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2 of my biggest accomplishments in life involve diets.

I grew up overweight and struggled with it most of my life. As of today I have lost over 100lbs and I know I will never have this be an issue again.

2nd I wrote my experience and plan down and what do you know I am getting my book published by BRIO PRESS in September 2010. My advanced copies are already out and for sale at and a few local stores.

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Few months into my new program. Lost over 20 pounds!
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Me about 7 years and 122lbs ago!
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9-10 bicep
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Is the spike day...
nwhite2014 wrote:
If I'm just 15 is the spike diet bad for me?

No, but many think young people shouldn't diet because you are still growing. I started dieting when I was 13 so I'm not of those people.

It's not bad because the Spike Day is simply the day to eat whatever you want and have a small surplus. So basically it's 6 diet days, and one day that very similar to some of "pre-dieting" days.
posted 07 Jan 2012, 17:23
Very ashamed!
green sharpie wrote:
Would it help to plan in your calorie budget an oreo (or whatever your allowance will permit), and have this as a reward for sticking to the rest of your goals? Swallow, no guilt, no shame, because you accomplished something else that was also important. For me, I often find that a small amount of the thing I had been craving, after I've had it, is enough. If this is not true for you, maybe you could allow yourself to have the one cookie (or whatever) and figure out a time limit that you have to wait to eat the next, like 10 minutes. See if you still need the second. Maybe part of what's happening is from a "zero-tolerance" way of looking at things.
wishing you luck,
green sharpie

I agree with this post.
I've done this many times in the past. Sometimes I plan it and sometimes I couldn't stop my self from grabbing the food but once i started chewing I felt horrible so I spit it out.

Now that I have my Spike Days, where I eat whatever I want guilt free, I have stopped doing this. I do think that dieting, strictly, is almost like a type of torture we put ourselves through. The sad thing is, it's not necessary. You can eat junk food and still lose weight, trust me.
posted 14 Nov 2011, 11:17
Atkins vs. Weightwatchers
It's not so much carbs but insulin that is the problem. The hormone that burns fat for energy glucagon can not be present in the system when insulin is. So if we are constantly filling our body full of insulin because of our blood sugar it will be difficult to burn fat.

So choose low GI type of carbs, and never have medium-high GI carbs on an empty stomach. If you have high GI treats, like ice cream, have them with something high in fiber and protein.
posted 16 Oct 2011, 17:12
Wheat Belly
Blog Post on Whole Grains

Ok here's my take on Whole Grains.

They provide excellent energy for people who need it, like athletes.
They are not as healthy as they are made out to be. When it feels like Doctors rank them as high as vegetables when they talk about health foods. WG, are very over-rated and we just don't need them.

But, at the same time it is really ridiculousness to vilify one type of food and say this is why were fat. I don't like the extremes in either direction, from Vegan-Atkins.
We are fat because of all of the calorie dense highly processed food, and our sedentary lives.

If the goal is simply weight loss, then you can eat anything and still lose weight, whether it's red meat, whole grains, or donuts. I know, because I've done it.

The reason we lose weight is calorie deficits.
Also balancing hormones so we can keep our metabolism strong, to stay in calorie deficits.
posted 27 Sep 2011, 10:00
Whooo Hoo its SPIKE DAY
These are words to live by! Whooo hoo Spike Day!
Pretty much sums up exactly how I feel.

We are people losing weight and having fun doing it, lets see someone beat that!

It's just so cool to eat things like donuts, pizza, and cheesecake on a diet. It feels so bad, it's good. Wink

We are officially Doctor Approved!

And soon I may be able to officially announce a new book deal! That will allow me to re-do my book with a fully national publisher and national marketing.
Not yet, but soon!

posted 26 Sep 2011, 11:55
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