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Овсяно-Творожное Печенье

Полезное диетическое печенье, богатое белком и углеводами.
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Куриная Грудка в Кефире

Мягкая грудка с вкусным соусом.

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Panqueca Protéica de Batata Doce

Panqueca de batata doce com ovos.
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Bolo de Caneca Especial

Bolo feito com azeite e leite desnatado.


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Egg & broccoli ommlete
Hazelnut Hot Chocolate
Fried Egg Sandwich


Tilapia & Garlic Broccoli
English muffin Veggie Burger
banana sandwich


Shrimp & Rice
Chicken Stir Fry
Chicken Stir Fry


Turkey Hummus Wrap
Peanut Butter Caramel Smores
Mock Danish

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27 May 2015
Breakfast: Apples. Lunch: Wendy's Classic Ranch Dressing, Wendy's Garden Side Salad, Wendy's Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich. Dinner: Baked or Fried Coated Chicken Breast Skinless (Coating Eaten), Baked Potato (Peel Eaten), Cooked Broccoli (Fat Added in Cooking), Butter. Snacks/Other: Whole Milk, Great Value Bran Flakes Cereal.
27 May 2015
Breakfast: Coffee with Milk. Lunch: Simply Balanced Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Portions, Cabbage, Strawberries. Dinner: Strawberries, Cucumber (Peeled), Great American Seafood Swai Fillets.
27 May 2015
Breakfast: Coffee, Bananas, Valencias California Oranges. Lunch: Arby's Arby's Sauce, Arby's Classic Roast Beef, Coffee. Dinner: Whole Foods Market California Quinoa Salad, GoodBelly Plus Probiotic Juice Drink - Mango.
fabiana verissimo
27 May 2015
Breakfast: Café com Açúcar, Cemil Choco Mil, Crepioca. Lunch: Quero Feijão Carioca, Linguiça de Frango. Dinner: Fígado de Galinha, Cebolas, Camil Feijão Carioca Temperado Cozido. Snacks/Other: Café com Açúcar, Sadia Presunto Cozido Magro, Copacol Mortadela, Pão Francês sem Miolo, Leite Integral, Queijo Mozzarella, Margarina.
Bony Alexander
28 May 2015
Breakfast: Sosis Daging Sapi, Putih Telur Matang. Lunch: Dada Ayam Goreng Ada Lapisan (Kulit tidak Dimakan). Snacks/Other: Jeruk, Roma Sari Gandum, Fitbar Chocolate Fitbar, Fitbar Nuts Fitbar, Salak.

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Eggplant Mini Pizzas
If you are missing pizza, this one is for you.
cals: 231kcal | fat: 18.61g | carbs: 9.24g | prot: 8.38g
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Crock Pot Ranch Chicken
An easy, one step meal that cooks itself.
cals: 319kcal | fat: 7.34g | carbs: 5.36g | prot: 55.28g
average member ranking
Garlic Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo
Garlic chicken strips and steamed broccoli topped with homemade Alfredo sauce.
cals: 1199kcal | fat: 95.00g | carbs: 12.63g | prot: 75.77g
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Zucchini Hash Browns
Yummy and healthy zucchini hash browns that helps with potato cravings.
cals: 143kcal | fat: 11.26g | carbs: 4.44g | prot: 6.65g
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Sausage Frittata II
A tasty hot sausage frittata, perfect for any time of the day.
cals: 270kcal | fat: 21.88g | carbs: 1.79g | prot: 14.60g
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