself something small, so I can't binge eat the chocolate/sugary food.
posted 12 Apr 2019, 15:31
Gluten Free
Welcome to the Gluten free life,

Pretty much any one pot meal you currently have can be adapted to be gluten free, personally I just wing it, so I can never replicate any of my meals - oops!

If you need a thicker sauce, corn flour or gluten free flour is available, sauces you can usually buy alternatives... Soy Sauce, Worcester Sauce etc all have easily obtainable gluten free versions.

Do you have some favourite recipes you can post that we can amend for you?

posted 12 Apr 2019, 06:14
High Carb diet and loosing weight
It depends on what carbs you need for your condition.

But I find limiting processed carbs (Bread/Sugar/Pasta/chocolate) etc. is usually better for weight loss and focus on natural carbs - rice, veg and some fruit - although I limit some fruit as it's high sugar.

It's probably something you have to play with to find out how your body reacts to the different carbs and what you can/can't do without.
posted 12 Apr 2019, 06:01
Loosing baby weight...for dads.
Firstly, congratulations Smile

May I suggest that you stop beating yourself up you've had a lot of changes in a short time to come to grips with and it's no wonder you're feeling tired and snacking, so here's some suggestions for you:

Treat exercise as a family thing, take the babies out for a walk at weekends, the fresh air, albeit cold, won't hurt if they are wrapped up and it will help a lot with your own mental state, doesn't have to be too long, but pushing the pram can be exercise.

Go for a walk at lunchtime, do a mile to a mile and a half, 20-30 mins, of brisk walking, still giving you time to eat, don't give into the "work through lunch" trap, you will only snack some more.

Get a food delivery to your house or plan a shopping list and stick to it, then do the following (one or both):

Pre-cook some easy meals to prepare and portion up into the Freezer, things like chilli, curry, stews, bolognese and Shepherds pies, (if you start with a large batch of savoury mince then 3 of those meals can be made out of it) make it in advance and put it into portion sized containers for you and your wife and all you have to do is take it out in the morning and reheat that night.

Additionally, if you have a slow cooker, create a number of dump bags, my husband and I can prep 6-8 bags in under an hour, we make enough for 4 portions and it covers 2 nights, one is a quick reheat.

To do this, peel veg en masses, chop up the meat you want to add + any spices/flavours and put in the freezer without any liquids.

The night before you want to use one, pull out a bag and in the morning, put it into the slow cooker with the appropriate liquid (i.e. water/stock/chopped tomatoes) and you have a tasty healthy meal ready for that evening and potentially the evening after, with little to no effort required after a long day at work.

In 2-3 hours at a weekend, you can prep over a weeks worth of food, you know what you've put in and you can portion them up to ensure that it's a controlled portion size, leaving it you more time during the week and less chance of snacking.

Finally, when the babies sleep, you and your wife should have some downtime, cuddle on the sofa, take a nap, read a book, take a bath etc. sure, there may be baby clutter around the place, but relax, a midwife friend said she worried when she see's a spotless house with newborns, because those parents are more likely to be stressed.

In a couple of months, you will all have a routine and you will find that it has become easy and you have more time to do things for yourselves and you will find that running around after a mobile set of twins will help with that exercise demand!
posted 26 Jan 2017, 09:18
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