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Updated my image today to a spreadsheet of my three levels of macro intake: maintenance, minimum, and goal. Zooming on a computer makes it legible.

Desk job. Yo-yo'd about 40 pounds four times in my life; working on a lifestyle that I will stick with, rather than dieting this time. I've managed to stop gaining for the past four years, and lost quite a few inches. But I still weigh around 230 and I am shooting for less now.

Weight train in my garage: Chest or Shoulders on Monday, Legs on Tuesday, Back on Thursday, and makeup on Saturday. Usually travel to my dad's house (recently passed; I'm executor of the will) on Saturday, which takes about six to eight hours total.

Ideally I would hit 175 grams of protein, 95 grams of fat, and 130 grams of carbs for approximately 2,075 calories, based on experience gained over the past four years. This is 300 calories per day below maintenance for me, with three days of weight training and my current desk job. Generally, my diet is 2,200-2,400 calories, 30%/30%/30% macros with 10% wiggle room. Limit fried food, try to maintain good fiber intake.

I was born anemic 64 years ago and develop issues if I go vegetarian too long (two week limit). I feel good eating meat only five times a week (20 ounces/week) but gain weight instead of losing if I try to hit my protein goals combining grains/ legumes/ seeds. My digestive system cannot handle 800 calories/day of eggs and milk (especially casein) but I do consume both in moderation.

I have good control during the work week if I am in the office. But work travel remains a big fail. Weekends were minor fails but I realized the problem and have done better on weekends when extended family does not have a reunion, birthday party, holiday celebration, etc.

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Intermittent Fasting & Weightlifting
My wife does IF and has done well (more than three, less than six months). She goes to a class at the YMCA where everyone does the same weight training exercises simultaneously, and goes fasted in the mornings. She drinks plain black coffee and a lot of water, and carries some boiled eggs with her "just in case" she has an issue. So far, she is happy to do it that way and says she feels energetic. Not going to tell you her age, but I'm 65 and younger than she is.
posted 10 Sep 2019, 15:07
Starting weight training
Hi Lilabit,
Happy to hear you have been making progress and not developed any issues. It sounds like the plan you are on is working for you; I would not recommend any changes as long as it is working for you without ill effects. Assuming it is a progressive program (increase reps or weight lifted as time passes) I would only reiterate: make small incremental increases, not big leaps.

I definitely would NOT recommend taking steps backward (lifting lighter weights or in pool) without it being due to pain or injury. Body strength /muscle mass is like money invested: not to be spent casually. Just pay attention to your body, and if it says ease up, listen to it. Just remember: there are some dedicated individuals with steady lifting under their belt still squatting over 400 pounds in their 70s. So age does not automatically mean stop what you are doing and sit in a rocker.
posted 15 Jan 2018, 10:46
Starting weight training
How's the body weight routine going now, @Britt1975? My advice on any method is take it slow and do everything you can to avoid injury. Basically, improvements happen first in the nervous system (learning to recruit more muscle fibers), then in the muscles/ circulatory/ body chemistry, then in the tendons and ligaments/ joints. So, the tissues that can tear and cause debilitating, progress halting problems are the ones that strengthen the slowest.

So take it easy. Slow progress ensures continued progress. Continued progress keeps up interest. Simply add reps until you feel like it just takes too long, then add resistance. Try to make measurable progress every week initially, eventually every workout. But take small increments and give your body a chance to adapt.
posted 04 Jan 2018, 13:06
1. Try a smaller file size/ smaller dimension image.
2. Try a *.gif file (not animated).
posted 04 Dec 2017, 07:04
I only know how from an iPhone:

Go to "More" at bottom of screen.
Select Diet Calendar.
Scroll to bottom of calendar.
Select the icon that looks like a box with an arrow pointing upward from inside (think "outbound" on a desk).
This will open "Export", where you can choose "Full Month", "Detailed Report", etc. This is the part that can be tricky to get what you want. Experiment.
I always have used PDF as the format. Easier to print.
When you click the email button, you need to send it to somewhere you can retrieve it and print it, or send it to your doctor.
posted 10 Nov 2017, 08:11
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