Highest Rated Low Fat Recipes

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Whipped Orange Yogurt
by member: Tech2
Light, tangy and tasty soother as a dessert or snack.
Per serve - Energy: 126kcal | Carb: 18.77g | Prot: 11.57g | Fat: 0.39g
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Whole Wheat Tortillas
by member: reeneejune
With none of the sugary additives found in purchased tortillas, these are great for people sensitive to sugar like on South Beach.
Per serve - Energy: 88kcal | Carb: 14.51g | Prot: 2.74g | Fat: 2.62g
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Cane Sauce
by member: underAchiever
Sauce inspired by 'Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers', a Louisiana based restaurant chain.
Per serve - Energy: 157kcal | Carb: 35.20g | Prot: 2.17g | Fat: 2.92g
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Key Lime Dessert
by member: CBSTEV
A crustless key lime pie that's low carb.
Per serve - Energy: 126kcal | Carb: 22.28g | Prot: 7.87g | Fat: 1.34g
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Oat Protein Bars
by member: chrisandi
Easy way to make your own great protein bars.
Per serve - Energy: 50kcal | Carb: 6.30g | Prot: 5.58g | Fat: 0.45g
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Sausage & Egg Muffins
by member: amydee814
Convenient portable breakfast in a cup.
Per serve - Energy: 121kcal | Carb: 13.84g | Prot: 10.37g | Fat: 2.44g
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Stuffed Peppers Greek Style
by member: welcaro
Vegan stuffed green peppers.
Per serve - Energy: 220kcal | Carb: 35.71g | Prot: 21.81g | Fat: 1.46g
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Jello Peach Yogurt
by member: ronda59
Sugar free jello with yogurt makes mousse like dessert. Gives jello a pop.
Per serve - Energy: 17kcal | Carb: 0.67g | Prot: 2.67g | Fat: 0.25g
Mixed Bean Soup
by member: clfatica
A medley of different beans with some tomato make for a flavorsome soup.
Per serve - Energy: 206kcal | Carb: 36.25g | Prot: 11.26g | Fat: 1.26g
Sugar-free Catalina Dressing
by member: Kytt
A sweet salad dressing without all the calories.
Per serve - Energy: 7kcal | Carb: 1.48g | Prot: 0.25g | Fat: 0.04g
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