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18 June 2014

I started this morning wanting to journal about finally remembering to log my weight. Since I conveniently forgot what the scale said before I logged it three days in a row I thought this was big news. Then I realized I've been unbuddied by a few people. Did I become that boring? Did I offend someone? Am I annoying? Did I talk about being pregnant so much that people just didn't want to be around me anymore? Maybe it's because I'm so brain dead these days that half the time I can't come up with a response to other people's journals. If I tried it would have been "Hi" or a smiley face. Or maybe a drooling half dead smiley face if they had it but they don't. In case its the last one I do still read your journals! I just can't put together coherant thought to comment most of the time.

So I'm not sure what I did or didn't do but it's kind of sad. I realized a few of them are recent moms so I don't know. I'm at a loss. Maybe it was my rants or whining or maybe they just didn't agree with my views on things. For those of you who can still put up with me I'm grateful and I'm glad I still have all of you as friends because I really do enjoy seeing your progress and groaning along with you through your struggles and appreciate those who care to share my ups and downs.

18 June 2014

Weigh-in: 202.8 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 2.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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17 June 2014

66 days to go until delivery and I'm still attempting to make it to the gym at least 3 days a week. Because well.. I'm round and tired and anything more than that seems like alot at this point. I'm resorting to every type of motivation I can find. I'm putting stickers on my calendar! Yes stickers. Those shiny little stars are motivating when you have two weeks in a row where you met your goal. Plus.. they taunt you when it doesn't look like it will meet your goal for a week. I'm a big round kid. What can I say?

In my search for motivation I ran into a site that I think I'm in love with. It's and it makes me wish I could have this kid already so I could try some of the cool workouts. They're all no equipment, body weight workouts called things like The amazing spiderman, the inner warrior.. I think I just found my post pregnancy workout inspiration. There's a Bruce Lee 30 day challenge for petes sake. Who could pass that up?!?! Except maybe a rational person who doesn't feel the need to torture their body in an attempt to look like superwoman. Well.. I'm not rational or superwoman.. so I'm going to attempt it as soon as I can. lol

The website also gave me 50 more reasons to get my butt to the gym. By the time I use all of these up maybe I will get lucky and deliver early. Or maybe I'll become rational and realize giant pregnant women shouldn't hop up and down on ellipticals so close to their due dates.

16 June 2014

Today's fitness tip.. If you're not extremely coordinated and you sometimes end up swinging an arm and unplug your earbugs... do not under any conditions listen to anything sex related!!! I forgot my kindle this morning so I couldn't read which was probably just as well because they had the soccer games blaring in the gym today. So... I turned my earbuds up. Then at minute 11:12 I caught the cord to my earbuds with my arm and well.. now the entire gym knows that sex is a great workout and it doesn't matter if you're on the top or the bottom. Supposedly you burn just as many calories just being excited and orgasming. So yup.. I wasn't even listening to a smutty audiobook! I was listening to fitness tips and I still get into trouble. Luckily the guy next to me had the time of his life watching me scramble to plug my earbuds back in. And luckily I was quick enough to smile and point to the baby bump and claim. "Weight loss my butt! I gained weight!!"

In other fitness news.. weight is pretty much the same and I'm obsessed with fruit salad. Its better than being obsessed with ice cream or payday bars though. I say pretty much because I think it went up 1 lb but I can't remember. By the time I jumped on the scale, took a shower, then got dressed and thought to log it I'd already forgotten what I weighed. I'll attempt to weigh in tomorrow. No promises though. My short memory left about the same time my ability to sleep though the night vanished. Stupid tiny bladder. On the plus side.. I can get tons of laundry done. I just throw things into the washer or dryer with each pee break.

13 June 2014

I'm going to become Amish. At least until it's time to deliver. They don't have to do any of these retarded pregnancy thing. They refuse. The only problem is they also refuse epidurals which I'm all for. I had to go for my glucose test today and I am bouncing off the freaking walls. The baby is bouncing off my ribs. I'm waiting for the crash to happen right before lunchtime. If that wasn't enough stress I made the mistake of telling the nurse I slipped last night. I was wearing muck boots with no tread on them and I slipped and fell on my butt into well.. poop. You get that in a barn. I fell on my nice cushy butt into some nice cushy poop. OMFG. You'd think I was in a 10 car pile up. Another blood draw to make sure there was no rupture and them telling me to go to the ER later.. I earned my title as most difficult patient of the day. My blood pressure? Textbook. Baby heartrate? Fabulous. Fall? Happened at 6pm the night before. If anything ruptured the blood test will tell. I'm not going to any freaking ER to be monitored for half the day. No. Just no. Well then they wanted me to have an ultrasound. No. Hooked up to a fetal monitor at the office for several hours. No. I'm sorry but I'm not going to rack up a $5000 medical bill because I fell on my bum. I think I have a higher chance of this kid kicking his way out. If something was wrong I would have been in the hospital last night after getting up, milking cows, running around with two 5 gallon pails of milk feeding calves, chasing a toddler, having the said toddler kick and elbow every part of me while we debated the use of his diaper. So NO. I'm not just going to say Ok yeah sure.. lets milk my insurance for everything its worth. Blood pressure? Probably not so textbook at this point! But Cripes. Get a grip people. It's amazing any of us are alive.

I'm proud of myself though. I did manage to stay completely calm and just chant no to every thing they threw at me calmly with an even voice, not upset, and best of all.. I didn't tell anyone to shove anything up their bums. Now if only I could get over this freaking sugar high. I should have said no to that too. Eat healthy, workout, take care of yourself? Well you're pregnant so here's a drink with the same amount of sugar as a bag of jelly beans. Enjoy! That just doesn't sound healthy. Or right. As a matter of fact it sounds pretty retarded. I don't eat that much candy to begin with right now. Why the heck do I want to consume that much sugar in a drink that I'm suppose to consume in under 10 minutes? Crap I wonder how many calories are in the thing.

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