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28 October 2018

Weigh-in: 206.9 lb lost so far: 8.9 lb still to go: 76.9 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (4 comments) on diet DairyFarmersWife's own diet   losing 3.0 lb a week

27 October 2018

It looks like the universe is telling me to stop weighing myself. First I went back and forth on whether I should weigh in once a week while on the keto challenge or not. I finally decided I’m too obsessed to not weigh in so I tried to weigh in. The scale keeps reading Lo which I know means the battery is low but I’m also hoping it means I’m going Lo. Seriously why doesn’t it just say Low??? It can obviously read 3 digits because it keeps giving me 3 digits and a . something. So then I tried to figure out what kind of dumb not standard battery the scale takes because they never use anything we may have in the house AND the screw stripped while attempting to remove it from the cover. The cover that also had a tab that made the screw completely pointless but ok.
I’m taking all this as a sign I should not weigh in for this challenge because scales are dumb.

22 October 2018

Spin class broke me. Ok falling down the wet stairs in muck boots is probably what broke me but spin class made me realize I was broken. Before spin class I thought I was fine. After about 20 minutes my knee was complaining loudly. So was all the sweat pouring off me but well you know. I kept the resistance lower than normal and finished the class. I had to jump off the bike once to walk around and stretch my leg out. But.. I didn't quit. I'm probably a moron for not quitting but I kept thinking screw you 9.5 lbs. I'm getting below 200 if it kills me.

I weighed in this morning for the upcoming challenge. I'm going all out, no cheats, no wiggle room, just screw you 9.5 lbs attitude all the way. No whining about something hurting or being too hard.. uh uh I will find something else to do if I can't handle spinning. When I ran into an OMG are you kidding me? You're kidding me right? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?? moment at work.. I did not dive into the candy bowl. I ate nuts. Aggressively. I aggressively ate nuts. Which is kinda more satisfying when you think about it.

Now something not really challenge or weight or diet related.. I just have to ask WHY?? Why is there a role call in the women's shower at the gym? I never noticed it till I started taking classes and went to the gym more but there is a role call going on in the shower. "Sandy you in here?" "Teresa girl you there?" "Manda is that you?!?!" Why?? Who cares? Is this one of those things where some women go to the bathroom in packs only this time it's the shower? It never fails. Every time I'm in a stall taking a shower I get asked if I'm someone else. For the most part I ignore them because I don't know if they are talking to my curtain or someone else's curtain. Why are these women so interested in who is taking showers? It's not normal. It's invading my space. I refuse to let them know I shower. They can think I'm someone who never showers. I don't care. Until they know what color my flip flops are they are just going to have to wonder about the ongoing mystery of whose in there. And for the record.. Teresa is NEVER there. They need to stop looking for Teresa. I think Teresa got smart and stopped using the shower at the gym.

22 October 2018

Weigh-in: 209.5 lb lost so far: 6.3 lb still to go: 79.5 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet DairyFarmersWife's own diet   gaining 0.1 lb a week

19 October 2018

I joined a challenge for the first time in YEARS. At least I think it's been years. It feels like years. If you go to my page and find out it's only been 6 months don't tell me. I've already had to go through my work trash to try and figure out if I took my cold medicine or not. I'm pretty sure I didn't because there was no bubble pack in there... if I risk it and take more then I will probably drool on my laptop at work and even a drip of moisture seems to ruin these stupid machines so I'd rather not risk it. The IT department still remembers me from a possible pee leak incident. It wasn't me. It was an animal. But still. Going to IT saying I think a liquid may have gotten through a port hole probably instantly puts your name on an IT watch list. Mentioning it may have been pee in a post on a website they may or may not see in the search history... meh lets live dangerously.

Anyways.. I joined the KETO & INTERMITTENT FASTING for beginners challenge. Mostly because someone sent me an invite and I thought what the heck. Plus anytime I try keto I can't hit ketosis. At least the stick I peed on that one time was like Noooooope. The sticks work. We took them out to the barn to use on sick cows. lol Sick cows go into ketosis better than I do. oooh wait.. this could mean I should stop comparing my butt to the cows. Maybe I will learn something in this challenge. Maybe I will still fail miserably by accidently falling onto a mini candy bar my kids bring home from all the Halloween events this month. I'm in no way guaranteeing I will succeed at this challenge.

Do they still have those "did you succeed" check ins with the challenges? Honey.. if I get up, get dressed, make it to work with no stains or weird smells, and my shoes match. I've succeeded. If I remember where I parked my car after coming out of a store... I've succeeded. I like to set the bar kinda low these days. Speaking of bars. Wait.. now I just want to go to a bar. I haven't been to a bar since the tiny humans invaded! Gah! Oh wait I got old and figured out drinks were cheaper, stronger, and better when drunk curled up at home. But then I had tiny humans and moved to a farm and I kept falling asleep before I could finish the drink. Apparently I'm not a drinker. Anyways.. speaking of succeeding. I'm signed up for spin class again today. If I can make it through spin class without thinking I'm going to puke or thinking up some random emergency where I have to leave half way through class then.. I will have succeeded.

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