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28 August 2012

So I had to adjust my weekly schedule a bit.... That means half marathon training starts today! I went to CrossFit last night instead of running (made everything fit together more easily). MY QUADS ARE SO SORE. We did a ridiculous amount of different types of squats last night. Front squats, overhead squats, etc etc. I'll go for a 3 mile run today, and we have our first playoff volleyball game tonight!! We're in 1st place again, so hopefully we WIN!!!!

I am back on the minimal process carbs diet. I really did notice I felt so much better when I was following this consistently. Even with only doing it for two weeks, I could notice that my 'pouch' on my stomach was shrinking.. Which I have been trying FOREVER to have happen! So I'm back on the horse!! And once this whole life challenge rolls around, I'll be in it full swing.

I'm curious how I'm going to feel with my half marathon training and no carb intake. I might have to adjust my diet to have a small carb intake the day before a long run, rather than my carb intake be at zero. When the time comes, I'll have to start playing with that a little bit to find a good balance.

On a personal note, it's been a whole month since BF moved to California. I can't believe it. Because we promised we'd see each other once a month.... that means he'll be back in Philadelphia in 2 days and 13 hours :) Not that I'm counting or anything! He'll be here for the whole Labor Day weekend, and to celebrate my birthday a little early. He said he got me something small, but my big present is being saved for when I go out to California over Columbus Day weekend. I'm so impatient!!! I wish he would tell me what we're doing.

I'm taking off work on Friday to spend the day with him, so this week should fly by! I hope everyone else has a quick week too!

27 August 2012

Two weeks later.... I'm back. Had to go to Florida last minute for the whole week last week for work. Absolutely ruined my carb-free diet. It's impossible to do when you're on someone else's schedule, you eat out for every meal, and you can't cook. :( I feel all bloated and gross again.

Half marathon training starts tomorrow, though! I've been running a teensy bit here and there, so I'm excited to get back into the full swing of it.

I'm starting this thing called the Whole Life Challenge through my CrossFit gym. Everyone should check it out... It's all about accountability in terms of what types of food you eat, working out, stretching, and journaling (similar to here, but it's turned into a competition based on points). I'm looking forward to it starting. Two more weeks!

Short journal today.. good to be back. Too busy at work to write any more!

Love to my buddies!

PS today's food choices directly reflect my lack of grocery shopping... Which I will take care of tonight!

27 August 2012

Weigh-in: 140.4 lb lost so far: 11.6 lb still to go: 10.4 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet peppymint's own diet   gaining 0.2 lb a week

14 August 2012

Yesterday turned into one of my "sad" days. It was just a combination of everything.. just about TOM, barely got to talk to BF at all since he was busy after work, exhausted, sore, ankles hurt from running... All I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and watch reruns of Criminal Minds. So I did, after I went grocery shopping.

I did pretty well at the grocery store. I just had to get supplies for the rest of the week since I will be away for work all of next week. Got some chicken, some supplies to make tomato soup. But then I saw the macaroni and cheese.............

Mac and cheese is my ALL TIME favorite comfort food (followed very closely by some good NY pizza). That little blue box... I'm not talking Tiffany's here... just strikes a chord with my heart. So I bought a box. I went home. Made the whole box. Plopped down on the couch, ate about 2/3 of the box, relaxed, and totally bailed on the gym. And you know what? I'm 100% okay with that decision.

Today I will be making up for yesterday. Right back on the wagon. I'll go to the 6:30 crossfit class tonight, with my volleyball game at 9:00. The workout today seems better than yesterday's anyway.

And guess what?? BF bought his plane tickets back home for Labor Day/my birthday! 16 days and counting :)

13 August 2012

Woof. What a weekend.

Saturday was a complete fail in terms of grain-free. I was so horrifically hungover that bread/crackers was the only thing I could even consider eating the whole day. I was so dehydrated, I weighed in at 136.4, which is my lowest EVER. I always thought I'd be happy to hit that number, but I'm not so proud of it right now... My volleyball team had our 'open bar banquet' for the end of the season on Friday night. Two lost credit cards, a parking ticket, and a flat tire later, we survived the night. I will say though, I didn't drink any beer! Wahoo! Success?

So all in all, Saturday was rough. I nibbled on carbs all day to make myself feel better. And I slept. ALL DAY. But I also rehydrated myself, and was recharged for Sunday.

Sunday I had another softball game. We lost again, absolutely miserably. We didn't get 'mercy ruled' though (If you're down by 15 runs in the 5th inning, game over). Went out to eat after w/ my team, and got a hamburger. BUT I didn't eat the bun, and I had a side salad instead of french fries. Hooray!

I went for my first run in 4+ months on Sunday evening. But I hopped right back on the wagon! 3.7 miles of PURE HILLS in 40:37. I'll take it! I'm talking monsterous hills here. It felt really good to get back into the running deal. I need to, considering my half marathon training officially starts on Monday, August 27th!

I weighed back in again this morning at 140.0 lb. Haven't realistically budged in a few days, but I am feeling a lot less bloated around the middle! I hope that has to do with the grain free eating.

Crossfit tonight, volleyball tomorrow. Woohoo! Happy Monday.

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