5-10 Net Carbs Lunch Recipes

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Big Salad
by member: mrsjohnson0317
A basic versatile salad that you can chop and change.
Per serve - Energy: 91kcal | Carb: 9.53g | Prot: 9.32g | Fat: 2.44g
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Tuna and Mushroom Salad
by member: reeneejune
Even if you're not a mushroom lover, you very well might enjoy this recipe.
Per serve - Energy: 240kcal | Carb: 11.26g | Prot: 21.35g | Fat: 12.37g
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Scrambled Eggs Delight
by member: getfit7
Scrambled eggs with vegetables, cheese and turkey sausage.
Per serve - Energy: 194kcal | Carb: 11.11g | Prot: 11.41g | Fat: 11.99g
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Turkey Vegetable Loaf
by member: lmw
For lovers of vegetables, this is great for dinner or in a sandwich for lunch.
Per serve - Energy: 160kcal | Carb: 6.94g | Prot: 12.20g | Fat: 9.22g
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Orange and Gold Chicken
by member: AlgaeGirl
A quick, easy and flavorful chicken skillet.
Per serve - Energy: 471kcal | Carb: 6.90g | Prot: 53.72g | Fat: 24.79g
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Veggie Soup
by member: Karol Anne
You can't go wrong with celery and carrots.
Per serve - Energy: 28kcal | Carb: 5.52g | Prot: 1.31g | Fat: 0.35g
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Rutabaga & Chicken Casserole
by member: dayberndt
Great for LCHF and Atkins.
Per serve - Energy: 161kcal | Carb: 9.14g | Prot: 10.77g | Fat: 9.30g
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Chicken Cordon Blue
by member: adharbert
This yummy version adds paprika and a creamy white wine sauce worthy of its own blue ribbon. Two blue ribbon tastes in wedded bliss.
Per serve - Energy: 597kcal | Carb: 6.12g | Prot: 46.99g | Fat: 43.02g
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Crab Salad III
by member: NavyMomBunny
Imitation crab salad.
Per serve - Energy: 96kcal | Carb: 8.38g | Prot: 2.71g | Fat: 5.34g
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Shirataki Noodles with Bean Sprouts & Red Curry
by member: deaby16
An easy but yummy shirataki noodle dish.
Per serve - Energy: 43kcal | Carb: 9.04g | Prot: 2.79g | Fat: 0.51g
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Chicken Teriyaki & Soba Noodles
by member: jungkookisagod
A traditional Japanese dish of soba noodles tossed with chicken, and covered in teriyaki sauce.
Per serve - Energy: 123kcal | Carb: 9.61g | Prot: 11.44g | Fat: 4.68g
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Mixed Salad with Roasted Chicken Breast
by member: JuanaBsmall
A mix of salad greens and garden vegetables with leftover roasted chicken.
Per serve - Energy: 244kcal | Carb: 8.02g | Prot: 24.51g | Fat: 11.96g
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Spring Salad with Tarragon Vinaigrette
by member: Genevieve Dubois
Delicious for lunch or as an appetizer for dinner.
Per serve - Energy: 282kcal | Carb: 10.09g | Prot: 22.33g | Fat: 17.59g
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Bone Broth Veggie Egg Drop Soup
by member: Colorado Candy
Enriching soup with bone broth.
Per serve - Energy: 219kcal | Carb: 7.24g | Prot: 10.01g | Fat: 17.33g
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Keto Veggies & Eggs
by member: aelsayed
Keto veggies and eggs with asparagus, bok choy and cabbage.
Per serve - Energy: 416kcal | Carb: 9.20g | Prot: 16.03g | Fat: 36.25g
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Broccoli Arugula Soup
by member: LIrwin
Broccoli, arugula, water and spices soup.
Per serve - Energy: 34kcal | Carb: 6.78g | Prot: 2.25g | Fat: 0.31g
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Cabbage Soup II
by member: GiGiMaryLou
Light soup with fresh veggies.
Per serve - Energy: 45kcal | Carb: 9.29g | Prot: 2.08g | Fat: 0.23g
Cauliflower Ceviche
by member: unademuchas
A vegetarian ceviche that is easy to make.
Per serve - Energy: 132kcal | Carb: 8.77g | Prot: 2.52g | Fat: 10.86g
Salmon Cobb Salad
by member: Goodbyepounds1
Fish makes this super easy cobb salad.
Per serve - Energy: 334kcal | Carb: 9.32g | Prot: 31.60g | Fat: 18.91g
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