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10 September 2016

Day 4 of the Worst Experiment Ever - Goal.. only eat real food when my body signals it's hungry, don't track calories, don't listen to the clock, and above all else.. question my sanity.

I have probably eaten more today than any other day. This is mostly because we were out running around for lunch when everyone got hungry so I had a grilled chicken sandwich and probably what amounted to a small fry before I said Ok I'm satisfied. Not exactly on the meal plan but I managed it pretty well. I'm moving on and just following whatever cues my body gives me from this point forward. Right now it's telling me to nap.... I informed the tiny humans I live with of this and both boys laughed at me.. then told me to be a horsey..

The experiment does seem to be going pretty well. I've been told by just about everyone I know that they couldn't do this. Apparently I'm not the only one that questions my body's sanity. It does seem to know what it's doing though.. I have more energy, my pants don't feel like they are attempting to strangle me to death, I'm more.. mellow?? I haven't screamed at my kids like a crazy woman for the last 2 days, and according to fitbit I'm not as restless when I sleep. It's possible my inner self is an eccentric dingbat that may know more than I've been giving it credit for.

Day 4 or 5 is usually where I crash and burn on any eating ideas I have so the rest of this weekend will be the real test. :)

09 September 2016

08 September 2016

Today is day 2 of the worst experiment ever. It took me a day but I finally realized that my body has ADHD dingbat disorder. When you wait until you're hungry to eat then you expect to well.. still be hungry by the time you fix something to eat. Nope.. It's like I got distracted by the shiny fork because by the time I made breakfast I wouldn't have called myself hungry. Either my body is a dingbat or it's playing an awesome game of psych. I still ate breakfast.. I also discovered I don't think my hungry will ever signal that it's eaten enough if what I'm eating is bacon. Just sayin.. Didn't eat the whole plate because my husband came in from chores right about then and ate it for me.

Other interesting thingys.. when you're constantly trying to figure out if you're feeling hunger pains you notice you're thirsty a lot more. It's like being hit by the water fairy. Then you pee a lot. Then the nice friendly german guys in the glass conference room across from the womens bathroom notice you and begin to wave. They're a friendly bunch.

I'm not counting calories but it seems like I'm eating less. If I had made a plan to eat low calorie I would have been ravenous by now. But.. I'm not. I'm too busy calling my body a dingbat because it can't make up it's mind if it want's some freaking food or not. I need to remember to look around before muttering "You dingbat." It doesn't go over well when my boss walks by as I say it.

So that was today.. a game of am I or am I not with a body that can't make up it's mind. I'm beginning to wonder if any of those cavemen that I came from starved to death... if eating on hunger cues is a basic human function then my ancestors either starved or died chasing butterflies off a cliff.

07 September 2016

Today is Day 1 of the worst experiment ever. I was intrigued and I decided this would be a nice distraction from the usual hamster wheel. The experiment is... eat only when your body signals that it is hungry. Yes.. that is the whole experiment. Well that and don't eat crap. An article from Girls Gone Strong recommended the whole listen to your body thing. On one hand.. it makes sense. Wait until your body says feed me then feed it. No snack every 3 hours or tracking until you're crosseyed then filling in any gaps with carrots and pickles. Google and every health article on the web scream no but seriously.. it had too much common sense not to try it. Hence, the worst experiment ever was born. Because.. nothing else seems to be working and I like to think of myself as a lab experiment.. because I'm weird.. and I work with a lot of chemists.. and I was bored and tired of being a giant bird poop target.

Today's results.. I decided early on my body doesn't have a freaking clue what it wants. When you combine this with tight slacks that keep rolling down because the waist is too high and they don't have pockets.. stupid new slacks... well um.. body has no freaking clue. It didn't figure out it was hungry until 10:30 am when I had a cold omelet because the cafeteria closes at 9. This could be the giant grilled chicken dinner the night before but still. Lunch was at 1:30 but the body said it was full before I could finish the delicious leftovers from the night before. 3:30ish.. I think I was hungry. It was either that or my pants got tighter and I was sleepy so I had a peach and string cheese. I'm slightly confused because when I got up to go get the peach and string cheese from the community fridge in the break room the body said.. Nope psych!! I'm not too hungry. But I already got up so stuff it body you're eating a peach and string cheese. It's now 6:30.. my body still thinks it's full. It better not decide it's hungry at 2:30 in the morning or there will be some serious muttering about the worst experiment ever.

That's all I've got. I need to run to the local Podunk store for last minute school supplies because little man starts PreK and apparently he needs a travel pillow.. where the heck do you buy a travel size pillow? My version of a travel size pillow is an overly stuffed king size but I think this might be frowned upon. Worse comes to worse I buy a regular size one and turn it into 2. Seriously.. travel size?? Oh and a stuffed animal to sleep with.. He's 4... he sleeps with matchbox cars, nerf guns, and toy farm fencing.. that kid sleeps with nothing soft. He isn't going to know what to do.

06 September 2016

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