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Starting Again
Not for me, but the wife. After years of "this diet pill isn't working" and "this stomache wrap isn't working", she finally took my advice about calories and how the fat losing process is very simple. She doesn't count calories every day, but she stopped drinking soft drinks and eating honey buns.

After that it was making the healthier choices, brown rice and bread over the bleached alternative, spinach over lettuce, water over juice etc. She's down 35-ish lbs (5'6" 161lbs) today and still going. It takes a bit of time to see the results, but now that she has, she feels more confident in herself which leads to a happier overall life. I believe her goal is somewhere around 140-150 before she starts lifting weights again. I did tell her that she should have started long ago because it's a great way to burn calories and improve cardiovascular strength. Also squats are great for the ass.

She also cut out the obvious stuff like fast food. Now she gets an upset tummy if she eats McDonald's or the like.

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posted 21 Aug 2020, 22:22
Excessive laziness with overweight body
The only 'diet' that works is CICO. Calories In, Calories Out. You have to burn more calories than you eat.

You can achieve that with any diet you want. It's possible to be calorie deficient with a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, paleo, carbs only, bacon only, or fast food only diet. It's also possible to have a calorie surplus with any of those diets.

Count your calories with myFitnessPal. Most people eat more calories than they think they are. Find a balance between calorie restriction and exercise that keeps you at a calorie deficit and is sustainable over the long term (think years, not weeks).

There is no secret solution to weight loss. CICO!

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posted 21 Aug 2020, 22:20
Low Carb and Fasting
The 70% rule

Eat 70% of the meal. Take a break and talk for a while drink some water and enjoy the moment for a bit. You'll find that the majority of the time the food will settle in your stomach and you won't be hungry anymore.

many are saying it's a waste of food but I never said that. Get a to-go box and take it home.

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posted 21 Aug 2020, 22:18
Stuck weight not coming off
Walking. It's so underrated. Anyone can do it, can be done anywhere and it's free.

What I've been doing is leaving early for my bus to work and walking 30 mins along the route before catching my bus. On the way home I'll get off early and walk 30 mins home again. Adds an hour of walking a day with very little disruption to my daily routine. That plus eating better and I've lost a stone in about 5/6 weeks

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posted 21 Aug 2020, 22:17
I'm going to try this Atkins thing:)
Just a couple of tips:

If you drink a lot of sugary drinks, you might want to give them up first, maybe a one or two month head start, to make it easier. Give up diet drinks, too, if you can, because you're trying to reset your pallet from relying on the sweet taste.

Also, be prepared to try a lot of new foods and revisit some vegetables you didn't think you liked but might like better now. Mostly, I tried to trade foods -- instead of white rice try brown rice, wild rice or quinoa. Instead of breakfast cereals, try old-fashioned oats, steel-cut oats or farro. Instead of regular pasta, try protein enriched pasta. Instead of recipes with potatoes, look for recipes with beans.

Snack on nuts or fresh-cut vegetables. I've become the weird person who eats a bowl of sliced cucumbers. haha! If you must have chocolate, look for dark chocolate with low-sugar (read labels -- some "dark chocolates" are still high in sugar). I prefer Lindt Excellence. If you can't give up peanut butter, look for low-sugar peanut butter and stick to small amounts.

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posted 21 Aug 2020, 22:08
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