SusanCan2020's Journal, 08 November 2018

Lost 3.5 lbs in three weeks doing low carbs, trying to do IF. People say if u dont eat enough calories, you wont lose weight. Here is the thing though. If I were lost in the woods for weeks or months, not eating enough calories, cant catch a rabbitt, the body will eventually give in and use what u have. So saying you are not losing weight because u r not eating enough calories is not really true is it. It would mean it would take a little longer for the body to kick in and use what you have... wouldnt you think?

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if you are long term not eating enough calories the body will stall and hold on tight. alternating from time to time with extra calories to break the stall helps.  
08 Nov 18 by member: baskington
Sure, but are you willing to sacrifice muscle by undereating? And the lower you go on the calories, the slower your metabolism becomes. Deprivation can lead to binge eating as well. 
08 Nov 18 by member: Erquiaga
Undereating is the most common way to lose weight. One lb of body weight is said to equal 3600 calories. So if you cut that out you should lose one pound. This method is referred to as CICO (calories in calories out) One does not have to be extreme. I lowcarb and do not pay attention to calories. Did you stop low carbing Susan (glad all the rabbits were safe) 
08 Nov 18 by member: liv001
Intermittent is actually very healthy for you. There is a lot of literature to support it and bonus, it does not mess with your metabolism (also scientifically proven) when you do low carb your body adapts and uses fat storage for fuel. I eat one meal a day and feel the great benefits of fasting! Along with losing weight. It is the first time I have ever been able to lose weight without having to exercise daily for an hour. Its a win for me! 
08 Nov 18 by member: birdeegirl
If you're not eating enough calories your body will turn to both muscle and fat stores in order to replenish itself. So you will lose "weight" but your actual body fat percentage (ratio of muscle bone etc to fat) will not change much unless you are extremely overweight. More simply put, you'll turn into a smaller but still flabby person. 
08 Nov 18 by member: jmf2018
*Which is why it's important to pair your diet with exercise. 
08 Nov 18 by member: jmf2018
For me, I had to find something that would work with limited exercise because I have a pic line and receive daily IV treatments. Funny thing is, that I am seeing muscle definition in my arms and legs and attribute it to fasting 23 hours per day. Dr. Jason Fung is brilliant and I have learned so much from him. He has a lot of videos on you tube and also contributes to I know that it can be very confusing but there are some very reputable people out there that can steer you in the direction that works for you. Good luck Susan! 
08 Nov 18 by member: birdeegirl
I do IF quite a bit and OMAD (One meal a day) at least once a week as well. But sometimes I change it up  
08 Nov 18 by member: liv001
look at starving people around the world and that will prove this is not true. survive on too low of calories and you will definitely become skin and bones assuming your heart and other organs keep on going. 
09 Nov 18 by member: LostSun
that is like saying temperatures are falling because of global warming, ha 
09 Nov 18 by member: Shuleh


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