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22 August 2021

20 August 2021

This was a very rough week, but we made it to the weekend, yay. There is so much that drains and hurts me, that I can make a list of all the terrible things I’m dealing with right now and it would be pages long. Instead, I’m making a list of things I’m grateful for. I know everything sucks right now, but I haven’t lost hope that good things are coming our way.

I’m grateful for:

- My twinkies. They’re almost 4 and are starting pre-k next month! My pregnancy almost killed all 3 of us, but look at us - surviving and thriving. Thank God for modern medicine.
- My job. Nonstop fulfillment and excitement. Financial stability that pays for our home that the kids and I love despite our microscopic kitchen.
- My traps. My glutes. My strong thunder thighs. I’ve never been this fit. I love and am empowered by my strength.
- NYC. Best city in the world. You can’t change my mind.
- My psychiatrists. All three of them. No shame, gotta keep this noggin healthy too.
- instacart and Amazon. I don’t know how to be a working single mother of two without these amazing modern conveniences.
- My ability to forgive and move on. I forgive my mother and my ex for the years of torment and the mental and physical abuse I’ve had to endure. I don’t believe their opinions of me anymore and I am moving on in life. Bye, Felicia.
- FatSecret and its amazing community full of wonderful and warm people. The support and the love that humbles me daily. The encouragement that helps me keep going. And a place to laugh, vent, and learn.

That’s it for now. Good night, friends. Stay blessed. 💖🧜🏻‍♀️

19 August 2021

17 August 2021

I finally had a normal workout today after a few weeks of feeling sick and weak. I look a little smaller, but I don’t think I’ve lost much of my strength. I’ve taken way too much time off from the gym, so I’m anxious to go back this weekend and see if I can still DL my bodyweight.

I took this pic after my lunch hour workout today. I’m flexing so hard here that I might explode, lol. That’s why I cut my face off. 😁 I was trying to do my best Melissa (💖) here, but I know I’ve got A LOOOONG way to go to reach her level of muscly beauty. Something wonderful to work towards, though. 💪🏻

So now that I finally feel better, I’m pumped to return to my lifting routine. I need to restart my chin-ups because I’ve lost most of that progress. Also, now that the weather is cooling off a little, I’d love to go for a good run. It always helps me look less soft and lets me maintain at a much higher cal count. Eating 1600 cals kind of sucks, guys.

8/17/21 Home Workout
103lb BB deads - 5x8
103lb BB RDLs - 4x8
35lb KB squat - 6x10
30lb DB one arm bent over row - 5x6ea
35lb KB hip thrust - 4x10
30lb DB overhead shoulder press - 4x10
Bodyweight curtsy lunges - 4x15ea
Donkeys - 4x15ea

15 August 2021

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