ChicaLean's Journal, 14 November 2013

I had a long and interesting day that ended with me spending a few hours with a gentleman that my dad bonded out of jail. I don’t know how I became his chaperon in the process. Maybe because I don’t care about myself enough or my dad only cares a little. Anyway, it was me and Mr. Fresh out of jail riding around on a late night road trip. I forgot to mention that he speaks very little English and I do not speak any Mandarin. I also can get lost pretty easily and I may have symptoms of night blindness (if one of the symptoms is barely can see at night then I nailed it). Mix that all together and you have a night to remember. To my credit I only got lost once and what I thought was getting lost was just me discovering a new and longer way of getting to the office. I use the “force” a lot! The “force” guided me to go straight and not to turn around. I am a lady but I may be the stereotypical guy when it comes to directions. My dad keeps mentioning me using a GPS but I told him I was born with one it’s just a little scrambled. During our journey the guy did manage to ask “how long?” When I could not communicate that I had missed the intended exit I was thinking “shut your face, what?!” I mean how dare him. I spring him from jail and he can’t spend an extra half hour driving in the wrong direction. I later realized that he was hungry and tired, oops. I don't want to know what happens in jail. Luckily I saw a sign that read five miles to our destination and was confident enough to say 10 minutes.

On our road trip we made several stops but the first was to the store to get some cigarettes, a lighter, potato chips, a soda and some ferrero rocher chocolates. He offered me everything but I said no thanks to the cigarettes because I don’t smoke, and saying no to the soda and chips was easy but when he got to the chocolate it seemed rude especially after he had forced them into my hand. It was so strange to see someone eat so much junk food by themselves that I had to help. Well after the junk food spree I took him to get a solid meal.

Anyway, I am too tired to finish this journal but in short I learned the following: conducting a behavior analysis of someone fresh out of jail would be quite an interesting project, emotional eating is a big no and I faltered big time. I ate a bunch of crap and gave into stress eating for the first time in many months, I feel horrible and realizing my dad, as much as I love him, sucks a little. He was only concerned about the money that he made on the bond, not about his 5ft, unarmed daughter picking up a strange man in the middle of the night from jail. Way to go dad!

Vacation countdown continues I can’t wait to get away. I am starting to feel sick.
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Wow, sounds like a crazy night! Is your dad an attorney? If he asks you for a favor like that again, maybe let him know that you didn't feel safe or comfortable the last time and ask him why he thinks it's ok to put you in that situation? Sometimes people don't always look at things from another perspective. What I mean to say is, because your dad probably would have been comfortable chauffeuring the man from jail, he might not have realized it would make you uncomfortable. Glad the Mr. Fresh-out-of-jail was friendly enough to offer you some chocolate and wasn't violent or (too) creepy!  
14 Nov 13 by member: megmonster
I think that favor was one too many. I've been fighting off something every since that night and Sunday I start vacation, I feel like cancelling my plans. I have two days to get better. My Dad is bondsman and has been for years. He is too comfortable and trusting of people especially since a large percentage of them are career criminals. So yes dealing with a certain element is second nature to him but he also does not care enough or he still would consider my safety. I should have said no but instead I just stressed myself to the point of getting sick. I learned my lesson. 
14 Nov 13 by member: ChicaLean


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