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Hi, my name is Sherry. I am 42 years old and live in Charlottesville, VA.

Starting again. Again.

I'll figure it all out one day.

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HELP!!!! weightloss
Diablo360x wrote:
Spacey47 wrote:
Diablo you are fighting a belief system not a rational thought process which is why it's pointless to try

Enjoy your success stop trying to help those who cannot be helped

Yeah, seems like a religion. The science speaks for itself, I have yet to see anyone post peer reviewed scientific data backing their beliefs. Their loss....

Read your link again.

In fact, if you truly wanted to keep insulin as low as possible, then you wouldn’t eat a high protein diet…you would eat a low protein, low carbohydrate, high fat diet. However, I don’t see anybody recommending that.

You don't see "anybody" recommending that? Really?
posted 04 May 2013, 22:47
HELP!!!! weightloss
shadowx1110 wrote:
Diablo360x wrote:
RavenSoul69 wrote:
Metabolically, low carb HAS to work--

A calorie surplus will make you gain weight regardless of carb count. Low carb dieting is simply a technique that helps in lowering calories. Avoiding a large food group=less calorie intake.

First of all, grains are not a “large” food group, they are actually small on the food pyramid. Also if you’ve ever done research on grains you would find that they are not actually essential to the human diet in terms of nutrition. The wonderful thing about our food is that vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are not exclusive to one food or food group. The same vitamins and minerals found in grains can be found in many other foods, and oftentimes in larger quantities. Personally I would like to get my nutrition from something more natural (lower in calories too) like a vegetable than a processed piece of bread, tyvm. Optimal health is not dependant on eating all food groups, it’s dependant on eating foods with the vitamins and minerals your body needs. When considering food, you can’t just look at food groups, you have to look at what your food is made of and what your body needs.

Many calorie-counters argue that carbohydrates are essential to the body for energy... well they forget that carbohydrates are found in almost every food there is. The best kind of carbs come from vegetables.

Yes, low carb naturally is low calorie as well… BUT only if done the proper way, with lots of vegetables because veggies are naturally low calorie. Many people figure that low carb means lots of meat and cheese, but these are actually high in calories AND sodium, and offers no fiber which you body needs. It also eliminates sugar of all kinds… eliminating fruits and starchy foods is a must, as sugar is sugar no matter the source, your body processes it into glucose. Blood sugar also plays a significant role in this diet… you might as well not think of this as “low carb” but more as a diabetic diet.

Furthermore, your implication that counting calories is more important than carbs… well, I disagree. I know from experience that I can be high on carbs, low in calories and still gain. I can be low in carbs and high calories and lose.

I also feel that the calorie-counting people here and elsewhere are very full of themselves and so intolerant of others doing their diet a different way that they always seem to feel the need to butt in (especially when the topic has nothing to do with calories) and say that people are doing it all wrong… *eye roll*. Not just you but SO MANY others, I get sick of it. How nice it is for you that it’s that simple but it is not so for everyone else. Calorie counting never worked for me, low carb does. If something doesn’t work, change something then change something else until it does. Low carb happened to be that thing that worked for many people. People are different and choose to do things in a way that works for them, get over it already!!

Right on shawdow. I totally agree. I almost started to rant but, it doesn't do much good sometimes and I see this ALL the time on here as well.


What really ticks me off, is when it comes from someone who is trying to gain weight.... Rolling Eyes
posted 30 Apr 2013, 18:41
HELP!!!! weightloss
Diablo360x wrote:
RavenSoul69 wrote:
Metabolically, low carb HAS to work--

A calorie surplus will make you gain weight regardless of carb count. Low carb dieting is simply a technique that helps in lowering calories. Avoiding a large food group=less calorie intake.

The only thing Dr. Atkins adamantly suggest you "eliminate" completely is sugar and... sugar isn't a food group. Wink Low carb usually does lower your caloric intake, what is a myth is that it is due to eliminating "large food groups". Almost everything you "avoid" in the Induction phase of Atkins can eventually be added back to your diet, even if you can't eat potatoes and bread and pasta everyday.

As far as your link goes, I believe as well that people overuse/misunderstand the term "starvation mode" but, your link clearly states that it can SLOW your metabolism ( which would lead to the logical conclusion that you will probably lose weight less "rapidly" if you aren't eating ENOUGH calories "as all tissue requires some energy to exist" ).

How do I stay out of "starvation mode?"

Marasmus is a disease of caloric restriction, but you most likely don't have it. Your metabolic rate can definitely slow down during weight loss, but it will never slow to the point where it causes you to gain weight; in this sense, starvation mode is a myth.

So... in what sense is it "not" a myth? I mean, I may be completely misunderstanding what your link is stating but, I don't think I am.

I think is a more accurate depiction of what people are referring to when they use the term "starvation mode"...

Starvation Mode: Dispelling the Myths
posted 29 Apr 2013, 20:10
Ketosis Question
Hope for discoloration! Laughing

I was hoping you wouldn't take that the wrong way about the Atkins bars and I'm glad you didn't!

Good luck to you!! Very Happy
posted 13 Apr 2013, 15:42
Ketosis Question
If you are in ketosis, you are in "fat burn mode". There really is no "more or less". I don't know what you do to make the color darker, I just know mine has been... just as it has been in the lighter shades. As long as you are following the plan correctly and you are in ketosis, you ARE burning fat. At what rate, I don't really know, it depends on your resistance level. That is determined at the end of the 2 week Induction period.

A couple of things I think are important is...

Make sure you are not using "low fat" products (because they actually work against you on this plan). Make sure you are eating your vegetables, drinking your water and when having protein... make sure you have it with a "fat".

I looked at your diet calendar and it looks like you are doing great. The only thing I would tell you to consider doing is... not having the Atkins Bars.

I'm not sure why they recommend using those, especially in the Induction phase of Atkins, when they are well known to cause stalls. But, that's just my opinion. I'm not a dcotor or a dietician so... who am I to say?

The only reason I do say that is because, I've read over and over again (here and elsewhere) people complain about not being able to lose as much as they think they should be losing and they are having the Atkins products as a "staple" in their diet. Sometimes 3 or more a day. Shock I don't think that's what they are intended for. I just think stuff like that is meant for the times when you just have to have something or you have no other choice in the matter. It's better than eating something COMPLETELY "off plan". Again though, that's just my personal opinion on the matter.

If they aren't causing you to stall or hindering your weight loss... I would have them if I wanted them. Very Happy I guess what I'm trying to say is... I'm just not sure how one would "know" if they were causing a problem or not if they've never done Indcution without them. Hope that made sense! Confused

Anyway, back to the color on the test strips...

If I were you, I seriously wouldn't stress over the color on the strips. Anything trace and above is ketosis. Wink
posted 13 Apr 2013, 15:24
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