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Протеиновые Обезжиренные Сырники

Рецепт очень простой.
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Cheesy Beef Bake

A quick toss-together and bake meal that's great for hungry families.

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Pan de Semillas de Lino, Calabaza y Girasol

Muy pocos carbohidratos.
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Ensalada de Zanahorias con Yogur

Ensalada con una combinación deliciosa.


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Left Over Hash
Soy Chorizo Breakfast Omlette
Salmon Scrambled eggs


Veggie Skewers with Balsamic
spicy chicken
Poor Man's Dinner


Spaghetti dinner
chicken fajitas
soup & grilled cheese


150 Calories (Light Yogurt & fruit)
Cheezey Bread
Chili with Rice

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28 November 2014
Breakfast: Sesame Oil, Spinach, Shallots, Kidney Beans (Canned). Lunch: Trader Joe's Comte Cheese, Spinach, Mushrooms, Mushrooms. Snacks/Other: Great Value Crunchy Peanut Butter.
28 November 2014
Breakfast: Celebrity Slim Chocolate Flavour Shake. Lunch: Heinz Salad Cream, Egg, Roll (Home Recipe or Bakery), Green Pea Soup (Canned, Condensed), Fresh & Easy Wild Rocket Salad. Snacks/Other: Nairn's Fine Milled Oatcakes, Coffee with Milk, Flora Light, Wrigley's Extra Spearmint Sugarfree Gum.
28 November 2014
Breakfast: Sugar, Coffee (Mocha Flavor, Instant, with Sugar), Low Fat Milk, Weet-Bix Weet-Bix. Lunch: KFC Fries (Regular), KFC Classic Twister, Enterprise French Polony, Nando's Double Chicken, Cheese & Pine Burger, Nestle Ricoffy.
27 November 2014
Breakfast: Whole Milk, Tomatoes, Scrambled Egg (Whole, Cooked), Dill, Starbucks Flavored Syrup, Reddi-wip Extra Creamy Whipped Cream, Sugar in the Raw Natural Cane Turbinado Sugar, Whole Foods Market Applewood Smoked Bacon, Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter, Kraft Shredded Colby & Monterey Jack Cheese.
Lovely Lavina
27 November 2014
Breakfast: Chicken Curry, Rice with Vegetables, Now Foods Organic Spirulina Powder. Lunch: Ketchup, Chocolate Milk (Whole), Costco Hamburger Patty, French's Honey Mustard. Dinner: Whole Milk, French's Honey Mustard, Market Basket Crispy Rice Cereal, Scrambled Egg (Whole, Cooked), Target Hamburger Bun, Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise. Snacks/Other: Sugar Cookies (Includes Vanilla), Milk Chocolate Coated Peanuts.

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Eggplant Mini Pizzas
If you are missing pizza, this one is for you.
cals: 231kcal | fat: 18.61g | carbs: 9.24g | prot: 8.38g
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Crock Pot Ranch Chicken
An easy, one step meal that cooks itself.
cals: 319kcal | fat: 7.34g | carbs: 5.36g | prot: 55.28g
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Garlic Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo
Garlic chicken strips and steamed broccoli topped with homemade Alfredo sauce.
cals: 1199kcal | fat: 95.00g | carbs: 12.63g | prot: 75.77g
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Zucchini Hash Browns
Yummy and healthy zucchini hash browns that helps with potato cravings.
cals: 143kcal | fat: 11.26g | carbs: 4.44g | prot: 6.65g
average member ranking
Sausage Frittata II
A tasty hot sausage frittata, perfect for any time of the day.
cals: 270kcal | fat: 21.88g | carbs: 1.79g | prot: 14.60g
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