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14 March 2014

I got to thinking yesterday (I know.. scary isn't it?) I belong to a few groups that are for women who workout, lift weights, and to quote girls gone strong "Thou shall not require assistance moving furniture". I love these groups. They're motivating, positive, and embrace women for how in shape they are. Not how good they look. How much they can bench, how far they can run, or how healthy they are. A woman who is strong may always have thighs that rub together. Why? Because those legs can lift more than half the men in the room. That to me.. is beautiful!

One of the groups recently started a 28 day love your body challenge. I've been reading it.. not really participating. I already journal and log and work and farm and change diapers etc. I didn't need another thing to do. At the same time I'm struggling. I'm 4 months now and I'm HUGE. Seriously.. I think the body forgets the pain of childbirth, the sleepless nights, the spit up, etc. The one thing the body doesn't forget seems to be how big your belly is suppose to get. Holy Moly! This is what I mean.. This is 4 months pregnant!

Then I read a journal of someone else struggling. Someone who I consider strong, capable, and beautiful. Granted I've never seen them but their attitude, support, and openness is beautiful. So I got to thinking.. how many other people are struggling with how they look. ALOT! It's so easy to say I want this body, check that box there, that butt there, this dress size, this hair style. Oh wait. I don't look like that??? Well then I don't like myself. Seriously???? You want to be the skinny chick Target just photoshopped a giant butt crack on?? Well I don't want pants with elastic that goes up to my boobs! Well.. wait.. That's a lie. These are really freaking comfy.

So.. As I struggle with my expanding waistline, stretch marks, monster feet, pregnancy asthma, gravy craving, snissing self I think I like the idea of a love yourself challenge even more. I also think I'm going to create my own on here. Because well.. there are no challenges that I could find where you love yourself. Lost 10 lbs in 1 week yup found that one.. swear off all forms of sugar? *SNORT* um yeah like thats going to happen. Give up wine? But.. isn't that a food group? I think that's a food group. I found all sorts of challenges.. just not any that I could do. So coming to the challenge board near you. Love your gravy craving self. Or something like that.. its a work in progress.

Want to join?? I'm refusing to send out challenge invites to everyone I have listed as buddies. If you want to join then join. If not well then.. you suck. Go
here and join anyways.

13 March 2014

My buns are officially frosted. Between the foot of snow, the 25 mph winds, the pipes freezing in the kitchen, giving the calves extra milk and lots of bedding to snuggle up into, my car coated in a nice thick sheet of ice, a kid with a 2 hour delay, and a toddler who has discovered not only how to pick his nose but feed the buggers to the dog as well.. I was late to work this morning. So? No gym over lunch. I worked through it to try and attempt to catch up on work. I succeeded in putting gravy on a co-workers binder. Go me!

Now I have to figure out how to log a hot pork sandwich smothered in gravy with mashed sweet potatoes and dressing into my daily log. I had a small breakfast.. The scale said I lost weight this morning.. all excuses but OMG was it good. And I'm sorry but you cannot ask me "Do you want gravy on that??" when I'm A.. in the middle of a blizzard, and B.. craving everything that isn't nailed down. Gravy? Of course!!!! What kind of question is that?? and C didn't bring a lunch because I knew I would eat it in the car on the way to work because the 1 hour drive took 2 freaking hours! So I went to the cafe at work... where they had things that included gravy. *smacking head*

I will see what the damage is as soon as I log everything I've eaten so far. On the plus side I managed to not eat dinner last night because who wants dinner at 10 pm after working in a barn for 4 hours. Because it was cold.. and windy.. and things were freezing left and right. Want to see something really freaky? Go into a barn on a really cold snowy night and climb into the hay loft. The wooden walls that are normally red turned white. The steel roof made weird popping noises. And a cat tried to climb up my leg to make a home under my jacket.

Good news is I'm not nearly as sore today as I was yesterday. :)

12 March 2014

Ow ow ow ow ow. The kids taught me two things last night. First.. I may be old and round but I can still do the splits and Second.. they have too many toys. I tried walking through the kitchen while all the play kitchen food was everywhere and ended up on the floor. Last night? I was ok. Today? Everything hurts! Things I didn't even think I hurt now hurt. My thumb hurts, the top of my foot, my hip, my thigh, my side, my arm. UGH!! Looks like the workout today is turning into a rest day. Even if I was nutty enough to try it the universe decided to dump a foot of snow on us at lunchtime to make me think twice about it. Despite my bosses feelings of it just being snow and I should be fine.. I'm going home early. She lives 5 minutes from work in the city. I live an hour away from work in the middle of nowhere full of hills and curves and a guardrail between me and death. Oh and I have to pick up my 19 month old along the way.. and I'm um pregnant! Yeah.. she may be ok with me driving through a blizzard but I'm not.

Reminds me I need to look for a new job. One where they can understand having kids and living an hour away and well care about their employees. A job like that might exist out there right??

11 March 2014

I lost .1 of a pound! Woohoo! lol It's better than gaining .1 of a pound. If I can manage to keep a tiny gain or a tiny loss over the next 24 weeks I will be over the top happy. I found out my gym membership for the year ends a week before I'm due so my goal is to make it to the gym 4 days a week until then. It's probably a good thing.. I'll have less a chance of watching my water break on the elliptical if I take it easy the week I'm due. lol If I can manage both of those things I should end up right were I started after this little jelly bean decides to arrive. I'm motivated and I think I can do it.

Last night I pulled a bunch of things out of the freezer after serving the family baked chicken strips. Now I just have to figure out what to do with some sirloin steaks and 2 lbs of hamburger meat. Luckily hubby has bowling tonight so the kids and I can do something simple while I figure it out. I also found a nice recipe for a roast on pioneer woman's blog that I'm going to try this weekend since it will take about 4 hours to cook. Plus it has step by step pictures. I need step by step pictures. Next I will hunt through my mother in laws freezer to see what we have left in there. Only problem with getting an entire cow worth of meat is you need about 4 deep freezers to put it all in! Thank goodness for mother in laws. :)

11 March 2014

Weigh-in: 192.4 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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