ClarityAnn's Journal, 22 April 2018

It’s been a rough week. My car has gotten worse, power steering is now out on it. Will need a pressure hose that close over $100. May as well be a million dollars, as we just don’t have it.
Doctors office called and there is some issues with my blood work. Something about blood cells. Doctor took blood 3 weeks in a row as originally there was kidney issues as well. That seemed to get better but the other (RDW?) has gotten worse. I have an appt with a hematologist this Tuesday (at the cancer center) to see if they can dig a little deeper and find what’s wrong. Not gonna lie, it last got me a little scared. I can’t seem to stay awake most of the hair is falling out by the handfuls.
Now with my car being out of commission, I HAVE to find a way to the doctors appt on Tuesday. Funny how you can be there for everyone. Their ride, heck I’ve handed my car keys over and told ppl to just take my car. Now that we help in sight. Oh well. God will provide.
Hope everyone’s doing well.
I’m still hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow. Anxious to see that 100 down mark. 😬

Diet Calendar Entry for 22 April 2018:
1705 kcal Fat: 141.86g | Prot: 87.77g | Carb: 12.75g.   Lunch: Butter (Salted), Egg, Kraft Mozzarella with A Touch of Philadelphia. Dinner: Stop & Shop Bone in Pork Loin Country Style Ribs, Butter (Salted), Iceberg Lettuce (Includes Crisphead Types), "Mock" Potato Salad (Cauliflower with Pickles, Eggs), Roma Tomatoes, Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing, Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits. Snacks/Other: Great Value Kosher Whole Dill Pickles, Aldi Mayonnaise, Hard-Boiled Egg, Mustard. more...

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God will provide, for sure. Have faith and hope in him, and prayers for you that you find some answers soon. 
22 Apr 18 by member: jenniferl12003
Prayers that everything is okay 
22 Apr 18 by member: misty1962
Prayers ClarityAnn for good health. As for getting a ride to the doc, you deserve better treatment than that. God Bless.  
22 Apr 18 by member: teskandar
Hoping it all works out, Ann. 
22 Apr 18 by member: Draglist
You are in my thoughts and prayers . Stay strong just one day at a time.  
22 Apr 18 by member: Judyrose1997
hope it works out for you 
22 Apr 18 by member: toodleleedoo
Clarity Ann— I am a nurse. It is CRUCIAL that your doc and the HEmatologist know about this diet you have been on. I’m assuming that has been covered already, but if not you must let them know 
22 Apr 18 by member: Kenna Morton
I don't know what to say except God bless your sweet heart. I wish I lived close enough yo come give you a big hug and a ride. Keep the faith. ❤🤗🤗❤ 
22 Apr 18 by member: JackieSpahr
I wish that people would mention in their Bios where they are from, I think that would sometimes be helpful to have that insite as to how one persons life may differfrom another. Rural, vs city. Etc. but, maybe that is too personal for some people. Possible.  
22 Apr 18 by member: Kenna Morton
Sorry to hear of your recent health and car problems. Praying for your well being and better days ahead. I agree with Kenna Morton about discussing things with the dr. as something is amiss with diet/meal plan or other if your hair is falling out.....Not to panic or worry as there are many reasons which can cause such an issue. Try to maintain calm as much as possible....Admittedly, I often have doubts and worries about many things, and my family often tells me, I lack enough faith that things will work out. Nearly every time, God has provided, and my family often makes certain to call me out on it ! ;D I wish you all the best life has to offer.....God Bless ! Please keep us informed as we do care !!!  
22 Apr 18 by member: wright2018
Wow. Thank you all for the concern, caring and the love ❤️ I’m a pretty open book lol. I live in central Pennsylvania in the city of Altoona. I spoke with one of my sisters (I have 4 in another state) who told me that both my oldest sister and my mom had similar issues and turned out they had low Ferritin levels (which is what binds the oxygen/iron) to the blood cells to distribute through the body. Something to that effect. My mom had to take super iron supplements, she also had hair loss. My sisters was so low she had to get infusions?tranfusions? Eh. My memories not so great anymore...something to that effect. That info has made me feel a little better since there may be something hereditary in all of this?? My doctor is aware of my way of eating. I had several health problems before I was diagnosed as diabetic and began this journey. Most all of them are much better and my doctor is thrilled. I will of course inform the hematologist as well. Thank you all again for the positive thoughts, comments and prayers. I very much appreciate them all 🙏❤️ 
22 Apr 18 by member: ClarityAnn
sending hugs and prayers.. it'll all work out 
23 Apr 18 by member: gaelicgal
The RDW reading, whether high or low can indicate anemia of two different types. An elevated value can indicate an iron deficiency anemia, folate or B12 deficiency. People on long duration Keto diets can encounter that situation. Now you have the knowledge that you have a family history of iron deficiency issues. Also, people with hypothyroid issues may have worsening of that issue because the thyroid requires carbohydrates to function. Let us know how this works out. Best wishes. 
23 Apr 18 by member: Kenna Morton
May God continue to bless you thru your journey.. Everything is going to work out...:) 
23 Apr 18 by member: Mortgirl10
@Kenna Morton My RDW was high and got higher. My thyroid has been checked several times and is always fine. But boy oh boy if my thyroid needed carbs....but my diabetes doesn’t. Wouldn’t that be a pickle? Having to find a balance? 🤪. Thank you for all of your insight. It’s made me feel much better. Like maybe it’s something a pill (supplement) can take care of. I’m always willing to adjust my way of life to better my overall health, hence why I started this journey. I’ve done research on Keto and I knew I should be taking some vitamins and supplements but I never find the money for anything that’s for me. I always figure I’ll be fine. I can do without it. My vitamin D was super low so doctor started me on vitamin D3. 2,000 IU a day. He also checked my magnesium but that was fine?? I will certainly let you all know what I find out. I gotta tell ya, this community is so dear to me. You’re all awesome ❤️🙏😘 
23 Apr 18 by member: ClarityAnn
Praying that all of your worries will be taken care of sooner than later. It is a bump in your road but with time it will pass. Sorry your neighbors aren't helping out more. You are doing awesome on your woe! 
23 Apr 18 by member: kattay
23 Apr 18 by member: tlslim50
Praying for you to find a ride, for wisdom for the doctor and for your body to respond favorably to the "treatments". Blessings! 
23 Apr 18 by member: Gingerk65
Clarity Ann— our bodies are fine ruined machines. We all eat way too many carbs, but they are still necessary for long term health. Not all carbs are created equal. Cake and asparagus are not the same thing. Good luck. 
23 Apr 18 by member: Kenna Morton
23 Apr 18 by member: butterfliesrfree


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