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12 January 2017

Weigh-in: 215.8 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 65.8 lb Diet followed N/A

30 November 2016

I am sooo close to Onederland. I first weighed in this morning at 200.1. I then weighed again and again until the scale got mad at me and told me I weighed 200.5 instead. I'm logging the 200.5 because obviously I have angered the scale gods with my repeated attempts to convince the scale to lose the .1.. or .2 to get into onederland.. I wasn't asking for much. It gave me those .#'s in the wrong direction. I conceded and got ready for work. Hopefully by this time next week I will be in the 190's.

I'm doing pretty good with what's on my plate. This week has been lacking on the exercise side because I've been too busy. I haven't even been using my standing desk at work. I think the 0.5 will be my motivation to get my patoot into the game. To be in the 190's come 2017 would be a way to jump into the new year on my feet in the right direction. Instead of crawling into the new year with half a Danish clenched in my teeth. :) Like um.. this year. I think it was a Danish.. Maybe it was rum ball... Whatever it was it's lingered.

Today I'm embracing my progress so far.. the extra room in my slacks, the extra notch in my fitbit, the swing I've found in my step.. because lets face it.. extra room gives you permission to swing a little even if the pants size makes you sigh, and to trying new things. I can't say what the new things are because then this site would be listed as porn at work again. Maybe saying porn lists this site as porn on the work site.. Hmmm.. I would ask IT but I'm not sure how that conversation would go over.

Me: Hi!!! I was just wondering if I talk about porn ALOT on a message board will you block the site?
IT: *Stoneface* *Begins looking up user activity*

23 November 2016

Apparently one can make progress in the battle to lose weight if they just put their head in the game, tell no one, make no grand declarations, ignore the scale, and just do it. That is what I have been doing for about 3 weeks now. It also helps if you run around like a crazy lady, wrestle with tiny humans over every single thing because they like to argue about everything, milk cows 3 times a week minimum, and eyeball every room in your house to redecorate because you've decided it isn't homey enough and you hate all of your furniture. Still in 3 weeks I went from 210 to 203.6. Not amazing but not bad either. Progress is progress.

Thanksgiving should be easy peasy. I'm keeping it to a minimum because it's just the immediate family and possibly my mother-in-law. She likes to weigh all the invites before picking one and she knows I can't cook. lol My family is apparently not talking to me.. not sure why. Not sure I care to dive into the drama to find out. I did tell my mom we wouldn't be out for xmas because her 4 yr old grandson needs to have surgery on his mouth that requires he to be put completely under. Which in all honesty absolutely terrifies me. I'm not traveling then two days after xmas going through that. Just no. Maybe it's a political thing.. for people I never knew were into politics they went all out this year on the opposite side of my family. Eh.. See? Too much work to find out. They can cut me out of the family. I'm ok with that. It's less stress. I have enough stress.

On the bright side I'm grateful for the family I have that behaves like a family, I'm grateful everyone is healthy, I'm grateful for the giggles of little boys making snow forts, and I'm grateful I can fit back into a size 16 with sparkly things on the back butt pockets.

13 October 2016

Note to self.. don't have a steak dinner at 9 pm to celebrate doing an awesome job until after weigh in. I still went from 210 to 206 in a week so I'm pretty happy. And.. I had a steak dinner all to myself after the kids went to sleep and the husband was off bowling somewhere. Technically I shared it with the dogs which I discovered can actually drool. Giant streams of drool... It was ok so long as I didn't look at them or make eye contact. Eye contact seemed to make more drool.

In the past week I started milking 3 days a week, walk with the gazelles at work 4 days a week, and eliminated sugar. There may be hope that I will eventually fit into my jeans before snow hits. The one pair I had left over from right after the boys were born that were big but not maternity has died. It's got a thigh hole. You cannot recover from a thigh hole. Before you know it you'll squat down for something and Ziiiip. You have a thigh/butt cheek hole. I'm putting them out of their misery and refusing to buy any more big jeans. I want my old jeans.

These are my ramblings before coffee during the kids morning wakeup whine. I am not responsible for anything I have said here.

30 September 2016

You know you're out of shape when the office walking group stops because they didn't hear you hyperventilating behind them anymore. Yes.. I am that out of shape. I can throw around 50 lbs bag of feed like no ones business but I'm 60 lbs heavier than I'm comfortable with and speed walking is just plain evil. I miss the gym at my old place. I could throw in some earbuds and bounce around on the elliptical for an hour like it was nothing. Now?? Now I have to try to make polite conversation while panting and attempting to keep up with a conversation I missed most of and all I feel like doing is cursing like a sailor. This is what my fitness routine has come to now that there are 3 kids instead of 2. At least I can still sling stone feed bags and kids like they are nothing. :)

Today's motivation is appreciating that I'm strong and I'm on a journey to melt off the fat so everyone can see I'm strong.. That and I think less fat might move faster and not pant as much while sailing through cube land while people watch... Today's lunchtime entertainment is Me!! You're welcome :)

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