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29 June 2014

Not ignoring anyone, just have a lot going on at the moment!

New pantry arrangement last weekend, too pooped to pop most of the week, feeling sorry for myself about the exercise challenge (so of course that takes a fair bit of time). Working on finishing up some long delayed tasks. Joined an online group that is addressing some stuff and it's shining some light on lifelong issues, and has lightened up my mental baggage quite a bit! So at the moment I'm focusing on that.

Tomorrow I am going to try again with a 30 day challenge, but will do them 3 days of the week (MWF) I need a more set schedule than the 3 days on, one day off method provides. Need to figure out my food choices as well.

I did, however, finally get my bathroom painting finished-it is not perfect, and yet the heavens did not split open nor did lightning strike me.

I also got my sewing room thoroughly de-cluttered, a task which has loomed over me for more than a year. I think it took me a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes. Did it while my guys went to the next big city over from this one for computer parts yesterday.

Basically-I'm working on just doing stuff instead of dreading doing stuff. I am letting go of perfectionism (much of that self-imposed and/or motivated by imagined criticism) and just enjoying the simple pleasure of getting a task finished as well as I can.

No, it isn't ATF, and it isn't weight loss necessarily-but being here triggered a chain of events that has led to some vast improvements in my life all around. This is clearly going to be a bigger task than I thought, but conversely it's a lot easier to break down into small pieces that are much easier to tackle.

26 June 2014 much for the 30 day challenge. Every time I try to do the ab work, the vertigo comes back, and the knees are just kaput after last weekends adventure in cabinet assembly. I think I'll try it again but on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule, instead of trying to do it in 30 days. I did get more than halfway through it, proud of myself for that, not too bad for someone with my joint problems and lack of overall fitness. Just need to get back on the horse, really.

Toward that end I will star using my allergy nasal spray to get those sinuses open and less inflamed so that my inner ears are not under so much pressure-this is almost always what causes the vertigo problems.

Eating has been awful because I've been feeling sorry for myself and like an abject failure because my body can't suddenly do stuff it would have easily done 15 years ago. LOL-yeah, I know, I should tiptoe quietly back to the real world where I ease in gently to this routine instead of punishing myself! (I really do love the endorphin rush from working out though!)

Gettin' back on the horse as of now, I'm going to go record my two pillsbury cinnamon rolls and try to find something a little less obnoxious for lunch! LOL!

20 June 2014

Got back on the horse with the ab and squat challenge yesterday, did all my stuff, vertigo came back but only in a minor role.

Picked up two YOODGE storage cabinets at Lowe's yesterday for kitchen storage! YAY! We've been needing storage in the kitchen desperately, and while a remodel would be lovely it's tens of thousands of dollars that we don't have. $600 got us two big units and two small units which will nicely fill the empty useless wasted space at the end of the area that is my kitchen/dining room.

Put one of 'em together last night, and transferred all of the stuff that was held in two much smaller storage units into that one, this morning. Unfortunately dropped a door on my big toe while doing it, and scraped the skin off the tip of said toe. It is singing to me the song of its people, which seems to consist of "OWUCH!!!"

And my knees are not happy with me today. I'm thinking this squat challenge is going to have to go to every other day and just get extended. I just don't think I can do it in the 30 days. I can do the work, just not on that schedule. Oh well-I lasted 18 days, not bad for an old fat broad!

I can do all of the abs except for the regular plank, because you have to be on your toes for that and my toe is not up to it. I can do a modified one on the knees, though.

ATF-I ate ONE meal yesterday. Seriously. I just was not hungry, not until about 1am and I refuse to eat at 1am. That was decidedly odd but I went with it. If you're not hungry, you're not hungry. I survived! LOL!

18 June 2014

Have hit a wall on the ab and squat challenge-the plank is my nemesis! LOL! I can't seem to hold it more than 40 seconds. Ah well-I'm doing two instead.

Also, yesterday and today, having an episode of vertigo. I got through it yesterday, not so sure that's gonna work today. It's a lot worse today. I'm not sure I can handle the up and down of squats and the head back up and down of ab work. Not without vomiting, and the anti-nausea medication knocks me out. For hours. Best sleep aid ever, really.

ATF-I need to do some grocery shopping. I have discovered that I have a set list of stuff I like to go to, so I need to stock up. Gonna go have my tuna for breakfast (lunch?) here in a bit, with pickles and nut thins! LOL! I need to pick up salad stuff too.

I purchased myself ice cream bars last week, and I have to be honest. I ate them, every 3rd day or so, but truly didn't enjoy them that much. A lot of calories, not as much enjoyment from them. If I get stuff like this in future, I'm going to look for the tiny size ones. Two bites seems to be my limit, after that I'm just eating it to finish it. Got a shake last night with the child, finished it, really didn't enjoy it that much-the store had trouble with their card reader and instead of giving me my stuff and sorting out the problem while I consumed it at its best (she had my card, after all, where was I going to go?), the cashier let my shake sit and get runny while ambling around trying to find someone else to take care of the problem. Think I'll need to say something about it on their consumer comment form. It was an unpleasant visit from start to finish.

But-that aside, I really didn't enjoy it that much and greatly resented the calories consumed that I could have put to better use for something I would enjoy more.

Not beating myself up over it-it's a lesson learned, moving on! I still came in under my calories! I allow 1900 calories most days, but generally stay around 1400. 1900 is my "maintain this weight" limit, that I try not to go over. I just cannot abide by "do NOT go over x calories no matter what!" rules. Sometimes you need more food. Sometimes you don't. Listening to your body requires that you pay attention to what it tells you-some days you're just not that hungry, some days you are. Your body does not require an exact amount of calories on any given day, your body works on hundreds of variables that you're likely totally unaware even exist. It's working, that's what matters.

16 June 2014

Weigh-in: 202.4 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 17.4 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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