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31 December 2021

29 December 2021

26 December 2021

25 December 2021

19 December 2021

Sorry I haven't been present much lately, I've just been a bit stressed. And then I got a call last night from my older son, Todd who lives in Fairbanks. He and his wife were out in the White Mountain National Recreation Area, snowmobiling with a group to which they belong. It was snowing and windy, and he was leading the group down a trail when he went down into an unmarked sinkhole, which was about 7-8 feet deep. His wife was thrown off to the side, into the snow, and was uninjured. He, however, hit the bottom head-on, going about 18 MPH. Fortunately, they wear heavy clothing and fully-enclosed helmets, so they were mostly okay,except he broke his leg. They also carry emergency GPS satellite communicators. So the group hauled them out of the hole, a man appears out of nowhere with a tent that had a heater ( I told Todd that it was an angel), they sent out an emergency call, the army sent a Blackhawk Helicopter, which could not land, so they cabled him up, took him to the hospital, and he is doing fine. So, this very long story which has nothing to do with FS, is just to tell you that I'm now even more stressed. I have been on a see-food diet lately (if you see food, you eat it), but I have managed to do a little better today.

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