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10 May 2017

Day 9.... um... oops
I was invited yesterday to be a host for our Asian product managers for dinner. That meant a dinner after work at a BBQ place that went late into the night as we got them all drunk. Ok maybe not drunk.. but well liquored. Because well.. that's what friendly American's do. At least that's what my company does.

So eating was... um... questionable. Exercise was almost non-existant. I did jump on the elliptical for 30 minutes then I basically passed out in my workout clothes watching DareDevil. Yup.. I rocked it!

Today it's back on track. I've decided to start logging here and fitbit. This way you guys can yell and me and tell me I'm either eating too much, not enough, and also point out that any slips don't actually belong in the LCHF diet. Like corn bread.. corn bread at the BBQ place proooooooobably shouldn't be eaten.. while drinking beer... and trying to understand an Asian product manager.

I also decided that today is weigh in day because I like to torture myelf and apparently I have not weighed in for 19 days. So hey... why not? I was maintaining at 195.5.. I blame the cornbread.. and possibly the beer.... maybe.. maybe it was the beer.. it was probably the corn bread.. and pulled pork... and chicken... and beans.. and corn bread.

10 May 2017

Weigh-in: 197.6 lb lost so far: 18.2 lb still to go: 57.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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09 May 2017

Day 8 of LCHF/Planks are going to kill me challenge

I'm not positive but I’m pretty sure my workout routine and gradual daily increase is going to kill me. I will admit the beginning of each workout is getting easier but by 1 minute 10 seconds of a plank I’m using curse words I didn’t even know existed. The good part is I’m shaking so badly and trying to not collapse so no one can really tell what I’m muttering about. I have decided for the sake of my children’s vocabulary and their lives that no one is allowed to witness this part of my workout. That and squats… and lunges… and leg lifts because the little one keeps trying to sit on my stomach while I’m in the middle of lifting my legs. He almost learned to fly last night... almost. Instead he just squealed in delight while I held him up in superman pose while I did leg lefts.. barely.. I almost died.

The LCHF diet… is work. Getting enough fat, not over doing the carbs and protein. Not feeling guilty about smearing radishes with a lil smear of butter like someone suggested to help with the bite. Delicious btw I highly recommend it. I think next I need to experience some of the things everyone swears by like fat bombs…. I think I need fat bombs. I almost wrote fat boobs. Auto correct thinks I need fat boobs.. I have enough boob thank you very much.

Also today... my abs... hurt. I'm blaming superman. I've got that dull ache that I can't tell if it's an upset stomach or just muscle pain. I'm assuming it's muscle pain because the Tylenol is taking it away. Nothing like abs so sore they make you want to puke. Seriously... by the 90th day I better have results.. sculpted butt kicking fat boob results.

If anyone has any fat bomb suggestions or other LCHF quick things I can pop into my pie hole during the day let me know. No sweeteners please.. I already feel like I'm going to puke. I don't need a Splenda aftertaste to go with it.

Basically a cut and paste plus some but for stats and workout details that almost killed me..

08 May 2017

Days 6 and 7.. and 5 also if you want it is at but I'm lazy and Friday was a crazy day full of ups and more ups and then extreme OMG... ups and I got distracted, really distracted and didn't post here. Because I'm easily distracted and well yeah.

Whoever came up with the phrase “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” was an idiot. Lots of things taste good enough to make you not care about skinny. This weekend is proof. I want to be skinny but steak and clams and pistachios and Atkins bars just taste good.

This weekend was cold, rainy, and miserable. It made going out and getting anything done darn near impossible. Instead the kids went insane, I lost my marbles, and I realized upping your reps every day kinda sucks. 85 second planks seriously sucks. I think my 5 minute plank goal might be kind of insane. That sounds like 5 minutes of pure hell right now. 5 minutes of my butt jiggling like jello on a cows backside. Why??? Why am I doing this?? Oh yeah. I want to be skinny and fit and kick butt. My butt better look like sculpted granite at the end of the 90 days.

04 May 2017

Day 4 of LCHF/Actually working out and not just ignoring the elliptical while I watch Netflixs

Today I got to workout in the morning thanks to a scheduling thing with the sitter. You realize you’re a sweaty hot mess when a 2 and a half year old asks you why you’re all wet. It’s not good. I have pit moons, a soaked back, and boob moons. This is why I don’t go to a gym. How does anyone workout next to someone of the opposite sex and not die of mortification when they check out your chest and you have boob moons?? Maybe gym guys find these attractive but I’m kinda thinking they don’t. I don’t think I actually saw boob moons back in the day when I did go to the gym. Maybe it’s because I was constantly checking out my shoes to avoid all the mirrors. If sometime in the future a guy who goes to the gym actually reads this can you please let me know “Do boob moons do anything for you?” Inquiring minds want to know. Well ok it’s probably only me.

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