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240.0 lb
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WEIGHT: I weigh 240. I gained 65 pounds over the past three years. Don't get any exercise because of back issues. Tried to go again the other day, my back is so bad I can't walk anymore, in the store I can. Used to walk 1-2 miles a day, just 3 yrs ago. Out of shape now. PERSONAL: I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Two daughters,three dogs, two cats. Was working at home doing transcription but lost job last September. I've stressed a lot over money. I am permanently disabled bc of my back. MEDICAL: I have fatty liver disease. It can get serious if you don't take care of it. I have to lose 25 lbs but want to lose 60-65 pounds. A size 12 would make me really happy. SOCIAL: I quit going anywhere pretty much except for to the store. I used to go to AA meetings every single day but once I started to really put on the weight, I stopped going because I was ashamed of being fat. I take care of the dogs, I watch TV. I've been searching for a job but no one will hire me because of ageism. NOW: I want to get the weight off for medical and self-esteem reasons. This diet was recommended to me by my GI doctor. I hope to get off pain pills by losing the weight and not carrying to much around on my back. I should be able to start walking again when he starts to come off.

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GI diet
Okay I've been on FS for over a week now but I'm not sure what diet I'm actually supposed to be on. My doc said "keto non-dairy." I have fatty liver disease and it's moderate but at a place where it can be reversed with diet. He wants me to lose 25 lbs before I see him again in I think three months.

I had lost 65 pounds four years ago and it crept back and I got very complacent with the weight I had gained. Now I hate myself, my self-esteem is bad. I have had two back surgeries and a neck surgery and all the wait on my front, abdomen, is pulling on my back muscles and I've had a great deal of pain for the years I've gained back the weight. I have to be on narcotics for pain or I can't get through a day.

I can no longer walk very far or at all. I used to walk at least two miles a day with my dogs. At the time I lost the 65 lbs I was able to completely get off pain pills and had such little back pain that it was only an annoyance, nothing life changing as it is now.

So to not make this any longer am I in the right place with the GI Diet? I need to put a call out to him tomorrow bc I'm kind of confused. Are you all non-dairy or any at all?

Thank for reading all this.
posted 29 Apr 2018, 14:34
Scales at home
As soon as I can I want to get a Weight Watchers scale. Right now I’ll just keep adding 10 po7nds. What kind of scale did you get Fritzy 22?
posted 28 Apr 2018, 20:58
Scales at home
This morning I got the dusty scales out from under my bed and I put it on zero, cleaned it off and on the tile floor in my bathroom and weighed myself. And it says 230 lbs. Well there's no way I've lost 10 lbs in three days.

I had to change this post because I was looking at my sheet that the doc sent home with me and weight written down was 240 not 244. So I need to change that but also I guess as far as weighing myself I'll just weigh and add 10 lbs to it??

I tried changing it but goofed it all up. I'm not sure how to change it in the weigh in now part. Just take 4 lbs off?
posted 23 Apr 2018, 11:43
Thank you. I got the calorie calculator from and I feel at ease now. I didn't think anybody could lose weight on a 2800 cal diet but I guess my pain management guy told me you eat higher calories when you're weight lifting and things like that. Thank you again for your answer.
posted 21 Apr 2018, 15:56
Hello - I started this the other day, in the sense that I tried to fill stuff out. I have no idea what I'm doing really. I shopped last night for foods that I've just seen in prepared meals (pics) and will try to follow along until I figure this out. I have fasted today mostly because of my confusion on what to eat. It's afternoon (1:37) here in Arizona so I'm kind of late with lunch. I still have homemade spaghetti from the other night and I thought I would just have some of that.

At the store bought pork (those sliced thin pieces, uncooked of course), lean ground beef, capers to top pasta, carrots, broc, cucumber, I have pita pockets low in something (have to look). I have chicken breasts as well. I really do not eat red meat but will eat the ground beef because it's SO EXPENSIVE! I bought strawberries, dried cranberries (hope I can have for a snack). Trying to think. Cantaloupe and watermelon. Mushrooms. Lettuce. Grape tomatoes. Penne' pasta. Pizza sauce (I prefer over spaghetti sauce. Was hoping to have pasta with a little sauce on my pasta).

Okay so I am really going to miss my greek honey yogurt. I was eating it with the dried cranberries in it and some loose granola mixed in. I was eating probably too much of that. Giving up cheese and yogurt - I've done it. I have to have milk in my coffee. I have the dried creamer but prefer milk. I know I'm supposed to give up dairy, right?

I'm just looking at everybody's food and trying to put things together. Now, where do I start? I picked out foods for like a menu, I want to delete those and start over.

I guess that's it for right now. The spaghetti sauce is just store bought and it has mild Italian sausage in it.
posted 20 Apr 2018, 15:44
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