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why is this called "fatsecret"?
@Glaun Yes I initially lost a great deal of weight after my divorce, but later, as loneliness started to set in, I gained it back. The "House Buying Diet" is another good one. So is "Death of Your Parents." The point is, extreme mental stress makes people prone to changes in eating, either emotional eating or not eating at all. People are wired differently, and even in myself, I do not always react the same way to stress. Certainly now that I have learned alternative coping mechanisms I do a lot better, but before, eating was my way of burying feelings or conflicts I didn't feel I could deal with, as well as my (subconscious) way of protecting myself from further exploitation. I wouldn't call that an excuse. An extremely frustrating mis-wiring, more like.

@rockiesfan I think you hit the nail on the head! that makes perfect sense.
posted 21 Sep 2015, 13:34
why is this called "fatsecret"?
Weight is an "easy" way to measure progress, but taking one's measurements are better over the long term.. just more hassle.. I'm going to really try not to regain this time cuz each time the body loses more muscle and gains more fat... argh. I now sit doing resistance bands when I watch tv, do leg lifts at my desk... anything to try to get more muscle back.

Wholefoodsnut I soo hear you about the stress eating and that is the secret weapon that I think is missing from many peoples' programs. One day when I was upset I decided to literally just SIT with my upset feelings before dinner. I tried to put things in perspective, let my worries wash down the river like a leaf (that is a mindfulness technique) and then was able to eat a normal dinner. That one day really helped me.

Then I devised a practice, before ANY food in my mouth I pause, breathe deeply, and ask myself if I am mad, glad, scared, shamed, or guilty. Those are the 5 main emotions. I also try to assess my actual hunger on a scale of 1-5 with 3 being satisfied and 5 being stuffed.

Anyway thanks for the challenge idea. I am not sure I can spend a lot more time on the computer but I might try that later.
posted 21 Sep 2015, 11:00
why is this called "fatsecret"?
starstar thanks I did not know that about custom meals etc. I agree with you - there could be challenge progress done with body measurements, # of laps you can swim or # of days not eating sugar etc.? Is that what you meant. It's so important to protect muscle and focusing on weight loss alone can lead to problems maintaining later... I bet u are right in the 'secret' part since the journal entries are kind of a big part of the site.

Wholefoodnut congrats on your achievement. I have lost my weight 2x before but got thrown off by major life events like moving to a city where I didn't know anyone, or divorce.. Must learn how to cope with that stuff better. You Pollan quote is funny! but true.

Anyway I intend to use the site so here I am. tx!
posted 17 Sep 2015, 16:31
why is this called "fatsecret"?
The word 'fat' isn't positive in any realm, I'm afraid. I'd prefer not to have it in my mental space, since my focus is on improving my health and happiness. "What you focus on, grows."

If the site is about health for all, why not call it healthsecret.

Of course that's not an option since it already exists otherwise.. Just saying in case the developers do something in future.

There are some great features in it though - I like being able to enter part of a serving, for one.

I wish there was "copy meal" and that headers would stick at the top of the food entries, also. Other than that it is very useful.
posted 17 Sep 2015, 14:33
why is this called "fatsecret"?
secret weapon?


why should a weight loss program have the word fat in it? Smile
posted 17 Sep 2015, 12:23
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