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24 June 2014

My "Exploding Pregnant Woman" search only gave me some over the top baby announcement ideas so I'm going to assume the chances of me actually exploding are low. That being said.. I'm HUGE. I'm 9 months pregnant huge and I still have 59 days to go. Hubby is excited. He thinks this could be the next great NBA player. I picture the kid coming out already 3 ft tall with a beard, cursing like a sailor. So yeah.. HUGE! It will be interesting to see just how big I can get without exploding. Maybe we should name the baby Hulk.

I haven't weighted in but I'm pretty sure my weight is about the same. It's getting harder to eat. Either its too late at night and I know it will make me sick to lay down or the kid goes nuts because I ate something he liked.. or maybe he didn't like it. I don't think I'll ever find out because I have to stop eating when he gets all excited. Is this what happens from exercise? Is the kid getting gigantic biceps from all the gym fumes?!?!?! I didn't make it to the gym again today because I still feel like poop but he seems calmer. This can be my little science experiment. Does exercise make for happy active hulk babies? Or does no exercise while pregnant prevent exploding. Due to.. hulk babies who well.. like doing cardio on your bladder.

I'm going to google natural cold remedies now. Maybe I can find one that will stop coughing long enough to get to the gym again tomorrow. The cough drops and sudafed don't seem to be doing squat.

If I seem MIA it's because my eyes won't stop watering and I'm attempting to curl up in a ball under my desk to take a nap. Crap.. note to self. Wear tan! then I can blend into the tan cube walls and the tan carpet.

23 June 2014

20 June 2014

19 June 2014

Its been a good day/bad day sorta day today. I didn't make it to the gym for the first time this week but that means I already got my 3 days a week in so I can consider this a rest day. Plus I think I'm having a hot flash. Do pregnant women have hot flashes? I'm inside. In a cube with an AC vent right above me in a building that normally keeps the temp at -20 and I'm the only one with a fan on them going 1,000 mph. Good thing is it's keeping me awake because I'm exhausted. I just don't have any energy left in my body. Co-workers should be grateful I'm not topless. At this point I'm thinking that would feel like heaven! This is what I get for laughing at the phrase "sweating like a pregnant nun". I'm now actually sweating like a pregnant nun. The universe has a sick sense of humor.

In a completely unrelated fitness and diet topic.... I have 64 days to go (not that I'm counting) and we still have yet to decide on a name. Well hubby thinks we have a name but we don't. I wanted my dads name for the babies middle name since little man has his dads name for his middle name. At which point he decided this was the first name. Uh no.. its one thing to name someone middle name from a relative but where is the creativity! I need some name ideas so I can change hubbies mind. Right now the baby is stuck with David. Not that it's a bad name.. its just so grown up! Any ideas? The only one I managed to come up with was Bryce.

18 June 2014

I started this morning wanting to journal about finally remembering to log my weight. Since I conveniently forgot what the scale said before I logged it three days in a row I thought this was big news. Then I realized I've been unbuddied by a few people. Did I become that boring? Did I offend someone? Am I annoying? Did I talk about being pregnant so much that people just didn't want to be around me anymore? Maybe it's because I'm so brain dead these days that half the time I can't come up with a response to other people's journals. If I tried it would have been "Hi" or a smiley face. Or maybe a drooling half dead smiley face if they had it but they don't. In case its the last one I do still read your journals! I just can't put together coherant thought to comment most of the time.

So I'm not sure what I did or didn't do but it's kind of sad. I realized a few of them are recent moms so I don't know. I'm at a loss. Maybe it was my rants or whining or maybe they just didn't agree with my views on things. For those of you who can still put up with me I'm grateful and I'm glad I still have all of you as friends because I really do enjoy seeing your progress and groaning along with you through your struggles and appreciate those who care to share my ups and downs.

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