KayseaLove's Journal, 24 April 2018

I don't know why I stare down desserts I can't eat. In those few moments my eyes lock on I am imagining what it would taste like, debating if I should go for it or pass it up, and I hear "just a taste" and I push that thought out of my mind... and if it's really bad, I will sniff it. For some reason sniffing what I can't eat gives me the satisfaction as if I did eat it without the guilt and the calories. (It worked for me with alcohol when I quit drinking.)

Today I couldn't sniff the tempting dessert because it was behind a sneeze guard and there were other people around. My brain even said: "Go for it, you already screwed up yesterday, what's another day?" I passed. No part of me wants to exude any energy to get in my car and drive back to where I had lunch to eat the dessert I was offered that got away. I am pretending it tasted like sh*t and it was laced with poison so I saved my own life without even knowing it.

Diet Calendar Entries for 24 April 2018:
1264 kcal Fat: 76.07g | Prot: 49.34g | Carb: 100.47g.   Lunch: Lettuce, Ranch Salad Dressing, Cottage Cheese, Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Shredded Cheddar Cheese. Dinner: Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning Blend, Parmesan Cheese (Shredded), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Zucchini. Snacks/Other: Kraft Natural Mozzarella String Cheese, Fit Lifestyle Beef Snack Stick, Snickers Snickers Bar (Miniatures), Steaz Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea -Dragonfruit. more...
2190 kcal Activities & Exercise: Walking (slow) - 2/mph - 20 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours, Resting - 7 hours and 40 minutes, Desk Work - 8 hours. more...
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I am proud of that!! You said no in the face of something that could have taken you off track!! Congrats!!! I am so proud of you!! My husband was eating M&Ms last night in bed and I wanted one, just one M&M wont hurt me, right?! But I said no, I told myself I have worked hard to get where I am and that would not be worth it. One moment of gratification will not make up for the years of satisfaction I will have when I reach my goal!! Great job saying no!! (I am worried about strawberry pie/cake/shortcake season!! lol)  
24 Apr 18 by member: Klynn82
ONE M&M - you have to walk the entire length of a football field and into the goal (120 yards) to walk off ONE M&M. I couldn't believe it so I googled it... its true. I don't know if you like peanuts because Atkins has Peanut M&ms that are made with sugar alcohols that are supposed to be Keto friendly with only 1 Net carb per serving. I've been eating the heck out of Atkins snacks lately... 
24 Apr 18 by member: KayseaLove
Sugar alcohols can be bought on Amazon and they are good for your teeth. The don't affect your insulin because our bodies don't process them like regular sugar so it's like fiber. My nutritionist approved. She also said don't eat too much or you might have to run to the bathroom.  
24 Apr 18 by member: KayseaLove
That's great that you could resist! I'm trying to figure out how to eat some of the things I want, but in a very small portion. Yesterday I went crazy at the grocery store, buying 2 frozen pies, some cookies from the bakery, chili flavored pistachio nuts and a box of Cheez-its! So far, I haven't been tempted. I just finished putting the Cheez-its in small snack size plastic bags. According to the box a serving is 27 crackers and there were about 12 servings in the box and 150 calories a serving. I counted out 27 crackers and filled 11 of the bags for some later day. There were 7 remaining crackers that I ate, and logged. Not going to touch the banana cream pie just yet! Don't want any other snacks today. Saw a journal entry the other day from someone who had a picture of a very small piece of apple pie. I had a piece of pie at Thanksgiving about that size. It was satisfying and I didn't gain weight.  
24 Apr 18 by member: Fritzy 22
good job on the battle- you won that round!  
24 Apr 18 by member: marshakanady
I had an adkins peanut bar a couple of weeks ago, it was terrific. I didnt know they made M&Ms, I might have to look into that. Though I feel like I would eat too much of it and not only suffer from the bathroom issue, but just keep gaining due to the calories! haha 
24 Apr 18 by member: Klynn82
Hahaha. I love your strategy! 
24 Apr 18 by member: Becc@
Lol! I do this too! It never tastes as good was we imagine (except maybe the first few bites!) way to hold strong💪🏻 
24 Apr 18 by member: momma6224
this was such an awesome visual - I would be the little kid with his face pressed up against the glass trying to lick the cake. Some days I really want a dessert type item...other days it doesn't phase me. I bought some choc zero dark chocolate squares (on amazon) - they help break that craving in a safe and responsible manner. I quit drinking a while back as well - the smell of booze really doesn't appeal to me so I am grateful for that.  
24 Apr 18 by member: tahoebrun
Yeah, I know that "voice". It's an evil temptress, isn't it? Well good for you for not listening and then making up your own story to fight off the temptation. That voice is a liar! 
24 Apr 18 by member: ny_shelly
I’m awful in that I just found something that tastes good by accident. I use better stevia drops in my smoothies and I have a dark chocolate one. I spilled some on my finger this morning. They were actually pretty good. LOL But most desserts nowadays I just think of Marsha and pretend like she’s pored Pinesol over all of them. 🤦🏻‍♀️Ruins my appetite immediately! LOL 🙋🏻 
24 Apr 18 by member: smprowett
One birthday cake protein bars!!! Just found them recently. I eat half of it at a time for a snack!! Totally gets rid of cake/sweet cravings for me 
24 Apr 18 by member: girlsdelaware
Atkins snacks are okay to get you over the initial urges. But if you don’t break the urges, you aren’t progressing really in my mind. ?I ate adkins breakfast bars for over a year as my breakfast when I was your size because I needed the feeling and taste of something sweet. I weaned myself to other foods because I didn’t want to exchange one addiction for another and I don’t really care for soy protein isolates in my food. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m at the point of trying to create a Way of Eating that is more about real food for me, but whatever works to help you lose the weight is goid in my book! 🙋🏻 
24 Apr 18 by member: smprowett
Atkins treats just activated my cravings, so I turned to other things. It takes a lot of time and determination to get away from sweet things, but once you do, it is like a revelation! After a couple of years of no artificial sweeteners, cabbage and other vegetables taste sweet to me. The only sweet I crave is ice cream. 
25 Apr 18 by member: moogiemynes
Good for you for fighting that little voice. Be very proud of yourself for that. Sugar is an addiction and like any, it is a damn hard monster to fight. You have the right idea in dealing with it in the same way you dealt with alcohol as you say. Keep at, one day at a time.. one decision at a time. You are doing great! Be proud of your progress and keep it up! 
25 Apr 18 by member: JLente
@moogiemynes - I SO hear you on ice cream! I don’t have the kinds I lije in the house! Occasionally frozen yogurt in small quantities. But my smoothies with LOTS of ice make up for it! LOL 🤷🏻‍♀️I can’t do without them. But my daughter and her girlfriend say they are gross. Not sweet at all! LOL So I must be doing something right. 🙋🏻 
25 Apr 18 by member: smprowett


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