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13 April 2014

Oh my word what a couple of weeks it has been!

ATF-it's kind of a "meh" right now. I absolutely let my life take over my good sense when it comes to eating, and my life has been chaotic the last 3 weeks. So yeah, the eating has been lackluster at best.

I am suddenly feeling much healthier, albeit with a few days here and there where the joint pain is just overwhelming and exhaustion takes over. I'm getting more done around the house though.

As to why all the chaos-the new cat got horribly, seriously, deathly ill 4 days after we got him. $2000, an overnight stay at the emergency vet, another couple of overnights at the regular vet, and a boatload of antibiotics and antimicrobials administered by me, and he's better. It has, however, very nearly put us right back at square one with acclimating him to the new house. It was a very traumatic experience for him, all the upheaval. His follow on visits and next round of vaccines is getting pushed back, I can't take him back for a while, not until he's well established in the house. It wrecks him to be taken back to the vet, even though everyone there knows and loves him, each time he goes he thinks he's being left there and each time I've taken him I've had to leave him there overnight. Poor thing, he just wants to be loved!

And while all this is going on, I'm getting my bathroom gutted and remodeled! Oh yes, I don't do things by halves! So with our delays (can't let the guy in if I'm at the vets and not here) and his delays (a sick kid, a sick wife requiring an ER visit, and a few follow-on visits to other jobs he's got lined up or already done, which he'd already told me he might have to do) it's taking a long time. I do have tile on my floor, and new walls that will actually hold the tile on when it starts going up the walls. The walls all had to be reinforced and all the drywall replaced with the proper waterproof type made for bathrooms. The bathrooms in my house have no windows, they're all entirely interior. Hopefully tomorrow there will be baseboards, ceiling molding, and wall tile! Squee!

I have the tub-refinisher coming back out Wednesday to patch the area where the walls were incorrectly installed over the tub lip as the new walls expose how badly the original walls were put up. (not to mention the tub was installed slightly off kilter)

I'm bloody exhausted.

So, to combat all this stress and chaos, I did grocery shopping yesterday, bought many delicious fruits and veggies, MADE A MENU PLAN for the next two weeks and I'm climbing back on the horse. Again. For the...oh, I dunno, 4th time or so? I guess you just have to keep getting back on the horse one more time than you fall off, right?

13 April 2014

Weigh-in: 207.4 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 22.4 lb Diet followed poorly
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27 March 2014

And even less dismal today! Definitely seeing where I need to be, and seeing that when I eat the good stuff, I am satisfied with fewer calories overall. Grocery day tomorrow, so time to stock the house with the good stuff!

Oh and I...

Adopted another cat yesterday.

I went to take my older cat for a follow up visit-she had some gastroenteritis over the weekend, nothing major, but due to her age and her stress her blood sugar was really high at the ER vet visit, so we needed a recheck just to make sure.

Saw a ginormous cat in the boarding area (it has a see through aviary between the lobby and the cat boarding area, kind of like bird-o-vision for the cats, and is full of small colorful tropical critters that flap and twitter and generally make the birds very happy).

So, ginormous cat is asleep, but for some reason I felt compelled to ask about him. He is up for adoption! Sigh...husband would never consent to another cat, and he's not declawed. Sigh....

Husband comes to vet office to bring ER vet records as there was a problem faxing them over.

They hoist ginormous cat out of the kennel and bring him to me to hold. Husband weakens, but stands firm. Yes, he's lovely, and everything we've always wanted in a cat (large, friendly, not a kitten, very, um, STURDY) but we have two cats and am I aware that we're just now paying the vet bill for one of them?

So never thought he'd be here in our house. I talked to my Facebook friends about him, trying to see how I could go about finding him a home, because honestly he is too nice a cat to not have a home.

And the husband says "just go get him, I can't stand him being there either". :D

So I checked up on him, turns out his owner died, in the house with him, and they weren't found for a week or so. Poor old Buddy was in the house with his owner dead, alone. He's been at the vets for 3 months in the kennel-they take him out but I'm fairly sure his feet never touched the ground because he is MADE for cuddling-he's a big, fur covered, purring meat loaf. (And I do mean BIG, he dwarfs my 14 1/2 pound cat).

One of the vet techs CRIED when they took him out to bring him to me. They all just love him.

So, that's my saga. I'm a sucker. I slept with him in my sewing room on my daybed last night-he likes to have a paw held while he sleeps. His paws together cover my entire palm. They think he's part Bengal and part Siamese-he definitely sounds Siamese and he's too chunky to be a pure Bengal.

But he's lovely, affectionate and sturdy enough that the offspring can cart him around like a sack of potatoes-Buddy likes nothing better than to be carted around like a sack of potatoes, actually. Zoe, the next size down, is getting a bit old and brittle for that sort of thing, and Yoda, the smallest one at 10 1/2 pounds, is too high strung. I'm hoping this gives Yoda someone to play with and my son a cat of his own. (though I'm awfully fond of the big ol' thang myself!)

25 March 2014

Feeling somewhat less dismal today!

Make myself a much healthier breakfast this morning, so my mood is definitely better. You can't feel good when you eat bad, right? Honestly right now I need to tackle this one day, one meal, at a time. Good stuff in. Good stuff in. Good stuff in. Lots of water. Lots of water. Lots of water.

Cat is going back to the vet this afternoon for a fasting glucose test, but continues to feel mighty sorry for herself and is squeaking and pathetic. She's an older cat (12 years) and I worry every time she has any little niggle that it's the end. She's my husbands baby doll, and if she dies he will be an absolute wreck. He really adores her and they have such a special bond-she waits for him by the front door, sleeps next to his pillow, watches TV with him. She's his pal. She likes me well enough, and she is always up for a cuddle and a chin scratch, but he really is her preferred human.

Offspring is feeling better and is enjoying a lunch of his favorite sesame noodles a la Mom, featuring chicken breast, napa cabbage, shredded carrots and celery. Good stuff in for him, too, I guess!

I'm going to do something with the other chicken breast for me here in a bit, maybe poach it and make chicken salad with tarragon and celery and apples and walnuts...Mmmmmm!

24 March 2014

Just running by to throw out a quick check-in.

Husband is now sick, as is teenager (and one of the cats, just to make my life complete). I have given up cooking for the time being as no one wants anything that I want to cook.

Tile guy postponed for two weeks, is supposed to start next week, which is spring break for my son. That'll be a thrill a minute, won't it?

The child will undoubtedly need to do a load of late homework over spring break, because he's sick this week. Some of last weeks work still needs work because of dad being home last week and me trying to keep it quiet. The offspring simply cannot do all of his homework without testing out how loud I can shout at him about it, which I don't like to do when people are trying to sleep.

Oh, and it's going to snow tonight and tomorrow.

My weight is up almost to where I started last year.

So, yeah, this year has just been lovely so far. Wake me when it's frakkin' OVER.

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