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11 March 2014

Weigh-in: 192.4 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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10 March 2014

I successfully managed to not track my weekend. I don't think I did too badly.. the scale tomorrow will tell me. Saturday hubby treated me to Applebees. That was probably the worst thing I ate and it was steak and shrimp so technically it wasn't even bad. It was just alot. I was rewarded by feeling the baby kick for the first time. See??? The baby likes steak and shrimp! Or maybe the baby just liked applebees. As if having my own excuses wasn't enough now I can multiply them times two. lol

The weekend did teach me one thing though. I wish I knew how to cook!! Every time I make shrimp it comes out like rubber. My steaks?? Never have that much flavor.. ever. Plus.. I'm beginning a cyber affair with Pioneer Woman. She has a blog and a show on food network. She isn't really diabetic/diet friendly but yumm! Some of the things she cooks could be healthy.. She made a chicken salad with corn, celery, onion, and blueberries.. yes blueberries. Maybe its the strange baby cravings but OMG did that look good. I even went out and bought the griddle/grill thingy she was using as inspiration to well.. cook something edible. Plus our grill is buried behind 4 foot of snow still. I attempted to shovel out the hot tub which is next to the grill and there is 6 inches of ice under the 4 foot of shaved ice. It's not even snow. It's shaved ice. Maybe I will get lucky and the 40 degree temps will melt things enough that I can use a pick axe to break things up enough to uncover the deck which is currently our ice rink. But.. back to food!

I think one of my big downfalls is lack of planning. I have nothing defrosted in the meat dept for tonight. Nada. I thought about it. I said I need to do that. I never did it. So tonight will be dinner ala freezer. But the rest of the week I will plan. I will cook. I will attempt cooking on a cast iron grill thingy. I will attempt to cook healthy. When all else fails.. the family eats sandwiches. We did stock up on lunchmeat so.. eh they won't starve. Oh yeah and I'm going to track what I eat. Even if it wasn't edible.

07 March 2014

I failed. Forgive me FS for I have sinned. Last night was nuts and I was exhausted so I did the unthinkable. I ordered pizza. Yummy delicious sinful pizza. We did do good though... we didnt devour the entire thing. So??? I packed a piece for lunch today and ate it on the way to work. 1 hour drive and the pizza was taunting me. So I figured ok.. I'll log it.. and I'll get back on track. But then there was a giant mint latte, shake, donut sign in front of dunkin donuts and the universe somehow gave me 5 extra minutes before I needed to be at work. That NEVER happens! So.. um yeah.. mint chocolate latte and a um.. donut. *smacking head* oh and.. jelly beans. The baby made me do it!! Oh yes.. you knew it was coming. I used the old I'm pregnant and the baby wanted it excuse.

Now I just have to make sure I make it to the gym, do barn chores, and run around the house full speed a few hundred times. Or... I can call this a treat day and move on. Make that a treat morning. If I call it a treat day I will keep going. The good news is its suppose to get up to above freezing today so I can dig out the hot tub for all these new aches and pains I'm finding. I can't crank the thing up to high but at least I can relax with a jet pointed at the middle of my back. :) This will come in handy when I'm kicking my own butt this weekend to make up for the pizza and latte.. and donut.. and jelly beans.

06 March 2014

I did it!!! I made a meal. From scratch. And people ate it!! They devoured every single drop. I didn't burn it, it didn't explode plastering the walls, and it didn't turn into a goopy gross mess. I got a recipe for diabetic friendly creamed turkey over bisquits and not only did hubby eat it but the farm hand did too. The only complaint was.... the green things. Apparently I need to cook the celery so well that it loses all color next time. Or maybe just cut it up so tiny that they don't notice it as much. They didn't notice the other veggies I put in there because I chopped the crap out of them. Either way. They ate green things then went back for a second helping of green things! Ha ha! I must say though the darn meal gave me a heart attack a few times. Just when it looked like everything would look like wallpaper paste or turn into a goopy mess it all smoothed out. The kitchen fairy was watching out for me. I cooked! There may be hope for me yet.

Yesterday I managed to make it to the gym, food was estimated because lunch was from the cafe and who knows what they put into things. I tried to take an average for what things usually run but who knows if that's what I actually ate. Today I'm going to try and be more accurate. Make it to the gym again.... OH! I discovered the most amazing thing! Since I can't go all out at the gym anymore I had to slow down a little both for my heartrate and this new little addition putting me on breathing treatments and well because... attempting to get my burn on wipes me out these days. That extra 20 lbs is kicking my butt or maybe its the inability to breath. The good news is I can still get in a moderate workout and I'm going slow enough that I can do this thing called reading! Yes reading! It's this thing where you get a kindle or a book and you read the words in it. I had given up hope on reading when little man discovered the facinating activity of page ripping or well.. licking the kindle. Why? I don't know. He liked to lick it then run away with it pressing the next page button as he went. So.. I may be round, I may get out of breath quickly, BUT I can read now!

05 March 2014

You realize you may have a problem when you're pulling cheerios out of your bra when you get to work. In my defense.. it's an hour long commute and I'm too busy trying to shove kids into jackets and throw waffles at them to eat before I leave so I usually wait until I get to work to eat. You'd think Id have some control on getting the tiny rings to my mouth though. Note to self.. next time take the cheerios out in the bathroom or people passing by your cube pause to watch you dig them out of your bra.

Really though.. at this point the belly is sticking out further than my boobs so maybe this wasn't a bad thing. It distracted from the double takes I've been getting as people checkout the belly but are too scared to ask. It's probably mean but it's too fun not confirming the overly obvious belly watching.

Now for the boring update stuff. Calories came in a little low yesterday but that's ok. Hubby did all my chores for me before he went to bowling so there was no barn chores and then little man was super cuddly and adorable so we spent the night curled up on the couch eating turkey. Since I was a bump on a log the little bit of a dip in calories was probably a smart thing anyways. Weight was about the same at the doctors. I think it fluctuated down a couple ounces but they didn't say anything so I don't know for sure. I didn't get yelled at or anything! Baby's healthy and was kicking the doppler the entire time they were trying to get a heart rate. I get to find out what we're having next month.

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