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23 May 2011

Where did last week go? Actually did we have a weekend? My flight got cancelled Thursday evening due to storms so spent the night in Denver and didn't get home until Friday afternoon. Spent all of Friday and most of Saturday being a slug and got up Sunday morning at 3:30 a.m. to go to the airport and come back to Reno. I usually never do back to back weeks, but due to oe employee leaving and my taking his place, I need to absorb all I can.

So I'm back in Reno this week. I haven't weighed in for a while and won't until next week. Don't think I've done too well as I haven't been exercising at all, with the exception of walking around the casinos when I'm not at work. My eating has been pretty good, but drinking, not so good. Free Booze is tough to turn down and something I do struggle with every day.

I was able to fit into a pair of pants last week that had been tight. The waist is still snug. Seems the belly is not shrinking as fast as my booty. It's my lower belly too. I know I've lost inches in my upper waist... Oh well, it's all good.

I miss each of you so much. I didn't realize how special you each have become to my day to day life. I will try really hard to get on here everyday like I did before. I know that is another reason why my motivation has slowed way down. This site is important to make a life change and I need to enter my food as well as my journal entries. Also, reading each of your entries each day is such a powerful thing in my life. Thank you each for being you.

Have a wonderful day!
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19 May 2011

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14 May 2011

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13 May 2011

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12 May 2011

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