ChicaLean's Journal, 10 April 2014

Well that stinks. Here I was at 2am pouring my heart into another journal. Full of typos and gibberish but never the less a lot of typing especially because I am using a phone. And then I hit the wrong button on my phone and lost the whole thing. It's interesting that even though it did not post it still helped clear my mind. I'm off to try for a nap. But before I go the subject of the journal was a recent home invasion that I just learned about, life is wonderful in this small town. I wonder if my dad is reconsidering his unlocked door policy? I mean if people want to break into something and steal they will find a way. But don't give them an open door invitation. I love you dad but for real dude we have to do better. And to plead my case, when I say I just learned about this I mean as in days after the actual event.

I think I need to go live in my actual home and not live with him anymore. Moving back home is starting to get more appealing by the minute.

Good day everyone!

Oh crap almost lost this journal too
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Ah but luckily your journal is safe in cyber space :) Open door policy? Oh dear... Was this home invasion of the friendly variety (think E.T), or .. not so friendly?... Hope you're ok! Sounds like you could do with a hug. 
10 Apr 14 by member: Tamzen
Yikes - I dreamed of this very thing last night - people were coming into the house taking things and asking me if I had a good heart. We as a society have certainly screwed up the Mayberry RFD way of life, haven't we. 
10 Apr 14 by member: FullaBella
Oh - I'd be too chicken to keep the door unlocked. I have friends, though, that leave their door unlocked all day. They lock it at night (usually) when they go to bed if everyone is home. But, during the day the door is open. One keeps the front door open, another keeps their back door open. I lock up everything, even the balcony door that no one is going to get to without a long ladder. 
10 Apr 14 by member: DarleneW101
Yep, I live alone and keep the door locked even during the middle of the day when I'm home. And the second floor patio door. Once in a while if I go out to take out the trash or run a quick errand I'll leave it open. Just two nights ago, they apprehended a heroin dealer hiding in the backyard of my block after a chase. The reporter on the news stood right in front of my house. I'm famous! But glad my door was locked, as I was fast asleep when it all went down.  
10 Apr 14 by member: megmonster
I find journaling so therapeutic too… regardless of what happens with it after its written. But, glad you didn't lose this one too! xoxox 
10 Apr 14 by member: Ruhu
Oh boy it’s been a long day and still not done. Tamzen, someone posted about how some of our journals can be googled and reviewed without being logged into an FS account. That is creepy if you are really looking for complete privacy and anonymity. I think I am somewhere in the middle. I like being able to divulge things that are on my mind in this setting but it can make you a little more guarded knowing that. And unfortunately it was not E.T., LOL. Omg Bella, you are scaring me with the timing of your dream. The intruder was someone that was in and out and knew exactly what he/she was after. At least that’s how it appears. Or maybe they saw the one item and said that’s perfect and left. I mean I’ve never burglarized anything but I imagine you have to move pretty quickly. Mayberry has been ruined. Darlene and Meg I so agree with the door locking. I don’t understand my dad when it comes to the decision to not lock the door. Even the deadbolt is a false sense of security. It’s a glass pane that separates someone from reaching their hand down and unlocking the door and the bottom lock does not require a key to open (as someone willingly demonstrated for me). Meg congrats on you newly welcomed fame, too funny. Please keep safe all and lock the doors. It’s so sad how cruel or desperate people can be these days. Ruhu, this was my free therapy for the day I hope to rest better tonight. 
10 Apr 14 by member: ChicaLean
What!?!?! Noooo that's creepy! Ok mental note for me to never post anything personally personal! :/ Hopefully your long day ended on a positive note! 
11 Apr 14 by member: Tamzen


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