crazy8cottage's Journal, 18 August 2018

RANT: Anyone else’s in-laws make them want to jump off of a cliff?????? Mine have been staying with us for 10 days leaving tomorrow. They are moody, bossy, rude, pretentious, condescending and their visits are stressful on me, my husband and our kids. We went out to eat tonight and they commented on how “I certainly wasn’t eating like someone should on a diet”! So, I forced them to go to DQ with us, I got a Blizzard and I practically made love to it right in front of them. We came home and I took my dogs on a LOOONG walk - I’ve never walked faster in my life, yelling and swearing the whole way. I’m sure I looked like a crazy person. We will all be relieved when they leave tomorrow. Warning North Carolina: they are yours now!!!!

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At my in laws now-I will be leaving tomorrow. My husband almost set their house on 🔥 trying to fry fish. I have over indulged in food today. 
18 Aug 18 by member: tiffany1908
18 Aug 18 by member: bleueyes1974
My in laws aren't my problem - my own family  
18 Aug 18 by member: Mjgh06
😂😂😂you guys are already making me feel better. I had an enormous dinner, two glasses of wine and then, of course, that Blizzard I had sex with!!🤣🤣. I tried to walk off my frustration. None of it is enough! AAARRRGGGHH!!!!! 
18 Aug 18 by member: crazy8cottage
Sorry, it is one of the benefits of being perma-single! Ten days is a hella long time, even if you like them. If you don't, well, it's an eternity. Tell them the proof of your diet is in the results!! My neighbor kept asking what i can have on my diet and my roommate goes "jen can eat whatever she wants, she just has to work it out so it fits in her day!" I thought it was cute, as he is super thin and not very calorie-aware. Hang in there crazy8, it will all be a memory soon! 
18 Aug 18 by member: jengetfit123
I feel ya, my in-laws were supposed to live with us for a year and it ended up being 5, good luck and may the force be with you!! 
18 Aug 18 by member: Dmvaillancourt
10 days is too long to have house guests or be a house guest, imo, especially if they're critical and annoying. God bless you for just overeating instead of playing "whack a mole" with them and a big shovel. 
18 Aug 18 by member: SoCalPam
Thanks, Jen ☺️ I have a perma-single best friend who I make sure to share all of this with! She often fantasizes about the perfect married life. It doesn’t exist! I fantasize about her single life, although I know that’s not perfect either. We all make the best of what we have - until the in-laws come to town 😂😂 
18 Aug 18 by member: crazy8cottage
SoCalPam 😂😂😂. Yes, 11 days is too long. How does everyone on earth not know this? Isn’t there a written rule that visitors and fish smell after 3 days? Who stays 11 days???? And these people are wealthy - they can fly in any time they want!  
18 Aug 18 by member: crazy8cottage
Dmvillaincourt - 5 YEARS????? 🤪🤪🤪 
18 Aug 18 by member: crazy8cottage
There is nothing seriously wrong except that you forgot to impose the adage" "Fish stink after three days and so do relatives."  
18 Aug 18 by member: Annyoakly
How about if they stay in a hotel? 10 days is really imposing on you plus that way you could run home when it got to be too much...glad it is almost over for now. 
18 Aug 18 by member: nikeit
Now for some You time. Do something fun to make all the craziness you had to put up with somewhat worthwhile. 
18 Aug 18 by member: elsie chag
Well, getting it on with that DQ Blizzard was fun, not sure I deserve anything more than that 😂 
18 Aug 18 by member: crazy8cottage
A hotel? What is that? My in-laws are, in their own words, “highly educated corporate world” types, but apparently haven’t heard of one. They are also cheap as the day is long. 
18 Aug 18 by member: crazy8cottage
I feel your pain - we had it for years, and now strangely I miss them... I used to keep wine and chocolates in the bedroom so I could grab a nip without them 'seeing'. I used to develop migraines and spend the night with a good book when I couldn't take any more of them.... They were from a very different era and didn't want to accept that they weren't head of our household. Hoping tomorrow comes soon for you!  
18 Aug 18 by member: thenester
Lol lol lol too funny  
18 Aug 18 by member: nikkiferrera
I am guessing they've never heard of the saying, "guests are like fish, after 3 days they both start to stink". I think it goes something like that. Your post was pretty funny. Do you think they will now accuse you of adultery, because of the DQ incident? 😉 Hurry up tomorrow!  
18 Aug 18 by member: Becc@
My inlaws live just down the road-literally! 😖 I feel your pain! At one point they were dropping by daily just to see what we were doing. They drive by really slow like 15mph (it’s 45mph). We share things with them like the family farming, trash service etc. Even civic clubs at one point. It was nothing to get calls, texts and visits every hour. They’d call front he drive to see if we were home and look in our windows and even just come on in if we didn’t answer! They go through our drawers and closets, tell us how to raise the kids, take off with them and we have no idea where they are etc. At least you can send yours home! We just told mine to stop and now we are getting the cold shoulder as punishment. Best punishment I’ve ever had! 😁 Hope they leave quickly and you can get some rest! Good job taking the walk and venting rather than eating the frustration away!  
18 Aug 18 by member: peeperjj
I haven't had anything to do with my in laws for over 4yrs. They hate me and I don't miss them. My life is much better without them and my relationship with my wife is the best it's ever been. Life just is what it is. Deal the best you can and don't sweat the little stuff.  
18 Aug 18 by member: loudtoys


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